Here it is folks, the quicktime trailer for Cloverfield aka Slusho aka Untitled JJ Abrams movie. Check it out after the jump or head on over to apple’s site

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  1. Soundman

    In a close examination of the sound clip (No Utube knockoffs) After they come from the apartment bulding onto the street the female shouts to a man running by: “What is it? Is it running this way?” The man replies: “I saw it! It’s a Lion! It’s Huge!” At that point you hear a loud groan and a hurling sound as the statue of liberty’s head crashes into a building then down on to the street. This being the case a squid like creature would be indeed out of the question as the man gave a description of what he actually said he saw. Saying that it’s alive! As some people are proclaiming is not realistic as why whould someone who saw the object and giving a description of it as it is clearly roaring and destroying say: It’s alive? Um no kidding.. ? The man gives his description of what he saw: “I saw it! It’s a Lion! It’s Huge!” Also the woman stated prior to that: “Is it running this way?” Squids don’t run.. Nor do they roar.. Let’s now move on from there..

  2. admin

    I’ve listened to it multiple times and they definitely say “It’s Alive…” not “It’s a Lion”

  3. RecurringAwesome

    Admin is right, no matter how redundant saying “It’s Alive!” would be thats what he says. Now to my question. Does anyone have a feeling that right before the initial roar, a ghostly voice is heard? At 0:38 it seems a little strange to me. Just wondering if anyone else thinks the same.

  4. Lupe

    I heard it over and over again and I too think it says “its alive” not “its a lion”. I also heard what recurringawesome heard during the initial roar like a ghostly voice.

  5. peter skillen

    Look to the left just after the head of liberty falls you will see a man jump over two cars and land fifty fooy away! He is either shielding two people or attacking them.

    How can anyone jump that far and high?
    Is this man part of the plot?
    Does he have super human strenth?
    Is he the saviour or an attacker?

    WHO IS THE JUMPING MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. koonts

    peter skillen, this “jumping man” your talking about definitely doesn’t jump over two cars he jumps onto the sidewalk from the street to dodge the head. Also, the ghostly is a part of the roar. people are reading way too much into this.

  7. peter skillen

    Watch it again he does jump over the car and he does shield the people.
    I never mentioned the ghostly sound that is the roar but the man does jump with purpose you should slow mo it and watch it…

  8. andy H

    OMFG. After scrutinising this clip over and over i never saw the guy leaping over the cars.You’re absolutely bloody right.What does this mean now?


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