A lot of people have been asking me about this so I figured I would post it up just to see what you guys thought. I noticed this before but really just though it was some creepy asshole ruining the picture, but when it comes to viral marketing even the smallest thing could have meaning. So what’s the first thing you see in the 2nd picture posted on 1-18-08.com? To me it just looked like a normal party, that is until I started actually looking for stuff and the first thing I noticed was the extremely creepy looking guy (or girl) in the right side of the picture. He/she appears almost inhuman in a way, but more importantly it seems to have a number on its chest. It looks like a 9 when the image is right side up, and of course (as 9’s do) it looks like a 6 if it’s upside down. Now I don’t see why they would make it so you could rotate the pictures if there wasn’t something hidden in them when they aren’t right side up, which leads me to believe they want us to see it as a 6 not a 9. And another thing, it looks very similar to the “o” or “zero” that appears on the back of one guys shirt as they run out of the building in the trailer (check it out in my Trailer Analysis post). So anyways, I made a few images highlighting the creepy guy, one is below and the flipped version is after the jump.

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  1. the_sibbie

    Guys – there is so much more hidden inside this trailer – if you know Abrams and his style you know how much he loves to mess with his audience – it’s the backbone to LOST.

    I would look into the following elements on the trailer:

    1. The Fridge (:34 of trailer) – there seems to be some type of vertical message on the door. Looks like it says “MISTERY29” – but I can’t make it out so well – can anyone see it better?

    2. Conduct URL searches on almost every line spoken in the trailer – i.e., whatwasthatnoise.com

    3. At 1:19 of the trailer when everyone is coming out to the street – noticed what looks like a circle of light on the guys back in front of the Rob character – it seems to stay on this guys shirt – what does this mean – are we supposed to keep our eyes on this guy?

    4. Gotta be something at 1:25 of the trailer – camera stops – there is a huge STOP sign left of screen – almost telling us to stop and look around – what is so special about this view?

    “It’s gonna be the best night ever.”

  2. admin

    thanks for the informative comment sibbie.

    The thing on the fridge is a bumper sticker for “exit to mystery st”, I’ll make a post about it shortly. I found a pretty good screenshot and I know I had read something about this previously, just slipped my mind. And regarding your #3 I posted about this in my Trailer Analysis, definitely seems like they want us to look there for some reason.

  3. the_sibbie

    UPDATE: On the refrigerator is two pieces of tape that say ?EXIT MYSTERY ST? or something to that effect. This could be nothing. Our Slasho on 1-18-08.comfirst thought was that the label was a real life sign for the nearest exit. But we found no Mystery St listed in Los Angeles or New York City. So it seems to be a prop. And most of the other props in the apartment seem to be from Ikea or Urban outfitters. While these two small labels/signs seem to be custom made. Anyone have any ideas?

  4. Mr_Noyes

    Maybe you can make something out of it, maybe I am just plain wrong: If you flip the party picture upside down, the sign reading “WE’LL MISS” becomes “SSIW 77,3M” – might be a coincidence, at least to me this just looks like gibberish, but perhaps you might get some idea.

  5. bobshush

    Re: position 1:25 of the trailer (stop sign)

    there is an old guy in a tuxedo who stares directly at the camera the entire time he is visible, and seems really out of place (everyone else there is casually dressed, young, and ignoring the camera). Does anyone recognize him from anywhere?

  6. KimoTerr

    Hey Sibbie. If the 9 should be a 6….What about the Slusho.jp website ‘you can’t drink just 6’?

  7. Jenny and Saul

    IF YOUR INTERESTED READ THIS. just some things we’ve noticed.

    okay not much but this is what i’ve noticed. well first of when that thing hits and the lights turn off the guy rushes into another room. if you notice theres a map with some scratches. and next to it the letters (AKM) and if you analyze the scratches it looks like the letter (AKM)
    Go to the link here:
    i’ve put a red box around it.

    okay next thing, when the guy is running back inside into the building from the roof theres a writing on the wall where it says either (2004 ACE) or (ZOOM ACE) look and see
    Go to the link here:

    and if you’ve been to that http://www.slusho.jp site on the homepage you click on the first bubble (left to right) and a little horse icon comes out saying “Slusho Zoom”
    which also leads to the word “SLUSHO.” if you break it down to the number in the alphabet, you get these numbers = (19, 12, 21, 19, 8, 15)
    well i broke them down by dividing them all by the number 6 (which seems to be used alot) okay so you’ve got :
    (19/6=3.166) (12/6=2) (21/6=3.5) (19/6=3.166) (8/6=1.33) (15/6=2.5)
    and theres a part in a movie where theres a car and the license plate reads
    “ABZ 3293”

    and going back to the slusho and the numbers, if you get the number from the first letter once its divided [example: 19/6= ((“3.1”))] okay so you have:
    3.1 and thats the first number to the license plate which is a “3” then the 2 for the second number then for the next three numbers you add them up and you’ve got 3.5+3.1+1.3= 7.”9″ (notice the nine for the third number) then last you have the 2.5 and if you round it, you’ve got the last number which is a 3.
    now im not all to sure what any of those numbers mean they were just observations i made.

    *QUICK OBSERVATION*:and a bit before that happen i forgot to mention that I THINK that might be the slusho logo where i put a box around. (not sure)

    Go to the link here:

    okay another observation that might trigger all of this. since some people are saying it might be a giant squid and stuff, theres a picture when theyre running out of the building and theres this girl passing by the guy with a switzerland jacket.
    Go to the link here:

    and if you research some stuff about switzerland Monster and some stuff about a MYTH about the giant squid *search google in images* (notice at the beginning the girl in the movie talks about a myth of some sort) okay well check the page out:

    ALSO VISIT THIS SITE!!!! it has some weird things that include that whole thing or some weird things but check it out and see what you can come up with.
    and well theres another rumor where it might be the movie about revalations.
    The movie has to do with jesus and like somewhere in the bible withtin the revelations that like you know how the world is ganna end and like it says that within there or something that it might be from sources out of our planet and like thats when the devil comes or whatever and 6 is his number and like i said it seems to be used alot. and in that picture that they have posted up on that http://www.1-18-08.com site the picture of the faces of the two girls and that mysterious creature in the back, looks like a minion or some sort. well never know what it might be. might be the anti-christ because of all the 6’s that are used
    *****************UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE*****************************
    notice the 6’s that are used and going back to the anti-christ in the bible it says ANYONE can be the anti-christ and it can happen at any time. (drop the politcal thing, this is just a suggestion.) okay now the word slusho

    slusho= 6 letters.
    then the quote or something to slusho to advertise it:
    “slusho you can’t drink just six” the words equal to the number=6 and it has the word six.
    then you have how many six’s you have on the site and or 3×6=18 (1-18-08)

    so thats just another suggestion we’ve made.

  8. admin

    Jenny and Saul, first just want to thank you for taking the time to write up your ideas about the movie.

    I did put a screenshot to to the “2004 ACE” in the Trailer Analysis post i made a few days ago, but good fine, I believe it actually says something along the lines of “1987-2004 ACE” but i couldn’t get a good screenshot.

    Next, I dont really think that is the slusho logo way in the background of the NY shot, but good observation, you never know whats hidden in there.

    Nice work with the numbers stuff, but I think you may be getting a little too deep. I don’t know if dividing everything by 6, etc is what JJ Abrams was going for. That wouldn’t work too well as viral marketing as I dont know that the majority of people would think to do that.

    The article you posted on the “switzerland squid monster” isn’t a squid monster at all, it’s actually called the Flying Spaghetti Monster ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spaghetti_monster ) which is “the deity of a parody religion”

    And slushozoom.com was registered after the trailer was released and the whois is blocked by a proxy which leads me to believe that it’s just someone trying to cash in on the hype by buying a domain “linked” to the movie.

    Thanks again for the theories, they are all good until we have some real answers.

  9. mike

    OMG i have found something….the guy in the toxido , tribute to H P LOVECRAFT coz if you search for his picture u’ll find that they are very much alike….creepy

  10. Brett

    All the “times” of the pictures taken off the 1-18-08.com website are related to judgement day. Just google the time 12:01 12:36 and 12:48 for yourself and see. Just throwin this in the mix.

  11. Jenny and Saul

    Admin, yeah they were just theories that came to mind and about getting too deep into it maybe because the majority of the people don’t have the mental factor to get into it, to where they don’t know what to do about that. (not in a bad way just trying to defend haha 🙂 ) no but yeah the screen shot i didnt see the whole 1987 but thanks for the note. and yeah like i said i wasnt sure if that was the logo int he background but i thought i’d make a note of that.
    About the spaghetti monster, since everyone would say it could be a Cthulu monster, well I was searching through and I found that some girl had “switzerland” in her jacket, so i went on and searched on google images switzerland monster and that cthulu like monster was there. they both look sort of similar, the spaghetti monster and the Cthulhu
    Go to link here to see a picture:

    and yeah they’re just theories that we came up with, but thanks overall 🙂

  12. brad

    All this talk about sixes has me thinking…how are we certain that the “9” on the creepy girl’s shirt isn’t a block font “5” or “S”? It seems to me that between the white edge of the photo and Rob’s elbow, there’s no way to actually discern what the figure is supposed to be.

    This is harking back to another post I made on another topic, but if we turn said picture upside-down and read her number (now either a ‘5’ or ‘6’) along with the letters as numbers (i.e. ‘S’ = 5, ‘I’ = 1, ‘L’ = 7) then it reads as follows:

    If the number three is so important, you would think that this number would be divisible by three. 6 + 5 + 5 + 1 + 7 + 7 + 3 = 34; 34 is not divisible by three.

    HOWEVER, if the number is, in fact, an upside-down 5, our equation looks like this: 5 + 5 + 5 + 1 + 7 + 7 + 3 = 33. Obviously, 33 is divisible by three.

    Like everything else, this is speculation, and it’s heavily dependent on the supposition that the banner was meant to be seen upside down with its numerically-similar letters read as such.

  13. brad

    Ah, this is sort of a follow up…and after I searched Google I found someone beat me to this idea some time ago. I actually found the post on the now-debunked Ethan Haas Was Wrong site. But what if 655-1773 is a phone number?

    Albino Turtle said…

    (212) 655-1773
    Type: Land Line
    Provider: MCI Worldcom Communications Inc
    Location: New York, NY

    July 08, 2007 10:58 PM

  14. admin

    Yeah, it could be a phone number, but as you said, the ethan haas stuff is totally unrelated to the movie.

  15. brad

    Granted, the Ethan Hass sites do not, but this was posted in the comments section by someone who believed it did at the time.

  16. tye

    Biblical theory.
    In Jewish belief, Behemoth is the primal unconquerable monster of the land, as Leviathan is the primal monster of the waters of the sea and Ziz the primordial monster of the sky.
    (the three rumbling,under the ground/in water Leviathan,the explosion in the middle of the city behemoth and the statue of liberty falling out of the sky,being tossed ziz.)

    The word leviathan has become synonymous with any large sea monster or creature. In the novel Moby-Dick it refers to great whales, and in Modern Hebrew, it means simply “whale”.
    (a whale look at this quote from slusho history page “her classmates called her the smallest whale” and “ganu grew from a small fish to a giant whale!!!)

    The word “Leviathan” appears six times in the Bible
    (this number six pops up alot in our little mystery “you cant just drink six!”)

  17. admin


    thanks for all that. Someone actually mentioned this in another comment somewhere else on the page, but it does sound like a pretty good theory. There’s no word on whether or not there is more than 1 monster, so I guess it could be a possibility.

  18. tye

    I know but its the closes theory i have,i heard some weird stuff,like pokemon,voltron……..and…zill,Not godzilla…zilla.
    But something biblical(and suprisingly truthful)l and more adult,so yeah.

  19. manda47

    It is highly possible that there is some kind of Biblical meaning behind it, especially since this is a JJ Abrams’ movie, and he usually uses some kind of biblical element or theme in the things that he does (ie. ALIAS and LOST). If you have watched either of those shows you will know what I am talking about. That is definitely the most likely theory I’ve heard thus far about the “monster”. Although, as an avid watcher of LOST, I would also like to point out that we still havent been told exactly what that “monster” is, and its only been seen a few times. I’m sure the identity of this “monster” will a.) be revealed shortly before the end of the movie, or b.) never be revealed

  20. the Doctor

    What is that isn’t a “6” or a “9” at all… what if it was an “8?” I mean, part of an elbow is covering up that persons shirt… My guess, it’s just some extra that got caught in a weird position when the picture was taken. Though, I could totally be wrong…

  21. Downfall

    Alright, probably been posted, but the numbers on the news screen, (12, 32, 1, and 63) make, what else? 108. The unusually high tempeature was prly added to make it equal 108, probably nothing more.
    any thoughts?

  22. Downfall

    at :45 o the preview, rob has a look like, o my god, like maybe he knows whats happening, anyone else notice this?

  23. Fenrir

    Might be a long shot but 1987 Zoom is in relation to Paul Di’Anno from Iron Maiden, he produced a record called Children of Madness under the Zoom label with an old band of his called Battlezone. Everyone who knows Iron Maiden has heard the song The Number of the Beast which is about the anti-christ.
    ‘Woe to you, O Earth, and sea! For the Devil sends the Beast with wrath because he knows the time is short….Let him who hath understanding reckon the number of the Beast, for it is a human number. It’s number is 666…” Revelation 12:12b, 13:18
    And Di’Anno has a tattoo with the #’s 666 on his head. Sounds just like one of the outlandish things JJ would do, then again it could just be me looking too deep lol
    But it does go along quite well with the thoughts here about Armageddon and the anti-christ….or it could just be something to flesh out the backround of the shot.

  24. Oneghost

    I haven’t seen the film yet but I understand it has EVERYTHING to do with an old video game from the 80’s called Rampage. When the players drink a special “Slusho” drink they turn into monsters and terrorize NYC. JJ Abrams also has used Slusho in every one of his TV shows and films in some way. Every single one going back to Godzilla and it is in Lost and Alias and probably in whatever else he has done. I believe he has been planning a “Rampage” movie for a while and that the “Monster” in Lost is actually a precursor for Cloverfield. The thing I still don’t get is why is it called Cloverfield. I am sure once I see the film (lack of cash at the moment) that will be explained. It looks like a hell of a cool film though. I have a masters degree in marketing and do lots of it for a bike company called one ghost industries and love what JJ has done for this movie. You have to admit it was infectous!

  25. admin

    Oneghost: I have seen the film, and it has absolutely nothing to do with Rampage. Slusho doesn’t even play a roll in the movie.


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