Gotta give it up to those guys at the unfiction forum, they are really on top of this poster thing. Username: luwho1234 made his way back over to the Frank And Sons Collectible Show and Snapped a much better picture of the poster. And yes that is the Paramount logo in the bottom right corner next to the date.

UPDATE: Just to clear a few things up, just my opinion, but in the upper left people are claiming to see something in that discolored area, honestly I think the discoloring is a reflection of lights on the ceiling in the building. There is plastic covering the poster so reflections are going to appear. I also think this is causing the swirling effect you see elsewhere on the poster. However, I do believe those are ripples or a wake in the water on the bottom right leading into an explosion in the city. You can also see a tail or claw over the shoulder of the statue. Thanks for all the comments guys, keep em coming. Sorry about the time between posting comments and actually appearing on the site, spammers suck so I gotta weed through them. But don’t worry I’ll approve every comment as long as you’re not spamming other sites.

UPDATE 2: Ok, apparently there is a much higher res image courtesy of so make sure you check them out, they have some good articles. But anyways, in the higher res image without as many reflections you can clearly see the ripples/wake leading to the buildings, as well as what Ithought was a claw/tail is actually just another chunk missing from the statue. There is a link below the image here to the higher res version.


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  1. halfgerman

    Why hasn’t anyone bought this? Even if it turns out to be fake, which I don’t think it is, it’s an amazing poster.

  2. admin

    I’m trying to get a hold of the guy that took the picture to see if he bought it and if not, if I can pay him to go back and buy it for me.

  3. Mike

    Does anyone besides myself and one of my friends notice that there’s something in the water swimming away from the statue, towards the city? (Bottom right corner)

    Also, my friend said there are claw marks on the back of the statue, but I don’t see them.

    Just some thoughts.

  4. Mel

    Poster are not usually made until the Post Production period or the Production period…this is unusaul for it to be out so early, although this could be a ploy by Paramount or someone is really good with photoshop and placing a logo down below…but who knows…only the shadow knows!

  5. Orange

    HA! I was just going to post that. Yes there seems to be a rather large wake going from the statue to the buildings.
    So whatever this creature is, its amphibious.

  6. No

    That is not an amphibious creature, it looks like a distorted reflection of the buildings in the background. The light matches up way too well.

  7. Alizia

    Perhaps I’m looking too hard…

    Does anyone else see it? If I stare real close, I see a pair of wings, a tail, and a head that seems to be breathing that fire. Kinda looks like a dragon or similar beast.

    But I dunno, like I said, perhaps I’m just looking too hard.

  8. Nick

    there is a face on the poster too, in the background, blended in, like eyes or something

  9. Nick

    its like a face or something, two eyes definitely, almost looks like an animal

  10. wfawf

    well of course its amphibious, if this monster wants to destroy the world HE will have to swim GOD

  11. Buho

    Well looks like this supports the idea of the 3 monsters (a flying one, a sea one and a land one). My eyes might just be playing tricks as the photo is taken through some glass:

    1) There looks like a glow of perhaps something behind the clouds above the statue of liberty (just below the letters MONS).

    2) There’s the possible wake of something under the water

    3) Look at the 2 biggest buildings above the “01-18”. Doesn’t it look like something big (and a bit round) has pushed through them?

  12. admin

    Nick: I think you’re seeing a reflection from the lights overhead hitting the plastic covering the poster. This is also causing the “swirling” effect you see.

    I would also say there is definitely a wake in the water or ripples on the bottom right headed towards the city, as well as a claw or tail hanging over the shoulder of the statue.

  13. Pinoy Metal Fan

    You guys might want to look at this version from the girl who actually took the photo. The photo in this page and the photo link I posted are from the same woman who has a site at

    There is a 4-fingered claw mark in the back of Lady Liberty, and there are swirl marks on the water, suggesting the monster swam and is on land. There is also another claw mark on one of the buildings. Not a single hint of what the monster looks like is in the poster.

    They say this is a stolen poster and the lady that owns the place may get prosecuted for this. I’d like to know if there’s any truth to that.

  14. admin

    Thanks Pinoy,

    I had already posted a link to that same image underneath the image above and linked back to her blog.

  15. Rachel

    Whatever it/they was, it’s FAST! There’s still debris hanging in the air around the SoL’s missing head… and nothing else but a wake in the water…

  16. Brian

    The movie is definitely NOT called “Monstrous”…I have that confirmed. I do have more details–Cthulhu, anyone?

  17. Timothy brown

    Ok im not sure about a lot but i doubt it has anything 2 do with cathulu . I mean if i`ts gonna compete with godzilla on any level it`s gotta be something new and amazing

  18. Timothy brown

    buy iam stoked about the movie i work at the local cinema and it was all we employees talked about for days jj had better not let us down america`s pride is on the line we do need our own giant monster and this maybe it

  19. Timothy brown

    dude on my examination of the pic i looked real closely at the 1st wrecked building looks like the beast went through the building then wrapped around cause i swear u can see the things head with it`s mouth open spiting fire may be im seeing things may be i`m not u look 4 ur self

  20. Bernie

    The whole swirly up portion of the picture is a city street with some running or scream while on the ground with the creature looming over him.

  21. Jade88

    WTF!!…all i have to say is when i say the preview when i saw transformers…… thoyught the who;le thing was………..*drum roll please*……………CRAP!!!!

  22. The Big O has a much clearer, digital pic of this poster. You can see claw marks on the Statue of Liberty.

  23. Hin

    Jade88….if you thought the preview was crap, then why are you on these websites, reading these posts?

  24. redhawk23

    Theres a decent picture of the poster on the wikipedia page for Project Colver feild

  25. Dan

    No offense but I don’t believe that it is the true poster for the movie. How many movie posters doesn’t show the information connected to the movie, i.e. director, writer, etc.?

  26. admin

    the poster was given away by paramount at comic con, it is the real poster

  27. leonard

    It is a wake of something flying above the water not in it. Waves would follow the wake. When pressure is put on top of water it leaves a smooth trail. When something is in the water it leaves waves in the trail. Last hint for Cloverfieldnews.

    PS: I have solved the riddle.

  28. Swift

    I believe that the swirls and what not on the poster are a map of a portion of the ocean floor.

  29. Matt

    It isnt a fake poster, if you go to they have the same picture up on their website without a name at the top and they also allow you to see the trailer. I remember at comic con JJ Abrams said “We need our own Godzilla” so idk if the frozen dinosaur rumors are true but from the looks of that claw mark on the shoulder of Lady Liberty this movie might possibly be about a alien type of dinosaur or something even cooler. Also it was released at comic con that Abrams said the filming was almost a wrap, and to expect more clues, posters, and another trailer. IDK when all of this will happen but on the 1-18-08 site the pictures are filppable now and they have writing on the back of them. Also the Slusho website has changed and they now have a store where you can buy slusho t shirts. If you go to the flavors section of the website you will see these different robots that look like japanese superhero robots from cartoons. IDK if that means anything but it sure is making me think

  30. rayven

    I think its more like “the end of the world” kind of a movie – like some biblical stuff…that would be a better movie rather than another monster movie…i think they are keeping it a secret so that the church guys, and other religious groups/people won’t find out and create controversey like the da vinci code did before it was released…coz its no point keeping the movie a secret unless it was gonna be controversial. don’t you think?

  31. ?Llems

    The picture is way too distorted to find out what it really holds. Go to and type in 1-18-08, the movie will come up. There is an undistorted poster. You can tell there is NO tail hanging over the SOL, and there is THREE claw marks on its back. Paramount obviously made the poster to make people think about what the monster is really going to look like. Oh and the Cthulhu Mythos theory was also debunked by JJ Abrams himself. Also, for the people that think their are 3 monsters, how could there be three monsters when there is only one path of destruction. I would also like to refer to leonard, he stated that it is something flying over the water and not in it. I would have to agree on that. The wake of the water would be much greater if something was in fact in the water. And thus I conclude my rant for the day.

  32. Colin

    I don’t t believe that it is something flying above. The perspective of the picture is far too angled for something to be flying THAT high and still project a thin, curving, shadow. I believe that it is nothing more than a photoshop rendering of New York’s skyline with the head edited off (you can tell its not a really great edit.. it just looks fake and unnatural on the breaks) and the wake doesn’t have to make sense, because its not real, it was someone’s interpretation. I figure stop trying to make pictures from something that’s not there. Its like the people that saw faces in the smoke clouds of 9/11. You’re imagining things. The monster is NOT in there, I guarantee you that. All you have to do is wait until something comes along further. Jeez…

  33. hank13

    there is nohting flying above the city but there is clawmarks on lady liberty i still will hang on to my thought on it bieng Godzilla 2 (american versoin) until ive found out what the dam movie really is

  34. hank13

    j.j. abram did say that he traveled to japan whith his son and when he went in the toy shop he said and saw all the Godzilla toys he said that amrica needs a Godzilla and if enyone here saw the first film the same clawmarks are on the japanese boat that are on SOL and he was also vary fast and agile (it looks like it went past the city FAST ive seen the poster clear at another site

  35. Belladonna

    This is the transcript of what Abrams said at Comic-Con:

    “This is going to be really, really quick,

    I just want to say, I want a monster movie.
    I want a great monster movie. I wanted a monster movie for so long.

    and, I was in Japan over a year ago with my son, who’s eight.
    and all he wanted to do was go to toy stores, so I know he’s my son.
    and we went to all these stores and there were still all these Gozillas everywhere
    and whats better than Godzilla?

    And I thought, we need our own monster, like we need a monster movie.

    And I thought not like King Kong. I love King Kong. King Kong is adorable.
    And Godzilla is a charming monster. We love Godzilla

    But I wanted something that was just insane, and intense.

    And so we started making this movie,
    and we’re making it for you right now, and it’s almost done shooting.
    And I watch dailies, and I’m more excited about the movie itself than the trailer,
    which has gotten an amazing response. I can’t thank you enough for that

    I would say that we have six months before this movie comes out, it’s a long time
    And so, in the coming months, you’re going to get a whole bunch of things:

    You’re going to get the real trailer
    You’re going to get the real poster
    You’re going to get to see the footage from the movie
    And You’ll get the real title
    I don’t give that today. But, I will give you today…

    [Croud aaaawwwwwwwws!]

    Oh COME ON! Please! You think we’d call it “Monsterous”? No.

    We have something for you, which is that we have these posters that are made that are really cool. A series of four posters that everyones is going to get, and I hope you like those too.

    I can not wait for January. You guys are the greatest. Thank you so much.”

    As you can see, nowhere does he say that America needs a Godzilla. He says we need “our own monster” movie. That to me implies that this is for sure NOT another Godzilla movie.

    Also, you can find a super hi-res version of the poster here:

  36. admin

    thanks Belledonna, I had posted a link to the transcript in another post, but nothing wrong with having it more than 1 place 🙂

  37. einah

    it’s not $75, it’s $15, silly!

    Is there a website/store where you can buy the poster?

  38. Kent

    Well Abrams denied that the title was “Monstrous” but I believe the picture is real.


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