I wasn’t really going to post this since I thought it was pretty obvious, but the website http://www.abz3293.com/ which is one of the cars license plates in the trailer, is not affiliated with this movie in anyway.  For one it is just a jumbled mess, 2. it uses wordpress and a generic theme, and 3. it has statcounter.com checking it’s stats. Sure a studio could use wordpress and make their site a jumbled mess to throw people off, but they aren’t going to use statcounter.com to check their stats when they know they’ll get a massive amount of hits.

So just wanted to clear that up in case you thought it was part of the campaign for this movie.

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  1. Tenner

    Also, the WHOIS for the site lists the record as being created on July 10, 2007, a few days after the trailer came out.

  2. Aimee

    This person probably just wanted to know if the person who owned the car knew anything about the movie… but the license plate is a fake.


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