For those of you that haven’t noticed, I setup a Cloverfield Forum (a section on one of my other forums) for all discussion about Cloverfield. I think it would be easier for everyone to communicate via a forum setting than within comments on posts, and it’s real-time instead of waiting for me to approve comments (due to spamming). But it’s up to you guys, I’m just trying to provide a place to talk about the movie. I appreciate all of the comments here and love reading the different theories.


There seemed to have been an issue with the image verification when registering for the forum. I have taken that step out of the registration for now until I get it fixed.

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  1. admin

    Well thats lame, thanks for the heads up… you shouldn’t be surfing forums at work anyways 😉 haha. I just put it up as an easier option to talk about the movie, I keep up with approving the comments pretty well so the forum probably won’t get used a whole lot anyways.

  2. matt B

    When I try to register for your forums, the registration image, the one with the numbers is always broken for some reason. I don’t know if thats only me, but does that happen to anyone else?


    “Um, just from what I?ve tried out. I googled the ?time? taken on each of the 3 photos on the website and they each came up with a different bible verse about judgement day?..

    Things like this still make me think that this movie might not be a giant monster movie at all. Or atleast not about a single giant monster. Maybe its like a book of revelations, apocolypse, type deal. Which would also explain Ethan Haas.

    I know people suspect that Ethan Haas is for MindStormLabs and the evidence is overwhelming, but is it actually CONFIRMED yet?

  3. admin

    weird, you are right… ill look into the image thing, I’m gonna turn it off for now.

  4. Kaneda

    Dude i found this on the site when you flip the 10:01A pic over it has a message “Don’t forget who takes care of you, Love J” And the 12:04A pic “Robbie, Here, Use this photo to send a message of my hotness far and wide!!! I’m gonna miss the hell out of ya!! Love, Jamie”

  5. admin

    Obviously you didn’t read the 2 latest posts on the site, but thats cool. 🙂

  6. matt

    I was watching one of the two trailers for the movie and at the end this thing flashes for a split second, its kinda like subliminal advertising. There are two arrows and letters and when (after ~ 100 hours of trying) i managed to pause it at the right time it turned out that when flipped vertically, the letters spell out “SPLICE HERE”. Then I went and googled it and it gave me a website and made me wonder whether the flashpic was just an ad or another one of Abrams’ crazy ideas? Whadda y’all think? 🙂

  7. Beaye

    Hi There,
    I don’t know if this is new stuff for you clovefield buffs. But last night I had a party at my house, my girlfriend and I both work in media. So we had some film and TV people round. Anyway, I was chatting to one of the Visual Effects designers for the movie and he told me these facts:

    1. “Cloverfield” is the name of the Army Mission that takes place to control the monster.

    2. We will only see the monster a few short times in the movie. (Maybe only twice!)

    3. The Monster’s face has a four cornered mouth. Somewhat like the Predator. It comes from the sea.

    4. The fictional drink “Slusho” has no serious connection with the plot of the movie.

    Hope these are interesting for you guys. They are genuine facts.



  8. joebean

    i think i know the plot, the following was created based on my analysis of trailers, slusho commercials and other peoples analysis’s

    slusho is a code name in the film for some sort of radioactive etc.. substance
    they tested this substance on a sea animal and locked the sea animal away underwater
    sea animal escapes and destroys the place

  9. Gordon

    Ive seen the movie it was total rubbish.. I shouted to m8 give me your popcorn carton he said why ? I said because I wanna puke in it 🙂
    don’t go for hype on this one its made by some godzilla fan :)its really bad 🙁

  10. admin

    Gordon: Don’t bother trying to comment anymore, you’re banned from posting here. And it’s not cause you said you didnt like the movie, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but the fact that you tried to post about 12 different comments as different people all saying the movie was shit… that’s why you’re banned (I can see your IP, moron). Take care.

  11. turk

    where the hell is the monster falling into the ocean in the last scene?? there’s no such a thing

  12. pat mustard

    By now i’d imagine most of you have probably already seen the movie but for those of you who haven’t I highly recommend it. I’m usually pretty cynical about new movies esp american ones (no offence 🙂 ) but I thought this was a great. Like a homage to the classic ‘they came from outer space’ type movies from the 50s. It had everything in a fresh and exciting format. As for the monster – Perfect! I mean it’s not about what it looks like, it’s about what it does. Thanks for reading – Oh and look out at the end of the movie for a mysterious object crashing into the sea. (CLUE: Wait till they’re on the ferris wheel and keep your eyes on the coast in the distance.)

  13. pat mustard

    Sorry just noticed the comment before. There is an object falling into the sea at the end, (it’s on the right hand side of the screen if that helps:p) although everyone i’ve asked all agree the ‘splash’ is too small to be the monster…

  14. mike


    The oil rig in the movie is owned by the tagarouto oil comp. they own slusho the japanese company brad is going to work for
    The monster landed millions of years ago in the midatlantic ridge
    The thin that falls at the end of the movie is one of tagarouto comp satilites
    This is what wake up the monster
    The name cloverfield for the movie has differnt meanings
    1 when places are bombed clovers grow(i.e.manhatten)
    2the paramount studies street
    3airport in LA

    this has been my conclusion on my monster reserch

  15. admin

    mike: thanks for the comment, but most of this stuff has been known for a while. However I don’t agree that the monster “landed” here millions of years ago, the name of Cloverfield is just the militaries codename, I dont think anything grows when something is bombed.

  16. mr_plosh

    three comments up the “thing” that falls has to be the monster, while in the water it grows. If you’ll notice it hits water April 27th and the monster is rampaging on May 23rd, plenty of time to grow. In the extras on the movie it is said many times that the monster is only a baby. Makes sense if it was only there slightly less than a month.

  17. N Davies

    Similar to Mike’s conclusion:

    Monster already on earth, size to be determined
    Satellite falls into ocean
    Satelite carrying advanced energy cell that is associated with tagarouto
    Advanced energy conetents pollute sea, monster wakes/grows

    I really want to see a sequel

  18. Aesilent

    Ok my theory on Clover backstory….

    April: Tagruato Sat. falls from space(seen at the end of movie)tagruato then sends out a drilling station to recover the fallen instrument, whilst down there they discover secret ingredient, “seabed nectar”. They then discover it’s potential for drinks and begin to harvast said ingredient. While down there drilling they discover caverns and trenches with giant parasite like creatures around the dig site (, username:alysehanssen, password: 11112014349)Neato discovery of new creature, yet they continue to harvest “seabed nectar”, little do they know these giant parasites are small compared to the “big” problem. Since they are harvesting this ingredient, which in turn is clovey’s favorite food, he gets aware of there presence and as a child does goes to investigate it. i.e. like a child he puts things in his mouth (hud), rips apart things and just acts like a giant monster infant would. I believe clover is just a mutated deepsea fish after finding the secret ingredient in which it consumes as part of his main diet. Since the parasites more likely are already attached to pre-clover when he is little they also ingest this “seabed nectar” and in turn grow as well……

    -any thoughts?

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