There’s probably not a whole lot in the actual trailer that can be useful, but you never know. So since this morning has been pretty slow with news about the movie I decided to take another look at the trailer seeing if there was anything I could find. There wasn’t really a whole lot I could see that could possibly mean anything, or was clearly visible. I did take a few screenshots of some random parts that caught my eye though, one is below and the rest are after the jump.

These are quite possibly the 2 girls you see in the picture on , check it out, what do you think?

Some random writing on the roof near the door that is only visible when the explosion occurs.

More writing on another wall on the roof near the door

Just to help add to the timeline, the news broadcasts the earthquake at 12:32AM

As they are running to the street this guy as a mysterious circle on his back, probably nothing, but interesting that it’s so visible.

Another shot of the mysterious circle.

So again, these could all mean absolutely nothing, but I really think the first picture is the 2 girls from the official site, other than that the rest were just giving me something to post about.

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5 Responses

  1. alex

    Hi I noticed at 01:25 on the right hand corner there is a phone number, i could not figure out the first two digits but the last ones seem to be 6-5535, the first two can not be seen. But most telephone numbers in movies or advertisements start with 555 this one does not.

  2. Carl

    eehm…. at 0:26 of the trailer there is a carton in the back with some (maybe japanese” signs on it.

    probably nothing…but i just wanted to mention it in case no one has seen that *G*

  3. brad

    Not that it means anything, but this applies to what alex was saying about the phone number (**6-5535). I read somewhere else that if the second picture on the 1-18-08 site (with the creepy girl) is turned upside down and certain letters on the “WE’LL MISS YOU” sign are read as numbers (including what is now a ‘6’ on the girls shirt), it comes out to 6551773.

  4. Taylor

    Hey did any of you notice between 1:05 and 1:06 if you look to the far right side frame by frame, you can see a flame coming out hitting a building, almost as if a dragon is breathing fire. You can only see it if you go frame by frame and it’s between the 1:05 and 1:06 mark.

  5. Alex

    I think you can see the monster in the trailer at 1:24 to 1:26 you can see something huge moving in between the buildings in the background. You can’t tell what it is but I do believe it is the monster.


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