If you’ve never heard of the video game RAMPAGE it revolves around 3 main creatures that basically just battle each other in a city. They eat people as food, climb buildings and punch each other. The 3 main characters consist of a giant lizard, a “king kong”-like Ape, and a Werewolf. I didn’t want to write about these rumors because honestly, I hope that this isn’t a RAMPAGE movie. I will be extremely let down if all this underground hype and viral marketing goes to waste on a video game movie… and not even a good video game.

I wish I could find where I read this, but one of the main arguments I read said that the “monsters” from RAMPAGE are actually mutated humans that drank a parasitic drink (slusho?) that transformed them into monsters. I don’t know if this is right or wrong based on the history of the video game. I do remember that if you were beaten in the game, you shrunk back down to a naked human and ran off the screen. But if this is the case, and slusho is that drink, there would be way more than 3 monsters. More than just 3 people are drinking this drink, so I don’t think that theory holds up.

The other idea was that since the monsters are the main stars of RAMPAGE, a movie made about them would have to have some sort of gimmick in order to draw people in (since it has no big named actors or people to identify with). Which would lead to the idea behind the people experiencing the monster brawl, filming it.

Personally I don’t think JJ Abrams would waste his time with a movie based on a video game that died out in the late 80’s early 90’s. I if you asked the general age market for a PG-13 movie what RAMPAGE was, many of them wouldn’t even know. Now does that sound like a good idea for a Hollywood movie, I sure don’t think so. What do you guys think?

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  1. Kristen

    My money’s still on Cthulhu. The Rampage idea is interesting, but fairly obscure and not really relating to today’s generation. It wasn’t the kind of game/license that had any real longevity…not the way the Transformers have, for example. Besides, I can’t remember where I heard it, but about a year ago I did hear about a Cthulhu movie being made. No further info.

  2. admin

    Yeah, I saw that site before and it looks like a low-budget indie film that probably won’t even show a monster of any sort. So maybe JJ Abrams’ version is based on the Cthulhu, just not called Cthulhu, or something.

  3. he right

    its rampage u all know it i heard about a year ago there making a rampage movie. slusho is the drink and that 1 guy says he saw it its a lion its huge. (rampage has a giant lion)

  4. admin

    He definitely does not say “lion” he says “It’s alive” and the 3 main characters in rampage are a lizard, a gorilla, and a werewolf…. no lion.

  5. Son Gokou

    Check the LATEST Rampage game for the Nintendo Wii; it has a backstory about some company doing research on humans using a soft drink that turned them into monsters. And that game has 20 or more characters (one of them a lion, haha).


    Each monster even has a bit of history, and on the Werewolf it says he likes to throw stuff (SOL head?).

    By the way, I clearly hear “It’s alive and it’s huge!”. So, no; even if it is indeed a Rampage-inspired movie, I don’t beleive there is going to be a Giant Lion.

  6. admin

    icanseethings: I’ll approve 1 of your comments, but if you continue to post multiple comments saying the same thing I wont approve any of them anymore. And i highly doubt it’s a snake based on your proof. I think people are looking too hard between the faces, they are obviously looking up at something, therefore that “thing” is in front of them…. it’s just their hair between them.

  7. Matt

    I’m sure I’m not the only one, but as soon as I saw the posters at ComicCon and thought harder about the Slusho! history, I realized it could very well be a Rampage movie. The only reason it wouldn’t be is that J.J. Abrams might want to come up with his own monster, but maybe he’s going to give the Rampage monsters new life.

    As far as the idea of people drinking Slusho!, all they have to do is have the company test a new ingredient on a small group of people, and there’s your original Rampage backstory.

    And for all the people holding out for Cthulhu, I’m not that familiar with it, but does it have claws? Because the Statue of Liberty and the building in the distance in the posters have a 3-clawed slash mark.

  8. MonkeyDudeSF

    Yes. It is the Rampage movie.

    * http://www.slushomovie.com was registered by PaperStreet, LLC in Philadelphia, PA
    * youcantdrinkjustsix.com was also registered by the same company
    * By going to Paperstreet’s website, it’s obvious they’re a marketing company: http://www.paper-street.com
    * when you go to http://www.slushomovie.com it REDIRECTS you to the wikipedia entry for the Rampage video games.
    * as previously mentioned by many, the Rampage game is based on a plot wherein humans are exposed to a product that causes them to mutate into monsters.
    * rampagethemovie.com is already in existence, and I don’t think JJ Abrams wanted to call the movie Rampage, so they are going with the name of the product that makes everyone turn into monsters. “SLUSHO”
    * the title “Slusho” has also appeared on documents posted at live action shoots in LA and NYC to notify residents that the area will be closed off for filming.

    This is kind of disappointing to me, as I was hoping it would have been a Cthulhu movie or a newer, more serious monster (aka Godzilla) movie, but alas, it’s just another video game movie. But who knows, the Resident Evil movies turned out to be pretty damn cool. Let’s hope JJ can work his magic on this one.

  9. tim

    What that guy said about the three claws on the SOL. Can’t say if Cthulhu has three claws – the description of the creature in ‘Call of Cthulhu’ doesn’t mention the number of claws.

  10. Mojus

    Yep, http://www.slushomovie.com redirects to a NOAA page, but did you notice which page?
    it is titled “Bloop”
    If you go through the slusho.jp website and click on the “Happy talk link” (The 5th button over from the left) you will see one of the characters say “Bloop”.


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