After looking into it, I have no reason to believe that ?Alpha Omega? and Mindstorm Labs doesn?t exist. They don?t try to hide the fact that ?Alpha Omega? is their first table top RPG (every company has to start somewhere). And like people said, the domain name was registered back in 2006.

And as far as them not being listed on the exhibitors page at GenCon Indy, they seem to be on there when I look. so I?m pretty sure it?s safe to assume that they do, in-fact, exist and have a game coming out at some point.

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  1. matt B

    Thanks for clearing that up.

    The connection between MindStormLabs and Ethan Haas is hard to deny, but the makers of Ethan Haas still don’t have anything about MindStormLabs on their webpage.

    I Guess I’ll just wait until August 1st and see. The whole feel of Ethan Haas now that I’ve seen all the videos doesn’t really relate to the trailer and other info we know about Cloverfield anyway.

  2. John S

    I just typed in ethan haas to wikipedia because i wanted to know more, and it brought me to this page it is a page about this show called the class which starred guess who: Lizzy Caplan, one of the stars of cloverfield. in the show, the main character is ethan haas!!!!!!

  3. matt B

    I want to believe that they’re Ethan Haas and Cloverfield are related.. Mostly becuase of the time I put in to those puzzles. And that’d just be pretty damn cool if they were connected. I’m just going to keep believing that they’re related, and when it comes down to it, if they are, I’ll stand proud and say “I told you so”, and if not, then that won’t be the worst thing in the world.

  4. jason t

    This is the new Superman movie. It is a big secret that J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot are doing it. Singer is no longer interested. Sorry for the confusion. This is fact.

  5. admin

    As cool as it would be to see Doomsday come rip apart “Metropolis” I think it’s safe to say it’s not superman.

  6. Spencer the Office Monkey

    Haha I think it’s pretty much unanimous that this is a part of a game marketing of some sort. I actually wanted it to have nothing to do with Cloverfield when I was doing the puzzles. Too cheesy for my taste. I’d be disappointed in Abrams if he went that route. Gamers would enjoy the little mini-game/puzzles causing more interest to build on whatever happens August 1st, on the other hand. Anyways, I thought it was unfortunate for both of these to come out around the same time. They built excitement for both projects but disappointed fans when they turned out to be unaffiliated. Had to be kind of frustrating for Abrams as well. “I GAVE YOU CLUES. STICK TO THE ONES I PROVIDED!!!” As a marketing major, I think both campaigns are genius for the projects they are assigned to. Even if they both turn out to be bullocks, I’m fascinated/entertained chasing clues until the release dates.

    Again, thanks to the admin for staying on top of things!!!

  7. Saladin

    Do yourselves a favor, check out Ethan Haas’ site RIGHT NOW. Mindstorm Labs is finally moving! Or so I thought. I can’t seem to access their site. >.>


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