It may or may not be the same guy from the screenshot I posted earlier, it’s a little hard to tell. But on the the guy on the left side of the picture is wearing the “Slusho” shirt. Again, Slusho is the code name for the movie while they are filming in New York, it’s also apparently a drink from the show ALIAS (which JJ Abrams co-created) as well as from . Check out the picture below, I put a box around the shirt.

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  1. Jean

    Hey, check out the girl at the right. She looks creepy jejeje, well there is a number near her, people are saying is a nine (9), but wouldn’t it make more sense if it is an eight (8)? After all 8 is more present in the trailer than 9 (1-18-08???). It seems as if something is covering a bit of it, leading us to believe it’s a nine.

    Maybe it’s nothing, but I just wanted to tell it to someone.


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