It’s not a monster at all, it’s GEDDY LEE from the band Rush. Check out for obvious proof that this is the monster they are keeping so secret.

Look here he is throwing the statue of liberty’s head!

obviously its a joke, I figured with all the serious talk about the movie and posters I’d throw in a little humor. The site is very well made/thought out, check out the pictures of Geddy compared to the pictures, genius!

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  1. Could it be??

    Come on…everybody knows the monster isn’t Geddy…

    It’s TROGDOR.
    I will support my theory:
    1) Trogdor is a man…er dragon man…er maybe just a dragon. Some people have claimed to have seen dragon/man/dragonman shaped things in the smoke.
    2) Burninating—there is a lot of burninating going on…that cannot be denied.
    3) The Trogdor comes….in the NIIIIIIIGHT. It’s night when the trailer happens.

    So there you go. Trogdor. Burninating NYC. You heard it here first.


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