HUGE UPDATE: Click here for a hi-res image of the poster, no more of this blurry cell phone crap.

Alright you guys be the judge of this one. Over at the unifiction forums, a user has claimed to see a poster that could be for “cloverfield/1-18-08” or is the title actually MONSTROUS. The author said they saw the poster at a booth that sells collectors posters and such, its in between a transformers poster and something else 30 Days of Night poster. And at the top it says MONSTROUS and on the bottom right corner it says “1-18-08” and the main picture is the statue of liberty missing it’s head with New York in the background. Seems pretty convincing to me, although I’m not sure if that is the title or just a tag line being used for the movie, check out the pictures below. They are extremely blurry due to being taken from a cell phone camera, but you can still make out most of the stuff.

UPDATE: projectcloverfield thinks it’s a possibility that the poster is being sold at Frank and Son’s

UPDATE 2: According to a few people the poster that used to be visible at Frank and Son’s has since been removed and in its place are posters advertising Comic-Con and G4…. Interesting.

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  1. BK

    This is bogus… I’m a manager at a local movie theatre and we get posters (1-sheets) all the time, sometimes for releases 6-8 months in advance. I’ve never seen or heard of anything with this title… I’m looking into Paramount’s exhibitor relations site to double check. I’ll post an update when I find out

  2. admin

    Well, keep us notified if you find anything. I don’t know if the fact that the movie is being kept so secret has anything to do with you guys not getting the posters, but who knows, the movie is still quite a few months away and I think they were gonna release the first poster at comic-con this week. So I’m sure they didn’t want theaters to leak the poster before hand. But of course I’m not sure if it’s real or not, just giving people stuff to talk about, thanks for the comment.

  3. Kristen

    Holy crap. Frank and Sons is literally RIGHT DOWN THE STREET from where I work. They’re not open today, but Wednesday. I’ll get over there on my lunch break.

  4. BRob

    Screw that, go break in and find out lol. We can’t wait that long…

  5. BK

    I’m still in the process of looking into it, no luck yet. But I wanted to say that it is very very rare for a 1-sheet to hit retail before the production company or distributor releases a teaser or final design. I’ve never even heard of that happening, especially with a mainstream release. My guess is that this 1-sheet is fan-made and whoever made it is trying to cash in on the opportunity.

  6. nooneimportant

    yeah i have a bunch of friends who work at the movies, i ask them what posters they have all the time
    paramount would never put a poster out for retail before even the theatres have it. its bogous. i’m sure
    it will be debunked soon.

  7. dave

    I call plant on both items, neither is clear and who in this day and age has such a crappy camera.

  8. Bumblebee

    As someone who works in NYC, I will tear down any poster I see of a decapitated Statue of Liberty. That sucks. Fuck this movie.

  9. BK

    Help spread the word that if *ANYONE* finds a copy of this poster before a final design is released, to do whatever it takes to look at the back. If the poster has a solid white back, it’s most likely a fake. Genuine movie posters will be printed double sided, with the mirror image of the front side on the back. Indy distributors will sometimes use the solid backs simply for cost reasons but it’s virtually unheard of for a major studio to do that.

  10. Jay S.

    “It?s a cell phone camera? and i know a lot of camera phones that look absolutely horrible if you don?t hold them completely still.”

    Still, I can’t possibly believe that the photo would be that blurry if the item was truly out for sale. It’s not like the customer had to hurry and sneak in a shot before the shop owner found out.


  11. Jared Leto

    This poster was made just in time for….. the Comic Con and Wizard World. Mystery Solved

  12. freddyfox

    Holy Crap. Are you really Jared Leto? If not, strange username. If so, I liked Prefontaine. And Rock on Bumblebee. Do we really need to see NYC or the Statue of Liberty messed up , AGAIN?? That whole ” lets really shock em and destroy the Statue of Liberty” thing is first of old WAY OVERUSED. I ve seen it in at least 10 movies. AND ITS DISRESPECTFUL. I bet they never even show the monster anyway. Its all for hype. People will go to see what the monster is and youll never get a clean shot.

  13. Jared Leto

    yeah this is really jared leto and everyone who reads this should head down to their nearest Fye and pick up my 30 seconds to mars Album.
    back to Cloverfield, i hope they dont show us the monster and just mess with our heads with loud noises and the sound of people getting crushed as it moves way down soho. i hope they do this right, like the blair witch.

  14. Abe Lincoln

    Excuse me.. like the blair witch? The hype about it was better than the movie,
    I think you meant: Lets hope they do this right and don’t turn it into another blair witch.
    If you are really Jared Leto, well.. what the fuck.. I really liked how you took that beating in FightClub. Great. Your music-video mimicking Kubrick’s ‘The Shining’ was awful though.

    Yeah well, movies.. not fucking films.

  15. admin

    The Blair Witch Project was an amazing overall film. Not much replay value, but I thought it was incredible. The movie is only being compared to The Blair Witch Project because it uses the same style of using home video cameras to tell the story. Although I would compare it more to Cannibal Holocaust where we see the footage being found via normal movie style at first, then the rest of the movie is the actual footage fround on that camera.

  16. mrphy42

    Abrams said that would not be the title at comic con, but that poster was distributed there as a teaser. He said it was time we had our own (American) line of monster movies, and this was the start.

  17. hank13

    i think i found out what the hell it is…………its godzilla 2 (american godzilla) look at the claw marks

  18. leto 2011

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