Again, it probably won’t get too much use, but since I already run the chat room for another site of mine, , which keeps you updated on all that is going on with the SAW horror movies, I figured I’d post it here so people can talk about Cloverfield there too. It’s basically just a general movies room so talk about whatever. It uses Meebo and anyone can access it after the jump.

UPDATE: Chat room moved to after the jump so that it wasn’t cluttered with people just browsing the site.

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  1. Nerf Dianamo

    I’m not sure if anyone else has tried emailing the slusho website, so I just sent a generic message to customer feedback, and got an autoreply:’

    “Slusho! loves your mails!! You Can’t Drink Just Six!!!”

    No signature, nothing. Thanks bunches, but I can’t help but think that eventually the email capability will be important or I don’t think they would put it up.

    Oh well. Maybe we’ll get some more clues soon and I’ll stop trying useless stuff like emailing the slusho webmaster. 😀

  2. Xyne

    I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there is almost nothing but arguments, swearing and the like going on in that chat window put up here.

  3. beelieve05

    ok, I’ve researched this a bunch and my best guess right now is that the movie is about revelation. In revelation it talks in verse 18:08 about fire coming out of the earth and the rest of the plagues that will strike that day. And also mentions all kinds of creatures coming out of hell near the end, not in that particular verse, some out of the river. could JJ Abrams have potrayed New york as the new Babylon. Another thing with the Slusho it says that you cant just drink 6. In the Bible 6 is incomplete and has a representation of evil.

  4. Colt

    lol, 12:23AM EDT = Dead Zone

    and if you didn’t know, GEDDY LEE IS THE MONSTER!! RWAR

  5. ok

    if you notice, if you click on one of the links where it tells the history of slusho if you hover over the kid it says slushozoom

    if you go to slusho zoom you get a page with wierd sentences and ramndom images with text. then if you go to hot bath you get another email adress…

    if you look up the page source it says this at the bottom Did the past ever exist, if there is no proof? Knowing Art by Name is not as important
    as knowing art by site. All is not as it appears.

  6. Colt

    a board doesn’t have “Looks” unless theres pictures or video of it, of which that board, which is obviously yours or someone you know, doesn’t have, so far no relation to 1-18-08, maybe to ethan haas, but since he isn’t part of this either…you do the math, oh and only 1 person has been posting and you’ve had that site up for a few days spamming it in this room, more math…

  7. Hollywood

    ok so for those of you who do not think ethan haas has nothing to do with the cloverfield movie. im pretty sure you are wrong. BECAUSE in the last puzzle i believe it was, you have to spell out “THEBEGINNINGISTHEEND” in the stars. thats exactly how the movie starts out. they find a video camera in the aftermath of the attack and press rewind. theres your proof that its all connected reguardless of what jj abrams stated.


  8. Robbie

    If you had a chance to read the new posts that are up on the T.I.D.O Wave website, there are clues as to what exact situation that Teddy is facing.

  9. Robbie

    Well, in one of those news post that Randy just made recently, he said that there were some T.I.D.O Wave members who were captured by Tagruato because of speaking out against them, “at coporate meetings, I guess”.

  10. Robbie

    I believe that, Teddy is strictly working undercover, while he is captured. Possibly secretly using computers on the base to FURTHER communicate with everyone! I believe this is one of the reasons why he can’t communicate with Jamie.

  11. Robbie


    Teddy: I really have to go to the bathroom! Could you excuse me for a second.

    assuming there are guards: Sure, just make it quick.

    Teddy: I gotcha

    Teddy: BAM! I’m now in the computer room, while no one else is around!

  12. Jessica

    this is very interesting, I have been reading all of your posts Robbie and Franky. Its interesting how our minds give us conclusions and how our imaginations run wild. Can’t wait for the movie to come out.

    By the way does anyone else feel the TEDDY recorded the video the day before he was captured and after sending it out, by stepping out of hidding to take the package to the post office, that is when he was captured? Could “the internal source” have warned TEDDY that they were going to come for him to silence him? What is the REAL reason ROB is supposed to be going to JAPAN? Where there any more items in the box JAMIE opened, seeing as to how the last thing she took out was the voice recorder before she threw it? and lastly whats on the rest of the tape TEDDY sent to JAMIE before she stopped it?

    Sorry for all the questions its just that my mind is going crazy and Im just looking for some answers.

    Feel free to leave yur opinions.

  13. Robbie

    Try, reading some of the comments left on T.I.D.O Wave. Those are the only leads that I think, might be helpful as of right now.

  14. admin

    Robbie: the TIDO Wave comments can be left by anyone, I wouldn’t pay much attention to them.

  15. Robbie

    Yeah, thats true, but the one I saw with Teddy was a bit different. It was very detailed and is VERY similar to the message that he gave to Jamie. Plus, it was posted a few days before video #5 was uploaded.

  16. Robbie


    I have to believe that some of those comments are apart of the promotion strategy. Just think, if the website itself is a tool for the movie, some of those comments have got to be pretty suspicious. And a few of them seem to be VERY suspicious!

    I take it that you are the owner of Cloverfield News. Can you do me the honor and delete any negative message that I have posted. I would appreciate it greatly, if you could. Thanks

  17. j532

    I just saw it 2 days ago and i was saerching online and they are already talking about a second one. I’ve got a great idea for this movie, They make the how thing a triogy. The next movie should be about a diffrent group of people but there record starts after clover already hits.It could be told by a handy cam or the nomal way. they’re not trying to get to anyone else they are just trying to get out of the city. And they have more runins with the parasites. thats it for that movie i don’t to make tomuch of my own movie. and for the third movie it fallows the military so that the fans can learn more about clover and the parasites. maybe even haw clover made it to earth or if she is a government project gone arye. if anybody reads this who knows how to contact anyone for the film please e-mail me at


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