If you stumble across anything you think may or may not be related to 1-18-08/Cloverfield/Slusho make sure you leave a comment about it here or head on over to the forum and let us know. We sometimes miss stuff or lag behind a bit depending on what’s going on elsewhere so make sure you help us out if you found something we missed.

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  1. Shawn

    Its another Godzilla movie!!! Whats so hard to figure out? But it looks awsome.

  2. admin

    I’m pretty sure it’s not a Godzilla movie, but possibly Gamera? Don’t know, good theory though we’ll just have to wait and see when more details emerge.

  3. Sam

    it cant be godzilla because toho has the rights to him and they have it on hold until 2013 or soemthing like that. There are 3 likely scenarios
    1)It has to do with revalations
    2)its something original
    3)its cthulu

  4. admin

    Good call Sam, I was trying to find out where the rights for Godzilla stood to see if it could be a possibility. I’m really glad that it can’t be Godzilla to be honest, that Cthulu stuff sounds really interesting from what I’ve read so I hope that has something to do with it.

  5. Jonah

    This was on wikipedia for a brief moment, just wondering if anyone had looked into it at all. When you look up “Cloverfield” it said at the bottom of the “marketing” section “Anastasius Balkin Zeno has the answers”, but it was only there for a short time. Anyways, check out what it says about “Anastasius Balkin Zeno” on wikipedia and I think you’ll see a familiar date. Not sure if it has anything to do with anything, but check it out.

  6. admin

    I don’t believe that Anastasius Balkin Zeno is a real person. If you look at the wikipedia page for that person it has been edited in the past day or so and really has no information regarding that person at all other than stuff that would coincide with Cloverfield. Also if you google the name absolutely nothing else comes up regarding who this person is, so personally I wouldn’t follow that lead, I think it’s just someone having fun with people. Remember wikipedia can be edited by anyone.

  7. RecurringAwesome

    Maybe i’m the only one but at the 0:38 mark right as the roar starts it sounds like a voice saying “Noah” or “No One”. If some more people could check this out and see if they think the same or if i’m just crazy. Thanks. And I pray to god it’s not Godzilla. I want it to be original.

  8. Xyne

    This is likely nothing, but what the hell.

    On the slusho site, in the downloads is one for a buddy icon http://www.slusho.jp/media/aim/index.html for mac number 4 just says Slusho Zoom! putting in Slushozoom.com takes you to an odd page that I’ve not explored yet. Also youcantdrinkjustsix.com redirects you to a myspace account.

    None of these may mean anything, but smarter minds might find something more.

  9. ZinkMan

    I was wandering around the SLUSHO! site, when I started thinking.. hey On the history page, there are a mysterious mitt and cheese. So guys.. those words have several anagramical (if that’s a word) possibilities that all involve chemistry or ethics. How bout it?

  10. admin

    the far universe site has nothing to do with the movie… There’s no way a studio would put google adsense on a page promoting a movie.

  11. Joe

    when Rob walks in the door for the party, there is a clock above the door which appears to read 11:15

  12. John

    The Far Universe site isn’t using Google Adsense. It’s an image. It’s not dynamic so if you refresh the page it doesn’t change.

  13. admin

    I’m 99.9% sure that the far universe site has absolutely nothing to do with the movie. The domain was registered after Transformers was released, and registered by “Rodney Cloverfield”… and if you search on google for that name, someone was making jokes using that name in reference to Rodney Dangerfield jokes a few days before the domain was registered… I think its a hoax, for what purpose I have no idea. But prove me wrong, I know there has to be more sites out there for this movie.

  14. Brett

    Um, just from what I’ve tried out. I googled the “time” taken on each of the 3 photos on the 1-18-08.com website and they each came up with a different bible verse about judgement day…..


  15. Brett

    Also, in the picture of the two faces, the girl on the right has something under her eye, turn the pic upside down and it looks like a 6 a whole lot, just like the 6 in the first picture on the guys shirt, but haven’t found it in 3rd picture. News reporter also said the temperature was 63 degrees. 666?????

  16. michael

    I don’t know if the faruniverse.com site has anything to do with it or not. The text on it says: “hopefully this message reaches you in time. the beast in the picture left for your planet twenty-three years ago. we have sent our greatest defender.” Also if you check out Cloverfieldfarms.net It’s just a bible verse. Don’t know if it’s any connection (cloverfield farm shows up in children’s books).

  17. Marc

    Hey y’all I’ve noticed something in the trailer actually a few things but have no idea how to take screen shots or have any photo shop ability so I was throwing this out to all of you hoping to land more leads or help!! Times from trailer are in parenthesis. When the camera is interviewing Odette Yuston is looks like the clock behind her says 11:15 or so, it might even be later but can’t make it big enough (0:26-0:28). Now to all the people in the picture on 1-18-08.com with rob drinking either speak in trailer or are featured, first of all Rob as we all know him, the (slusho guy)(0:51-0:54), behind him and rob is the blonde girl from the kitchen(0:24-0:26), where also is boxes of food, I cannot make out, then the weird girl with the number, first I thought she was the cleavage girl, but nope she is the dancer with slusho guy and also has another single shot no speech(0:19-0:20) &(0:36-0:38) and also is in the street with Rob when the statues head goes flying down the street, and lastly comes the the guy with the pink shirt or (salmon if you prefer) he is seen far to left when rob first walks in toasting him and then at the bar where some people thought it was yellowcard’s lead singer. (0:09)&(0:38). The same guy is the mysterious guy with the circle on his shirt as they leave the building, but has anybody noticed the left hand print on the bottom right of his shirt, its green not blue as is the circle. (1:20) you might have to go frame by frame in high def. trailer. There ya go hopefully you understand, and if not please admin email me if you have any questions, but I am about to give up and let the critics and other crazies take over!! lastly at 1:27 you might be able to make out Lizzy Kaplan’s necklace, I dont know if it is similar or the same one as what I believe to be Rob’s girlfriend, the girl with the number under her in picture 2.
    ohh thanks for the website!!

  18. admin

    Thanks for the comment Mark. Just FYI, to do screenshots on a PC you press print screen and then go into a program like either photoshop or MS Word and “paste” into a blank document. To do a screenshot on a MAC it’s shift+command+3 , and a file will appear on your desktop. I’ve been pretty busy over here so I’ll try to get some screenshots of maybe the clock and a few others later today.

  19. mia rose

    i have found that if you drink slusho you grow larger now do u remeber Marlana …she exploded.. because she got bitten..by those spiders..Slusho stores DHI or deep sea ingredent..the ingrednt i think is a fluid from the pigmy sperm whale … its a red fluid.these whales travel ingroups of six..on the slusho sites it says u cant drink just six..huh huh..=] also..rob was working for slusho and some how an experiment had went wrong while taking fluids from one of the whales…and it mutated they put a chemical in it and tossed back inside the ocean..hoping it would drown.but it didnt it grew larger and larger by the time it was a skyscraper..slushos deep sea ingrent went wrong in the depths too.it formed little spiders and they all went on the mutated whale.then some how an earth quake happened and the monster awoke…..
    when they go onto the roof Robert hawkins or rob looks extermely worried because…….. he knows what is happening he was there.. remember he works for the slusho company..Japan let the us gorverment know that they had thrown a mutated whale in the ocean by new yorks coney island remember when rob and beth went to coney island..now at the last scenewhen rob and beth are on the feriss well the camera is pointing toward the water you can see a very faint object falling from the sky wihich is a pygmy sperm whale but very mutated.in the ending credits you can here something very faint that says “help us”.. now if you rewind it it it says “its still alive” on the case cloverfield if you rent or buy the movie on the front look at the bulidings you can rob beths and huds helicopter falling but in front of it lilys is still going!! she lived… unless the atom bombs hit her this is all i could gather iwill have more soon.. thank you for reading..

    mia rose


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