Thanks Eric over at for giving us this screenshot from ALIAS of Slush-O. It does appear to have a different type of logo than the one found on, but JJ Abrams worked on ALIAS as well so we’re sure it’s probably the same drink or at least derived from the same idea.

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8 Responses

  1. Deadwlng

    The thing is, the Slusho logo on that looks nothing like the slusho logo at

  2. admin

    I know, I stated that in the post. its merely just saying that Slush-O has been seen in previous works of JJ Abrams

  3. Deadwlng

    I don’t even think its an “O” at the end, thats why I pointed it out

  4. admin

    Yeah, despite being hard to see it is an “O”, I dont watch ALIAS but someone I know said that they called it Slush-O in like the 2nd episode or something. It had to do with not being able to use the word Slushie, due to copyright or trademarks or something, so they made it slush-O instead.

  5. Deadwlng

    Oh well in that case. Thats a very neat find! I think looking around at past Alias episodes might reveal some other clues

  6. Eric

    it is indeed a “O”, because the line of dialogue in that scene, Vaughn CLEARLY says “Would you like a Slush-O”


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