Ok, so I know I posted last week about how the faces picture on www.1-18-08.com could possibly be 1 face, cut and chopped on different sides, I was just posting rumors that were floating around the internet at the time. This is a place for rumors that seem feasible, unlike the rumor that there is a “snake” hidden between these faces and the monster is a snake. I’m not saying it couldn’t be a snake (although I hope not), but the argument that people are using is absolutely ridiculous. So I figured I would try to find some proof that the faces are 2 people and that there is nothing but hair in between the people, but some of the images weren’t the greatest quality to work with but i tried, so here we go.

First of all the 2 people in the picture are looking forward at something therefore we would assume that something is happening in front of them. So unless there are more than 1 monster (which is possible, just haven’t heard anything to lead me in that direction yet), the monster or destruction is happening in front of them, not behind.

Now the pictures. Below is an image from the trailer that shows these 2 girls, yes 2 girls, not 1 like was rumored. You can clearly notice the different skin color/nationality of the 2 girls, just as in the 1-18-08.com picture. Also note the stringy, scraggly hair on the girl on the right, this plays into the fact that it is just hair in between the girls in the website picture.

Below is the picture from the website which I adjusted the levels on a bit so you can see that the weird stuff in the middle is just the girl on the lefts hair (she’s on the right in the above picture). You can clearly see that it is attached to her head at the top and continues all the way down to the bottom of the picture. The girl on the right has really dark hair which is all that black space you don’t see anything in. If you think I’m wrong please provide evidence and let me know, but clearly, based on these pictures it is just hair and nothing more.

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  1. Rabbit

    I’ve always been pretty confident that the picture is of two different girls. The very first time I saw the picture, I saw what was obviously hair between them, but since the ‘monster’ has been pointed out to me, all I can see when I look at the picture now is the monster. I cant find an objective way to see it as hair anymore.

  2. admin


    Thanks for the comment. Yeah,I saw that picture yesterday and its obviously a fake photoshop. And later yesterday the creator of the picture came out and said it was fake. Maybe ill post it up here just to let everyone know it is fake.

  3. Brendan

    I think there is no disputing the little monster guy between the girls. However, I do not beleive it is meant to litteral, but merely an easter egg to drive people like us crazy. Anyone who follows Lost should be familar this sort of thing… they love throwing this stuff in to make things interesting.

  4. admin

    I guess I just don’t see it… if you have photoshop or something could someone point out to me where the “little monster guy” is in the picture? All I see is hair… If someone makes an image showing me that ill throw it up in this post as a comparison picture so people can form their own judgements.

  5. Mike

    Here’s a link to a cropped version of that pic showing the ‘moster guy’…I think it’s pretty unmistakeably but I’m not sure if it’s a clue, a red herring, or just a weird coincidence.

  6. admin

    thanks for the image mike, but it clearly looks like her hair to me…and if the monster is really as big as it seems in the trailer, then i doubt anything would be seen between them from that close. I mean the thing took off the statue of liberty’s head.

  7. Al Gore's Head

    I think the “monster” was placed in strictly as an allusion AND an illusion.

    Definitely not actually there, but leading us on perhaps?
    Great site by the way.

  8. admin

    See i really don’t see it. People have posted screenshots and highlighted where they see a “monster” but all i can see is hair, which is clearly attached to the girls hair, so who knows. It’s definitely got people talking though, so I guess it’s working for them


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