That is the rumor floating around today. If you head over to which is the official movie site, you’ll see 2 pictures, 1 is a picture from the going away party and the other is a picture of two frightened people looking up. Some people are now saying that it’s actually just one person in the image, but cut in half and moved. Personally I think it’s 2 people, but someone over at Kenny’s Spin, took the time to cut apart the image and splice it together and this is what he came up with, you be the judge.

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  1. Jordan

    It’s kind of obvious that it’s two different people. The facial structure, makeup, and pigment are all different.

  2. Richard P.

    I think even more definitive than the face makeup is that the teeth do not line up.

  3. travis

    its a picture, though. for all we know they could’ve changed all of that. i still think it could be one picture.

  4. Charlie Gordon

    On a serious note, if this is one person they are severely deformed. Either their nose is completely screwed up, or their left eye and cheekbone are higher than their right. Also, while similar, the two eyes have different shapes and judging by the line of the jaw and cheekbone, the bottom part of the combine face would be skewed to the right.

    Another thing I noticed is the mouth. If you compare the corner of the mouth to the nostril on both sides of the adjusted picture, the right side of the mouth is wider than the left. Bell’s Palsy perhaps? Not likely 🙂

    Another issue is the shape and color of the eyebrow; they’re not exactly identical either.

    As has been said before, the skin color is different between the two sides. Could be wierd lighting, but probably not.

    And one last thing, they have different color eyes. Very similar, but not the same.

    I guess it’s possible that this could be one picture thats been heavily edited to look like two different people standing side by side, but what would be the point? It would take a lot of time and money and serve no real purpose when shooting a picture of two people would be way easier and make a million times more sense.

    I think people are way too desperate to read into these pictures. Sure, you can say that the “slide the pictures around” flash thing is there so we will move them around and thoroughly examine the pictures from all angles and find all the little hidden clues, but I don’t believe that. I think they used that method to display them because it’s a “nifty” way to display pictures. It’s a very warm, organic way of looking at them, and I think it fits the people friendly viral marketing style much more than some boring old formulaic photo gallery would have.

  5. admin

    Yeah, I know it’s 1 face, it was just one of those rumors floating around so I posted it up. I actually posted a shot from the trailer that shows these 2 girls outside on the street near the end of the trailer.

  6. Charlie Gordon

    And thank you for doing so!

    Keep this site going, it’s one of the few places around that isn’t completely insane (like the IMDB forums)…


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