This came up in the chatroom and I hadn’t heard this theory yet, but it seems like a good one.

Check this out from wikipedia:

“As a result of an arctic nuclear test, a fictional carnivorous dinosaur known as the Rhedosaurus thaws out of the ice and starts making its way down the east coast of North America. It arrives in New York where it manages to destroy most of Coney Island before finally being killed.”

The thawing out, definitely relates to the Slusho stuff, and obviously the New York stuff. And they were shooting stuff at Coney Island in the last week or 2. Damn, this sounds like a pretty good theory to me. It has more relevance than some of the other ones I’ve heard.

Wikipedia Page

I just purchased the movie from Amazon so I’m gonna check it out in a few days. You can get it at the link below.

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  1. mikeW

    Just wanted to chime in and say I looked over some sites about this film, and I definitely agree it seems like the best theory so far – furthermore, since a lot of people have been enjoying playing with numbers, some might find this interesting too: according to this site — — the original film was released January 1st, 1953 – and if you add up the digits in 1953 : 1 + 9 + 5 + 3 = 18..and then the original film debuted January 1st..well there you have your January 18. Maybe looking too deep, but found it interesting nonetheless.

  2. GBGames

    Actually, how could it be? It’s not supposed to be a remake, right?
    But now I have one more classic monster movie to watch. Thanks! B-)

  3. admin

    Another thing, in that poster they make it a point to show the “It’s alive” thing, and they do the same thing in the trailer with the dialogue… I think this is a pretty good theory here. Even if it’s not a straight up remake of this movie it definitely has it’s roots in it.

  4. Xyne

    Unless they increased the size of the Rhedosaurus from the original movie by a LOT it would be very difficult for something only over a hundred feet to reach the top of the statue of liberty’s head which is about 250 feet up. Course the Rhedosaurus in the movie was re-designed four times so it could be again with ease.

  5. Xyne

    Just looked at the poster. You’re right about the “It’s alive!” It makes a very strong argument for it.

  6. ballin

    yoo but this is a warner bros movie…n cloverfield is paramount how does tht work =S

  7. Jim Foley

    I have been thinking about this. I don’t really think that the monster is the Beast from 20,000 fathoms. I believe the talk about this being a “new monster”. However, the movie was clearly inspired by the Beast from 20,000 fathoms and the inclusion of “It’s alive” in the trailer is an homage to Beast. It is interesting that the Beast from 20,000 fathoms is credited as the first movie that featured a monster awakend by a nuclear explosion.

  8. Orange

    I completely agree. The movie is suppose to be brand new creature, something we haven’t seen before. The Beast is a perfect match. I wouldn’t say that Cloverfield movie is a remake of this film but if for sure has its roots in cloverfield. Another thing is that alot of “giant monster movies” – like “it came from the deep” and the likes all usually featured a bunch of people running in a major city. So perhpas Cloverfield is based on all those movies. A modern day monster movie based off of old black and white monster movies. The cloverfield trailer was almost a mirror image of the poster from “The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms” (except for the monster not being there) But the feel, its Alive!, and people running through the streets of NYC. I think the FEEL of the movie will be like the old black and white monster movies, however the story and depth of cloverfield will be much more vast than the old black and white movies.

    A good find for sure. I think we are on the right page.

  9. Animalihb

    This theory is the best i’ve heard so far: In the IMDb page, you can find the tagline of the 1953’s version is: “It’s Alive”… JJ said the best clues we could find in the trailer was the quote “I saw it, it’s huge, it’s alive”… We have something here!

  10. leonard

    You all are focusing on the wrong thing “its alive” an a varition of ithas been used in multiple movies. I have solve the riddle and i will give another clue. ” Alive” was used in a similar type movie, but the real answer to some of the number clues are in the poster.

  11. Harker Wade

    I have read that J.J.’s new monster movie is an original “property” or idea and not a remake but as anyone knows there are no original ideas in the giant monster/kaiju movie genre. The Monday following the release of the trailer I wrote on that it was most llikely a “re-imagining” of Beast From 20000 Fathoms but maybe with a twist; after all, it is a J.J. Abrams project. But a couple of days later I visited (may or may not be affiliated with the picture} and clicked on a link that took me to the IMDB site for the classic Toho 1971 movie War of The Gargantuas. I immediately posted at Aintitcool my revised theory of Abrams’ movie taking elements from both Beast and Gargantuas hence all of the deep sea references, the biology web sites, the how to make cheese web site, the bazooka Wiki site, and on and on. I am convinced we are going to see a film about the basic battle between good and evil. “In the beginning there was more than one to inherit the wind.” “One overcame the other.” Those quotes off reference a a conflict between two entites for possession of the a certain destiny. The earth perhaps? During the street scene in the trailer someones runs by yelling “Where’s destiny? Has anyone seen destiny?” Hmm. Whose? The human race’s or the furious, monstrous, collosal, terrifying beasts destroying N.Y? Has anyone else been receiving the cryptic emails like “So sorry. Collosus. More to come,” the one about the bazzooka and “Please don’t stand there.” ? Anyway, Beast and Gargantuas share many similarities: the creatures (except one) are from the sea. in the Beast they use science to kill the monster but in Gargantuas science creates the monster. It has to be a combination of both those movies with J.J. somehow making the concept his own. This post is rambling. Gotta go.


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