The picture over at of the going away party, “We’ll Miss…” seems to rotate on it’s own if you do not move it around. Almost as if it wants us to flip it around or upside down. It seems to move a little bit every 6 seconds. also mentions the number 6, “You can’t Drink Just 6”, could this number be a secret number similar to the lost numbers… or maybe my clock is just fast/slow and it’s really 5 who knows. I’ll update this post in a few minutes and let you know if the picture stops at any point or if it just keeps rotating. But do notice how the other picture, of the 2 faces, does not move at all…


It may just be a flash bug, I have no idea. It stopped on a diagonal, but then when i moved it a bit it started up again and now it’s going a lot faster, like every 2 seconds. And when it gets all the way upside down it just keeps going. It also rotates clockwise if the lower right corner is pointing down and counter clockwise if the upper right corner is pointing up. I think people are just digging too deep now (myself included) but I guess thats half the fun of all this stuff.

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  1. Deadwlng

    This goes back too the whole Biblical Apocalypse idea with all the sixes mentioned. There are allot of them on Slusho. The six seconds on the 1-18-08 page also is creepy. Right now I am letting it go and flip all the way upside down to see what will happen.

  2. admin

    Oh yeah, i didnt even think about the sixes in terms of “666”. And I’m doing the same thing right now, letting it flip on its own, man it takes a long time.

  3. Deadwlng

    It takes a very long time. -_- Movie analysis is hard work.

    The 666 references are very plentiful leading people to believe this is the Christian Apocalypse. Some people have gone so far as to say that Rob’s name backwards is Bor which is Beast of Revelation.

    Thats becoming psychotic I think.

    The picture is moving counterclockwise for me, how about you?

  4. admin

    It’s moving clockwise for me, but i had the lower right corner tilted down a bit to begin with when i first noticed it, dont know if that matters.

  5. Alex

    You can flip the picture around by dragging its corners…..Once I had flipped the photo around, I saw the creepy guy who was originally on the right (now on the left) had the number six on his shirt! Any ideas what this could mean? Could this deal with the whole “666” thing?

  6. VagrantsChoice

    Now there’s a third picture at 1-18-08. People walking through a thick cloud of dust.

  7. Marc

    Hey Guys
    I love the website been doing my own reading and finally found your site on this my third day of research. My picture also rotates but it has almost completely turned upside. But if you look close enough you will find a number under the girl on the right (you have to have it right side up), but it appears under her head, its almost digital like a scoreboard, but it is either a nine or a six, I know just another six, but who knows, J.J. and maybe paramount.

  8. Matthew

    Looks like a Flash bug to me. All of the pictures rotate if you mess with them. Like it’s trying to maintain some momentum or something.

  9. Steve King

    Tossing games is nothing to do with 1-18-08. I did the Parasite Movie site to cash in – you can see it is registered at GoDaddy like all my other sites. Unfortunately it has back fired, I’m getting too much server traffic and it is costing me a fortune. I’m also constantly maintaining the forums because of dumb arse posters. Please spread the word this has nothing to do with 1-18-08.

    Steve King

  10. admin

    Yeah, I’ve noticed the “creepy/weird” guy in the corner as well with the marking on his/her chest. I believe it is probably a 6 since that seems to be a repeating number. I’m also wondering if it’s related to that weird “0” or “o” that can be seen on the one guys back when they are running out of the building (I posted a screenshot in my trailer analysis post). Again, I love this kinda stuff I just hope we’re not digging too deep, but I guess thats half the fun. Thanks for the comments guys.

  11. Jermy

    very creepy with all the sixes… also the 6th thing Mozes said in the Bible was:

    U shall not kill..

    Hmm just mentioned it ….

  12. Josh

    Must be a flash bug. All the images rotate on their own in the right conditions.

  13. Clancy

    the repetition of the number 6 can also relate to the theory of the monster being a squid…squids have six tentacles.


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