I completely forgot about this little tid bit until someone just commented about it, so thanks again for all the comments.

So anyways, there is a sticker on the fridge in the trailer, it’s hard to make out in the normal versions, but in the hi-def version its pretty easily read. It is a bumper sticker that says “Exit to mystery st” and according to someone over at the 1-18-08 live journal discussion, the sign is from a Jazz Fest that took place in New Orleans this year. And also if you head on over to www.exittomysterystreet.com you are redirected to www.humidbeings.com and the whois log shows they are located in New Orleans. Now obviously if the sticker is from the Jazz Fest in New Orleans, whatever website that uses the mystery domain should be located in New Orleans, so I really don’t find anything special about it and after digging around the humid beings site, I don’t really think it has anything to do with the movie, but check it out see if I missed something. I did notice that they do use the same analytics found on the official site and slusho, but it’s googles analytics, it’s pretty common so we can’t go based on just that.

Here is the picture from the Jazz Fest

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  1. Eric

    Watch the trailer AGAIN (I’ve never watched a single clip so many times in my life).

    Right before the ground shakes and the lights go off at the party- a womans voice says “The Myth” really creepily.

  2. Darklord

    I *think* I have the premise of this movie figured out. It’s based on sound reasoning from the previews and the viral sites. I’d like you to post your opinion on it AND I’d like to lay claim to be either the first or one of the first to have figured it out.

    I think we’re onto some of the same themes.

    See my blog at http://dldc.blogspot.com and feel free to leave a comment or link it if you think its worthwhile.

  3. Aimee

    Wow, I didn’t notice that voice before, but I totally hear it now… Not sure if that’s what she’s saying though.

  4. admin

    Darklord, thanks for the comment and I read the post on your site. Alot of people have been thinking its about the Cthulhu for a few days now (i actually posted about it a few days ago) but I do find the bit about it being unseasonably warm having to do with the Cthulhu awakening from the sea floor, and also that the Slusho contains a parasite that makes it taste good. I know the temperature thing was on a lot of peoples minds, but I guess being from Chicago where it can snow one day and be 65 the next in the middle of winter, I just see that as normal haha. Thanks again for the comments and we’ll just have to wait and see what else they announce.

  5. Renzo


    Take a look at the source… 1-18-08
    It seems far too cheesy and easy to really be a part of anythings cloverfield… but who knows? As for Alpha-Omega… as a huge fan of tabletop RPGs this game doesnt exist, no one has heard anything about it, the stores have to posters nothing… its a hoax or fake… And Mindstorm? the company isnt listed anywhere i could find…

  6. Matt B

    Darklords theory is very compelling, but I just have this feeling the movie has a lot to do with the book of revelations.


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