So apparently I shouldn’t have gone to sleep last night because a lot of stuff happened. Actually not a lot of stuff, just a photoshop of what someone thinks the blurry poster looks like. Someone took a look at the blurry shots that I posted yesterday and tried to recreate the poster, however for some reason they changed the “title/tagline” at the top to read “Apocalypse”. It’s a good attempt at recreating the blurry photos, but it’s obviously not the same poster at all. There is also an image floating around that supposedly shows this fake poster out in the real world. Obviously someone just took the hi-res photoshop, and put it on top of another poster and blurred it, not too hard to do. But anyways, click the jump (more link below) for obvious proof the image below is a fake.

Ok so time to debunk the poster above, even though it’s pretty obvious it’s fake. I put together the image below with red boxes and numbers to show what is different about the picture compared to the spy shot I posted yesterday, I know there are more differences these are just the main ones I figured made my point. I’ll post my explaination of the numbers, then the pictures so you can see what I’m talking about. Now I understand the studio could change the title/tagline but they aren’t going to redesign the entire poster and just change a few angles and smoke, at least I don’t think they would. If they were going to redesign, I think they’d change it completely, but we’ll see.

1. The title, is obviously different, whether or not MONSTROUS is the title/tagline, its obviously changed on this picture.

2. The statue of liberty is at a different angle in this picture, you can’t even see the bottom of the torch in her hand, which is blatantly visible in the blurry spy picture.

3. The breakage is different in the 2 pictures. In the blurry spy shot you can clearly see part of the gown the statue is wearing, sticking up by the neck and there are different points broken off by the head.

4. That building isn’t even on the other poster.

5. The smoke and the buildings are completely different. There’s no smoke coming out of the buildings in this image as in the blurry one, and some of the buildings are taller.

6. Clouds are obviously different between the pictures.

and here is the spy picture I posted yesterday for comparison.

and for shits and giggles, the fake poster being fakely presented in a theater setting. And if you look at this one, I believe the red light thing at the top would be causing a reflection on the glass over the poster (like most theaters have) rather than just over the edges of the picture frame.

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  1. Lord of this world

    Thanks for the break down. With that being said IF the title of this move is really ” Monstrous ” I’m going to be really let down…thats pretty fricken weak!

  2. Colt

    heres a small detail i just noticed that many probably won’t, but where the SOL head is broken off, the one in the fake is small breaks while the supposed movie one from the shop has a few big breaks

  3. admin is not affiliated officially with the studio. The guy who owns the domain posted here and let us know.


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