Another picture was just added to This one was taken at 1:24 AM and appears to have possibly a female cop? a military person and 2 fleeing people. It’s extremely blurry so let me know if you find anything hidden.

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  1. Willie B. Johnson

    The new picture moves much faster than any of the rest of them. It seems to tick in a clockwise direction once every three seconds. I’m not positive, but that seems significant.

  2. Nerf Dianamo

    You’d think that the web designers would have fixed the “bug” in the flash images by now if it was an accident. I just can’t imagine HOW it’s meant to do anything though.

  3. Willie B. Johnson

    I’ve never really thought it was a bug, and after quite a while of playing, realized that if you spin the photos too far to a particular angle, they’ll switch directions. Eventually, I found a position for each photo that would make it stop rotating altogether. I’m not sure why, and the angle is different for each picture, so maybe that means they’re meant to be observed in that position.

  4. Kristen

    Doesn’t seem to tick or move at all. I’m on a Mac. Wait, not it’s doing it. Seems to be going counter-clockwise. What does it mean?

  5. Travis

    Hey I think the history of the website has been updated, take a look!

  6. Fynal

    Hmm… but what the hell is this blue thing ?? On the begining I though that was graffiti but graffiti do not shine :>

  7. travis

    thats obviously a military officer. you can see his m16. the thing behind the woman in black is a car.

  8. foerdi

    The blue thing: Some kind of energy ball?

    The (police officer?) lady is sitting on the car… at this moment this blue energy thing comes down behind her.. the soldier turns around.. the girls run away…

    the car explodes… bla bla

    Could please somebody tell me why the hell it looks like somebody made a round black shape on the police officer lady? black shape hiding something?

    do u see that?

  9. justathought

    Does anyone else think it’s weird that there is an image on the site with all the steam…and just last week there was a major steam pipe that broke in NYC that caused the air to be pumped with massive steam??? How come no one else has commented on this??

  10. Aaron

    foerdi, I too see that black circle now that you mention it. In fact, it looks like that’s where her other hand is! So, she’s holding something on the top and bottom, and the circle is blocking it… looks like the item is about a foot tall or so.

  11. wfawf

    It kinda looks like she may have a wound on her stomach or and the marine is looking back her

  12. Matt

    it looks like shes holding a baby, with her hand behind its head, but its been blacked out. also, whats wrong with the army guys back? looks like a spine sort of thing,if you know what i mean

  13. Marc

    hey just a thought but does anyone else think the person to the left a priest. Don’t know if that means anything, just thought i’d put that out there.

  14. Agharta

    i was just checking the site Travis was talking about ( and i just realized a quote at the very end of the site. If you highlight just below Return to site link it says;
    “Not all things are as they appear”
    maybe it is related?

  15. admin is not related to the movie. It’s just someone trying to cash in on the slusho stuff. No movie studio would ask you to donate to them for a marketing campaign.

  16. wfawf

    do u seriously think that the jj abrams and the others associated with the movie would go and say what sites were and werent related, there trying to make this big mystery why would they simply say these sites r legit these arent, we dont know what is real and what isnt. thats what makes it a mystery DEE DEE DEE

  17. Jared Lieske

    I just got a reply from the Slusho! pple it says:

    Slusho! loves your mails!! You Can’t Drink Just Six!!!

    thats all the auto reply will say.


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