wtfurexic just posted this on the forum something that I thought was actually interesting and kinda made sense so I thought I’d share it with all of you.

“I?ve become really addicted to learning more about this movie.
I?m afraid it might consume my summer vacation. :X

But I LOVE the thoery about the three beasts.
Okay, this is what I think.
So we all know that…
Behemoth = Earth
Leviathan= Water
Ziz= Air

If you ago to the SLUSHO! site the downloads section takes you to a page where the two kids are in the air possibly being a clue for Ziz.
On the homepage the kids are on the ground (Clue for Behemoth?).
& When you go to the History section it takes you to the kids swimming underwater. [Leviathan]”

I think the fact that the site has the 2 kids placed in all 3 environments is pretty interesting. I never actually noticed it before, I was so caught up with something being extremely hidden or code-like that maybe it was just sitting in front of us the whole time. Who knows, but I think it definitely could mean something.

I also re-watched the trailer again, and it may just be me looking for things now that I read this but in the trailer you hear 3 distinctive Growls or Roars, if you listen to them carefully, they almost all sound different. Hrmmm… but again, it could just be me hearing what I want to hear, but listen for yourself.

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  1. Dutch Master

    I’m for any theory that makes this movie out to be more than just some other Godzilla, “giant monster runs amuck in *blank* city”, story.

    That’s why I was hoping for the Lovecraftian twist on things. I think JJ Abrams wouldn’t do that to us though, but I still have my fingers crossed. I mean, “Monstrous”, as a movie title? Come on!

  2. Sean

    It also should be added that it would take at least two monsters to do the damage seen in the trailer. You got the statue of liberity head flying and damage going on in the city at the same time. A single monster couldn’t be at the Statue of Liberity and in the city at the same time.

  3. Solver

    if u see on the slusho site when u read the history it says he used a deep sea secret ingredient. maybe the ingredient was something of the monster i.e. its eggs or something. and that the discoverers mother was lost at sea looking for an ingredient. hmm… give u something to think about

  4. Chris

    I think 1 monster is totally plausable. If it’s HUGE…Could have always ripped the head off and carried it a while to toss at something.

  5. Mel

    Yeah..I agree. The first one is at the WTC Site and then a few seconds after, the head comes flying from the other side of the city. Also, Rob might have some involvement…notice his expression as everyone rushes to the window and he turns away….he has the, “Oh Shit, I know what that was” look on his face. Might be nothing but his body language says something…

  6. Joe

    I’m considering something… and I apologize for thinking too much about this…

    Looking at that License Plate seen near the end of the trailer:

    ABZ 3293

    I looked into the ancient Greek alphabet… LAMBDA, Λ of course, originally took the form of an inverted V, or an A without the center horizontal stroke… Before taking the form of our beloved L, when it hit Latin.

    Taking that into consideration, one might see the:


    as initials for:

    (Λ) Leviathan

    Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

    Now… we need to overzealously dissect the 3293….

  7. Carpenter

    I like this theory ALOT. although, i was reading one website the other day that suggested an alien(s) from some article in a newspaper in new york. I am really psyked about this movie and i hope i dont get let down. everyday when i get home from work i search the websites and look for anything new. IM personally going with the idea that it is totally original. WE NEED ORIGINAL. I do not believe it is Godzilla, or something that has been done. I think the noise that “the parasite” makes is quite awesome. and that just struck another thought……most “official” reports are calling the monster THE PARASITE….not the PARASITES…..referring to one, so i think the 3 monster theory may be shot down, but i do still like it, that would be a great movie. Keep on with the updates….loving it…layter

  8. HighTyde

    Does anyone else see the resemblance of a T-Rex in the high-res version of the Monstrous Poster?

    I have a feeling it’s gonna be a dinosaur flick… call me crazy.. but after some photoshopping…

  9. Mel

    You know, I bet JJ Abrams is sitting back and probably getting a kick out what every one is doing to find out what this movie is about.

    When everyone is thinking one thing about the movie, it’ll turn out to be something totally different…lol..

  10. Orange

    The creature would be amphibious, look at the wake on the poster. Going from the statue to the city. Interesting theory about the 3 monsters and the A – B – Z Theory.

    I have a feeling we are going to see more images. The only reason that there might be this poster right now is because we can relate the poster to the trailer we all saw. So perhaps when more trailers comes out, more posters will come out themed around the trailer. There truly may be 3 monsters.

    However, seeing the 1 single wake on the poster and the explosion in the city kind of shows 1 giant creature that ripped off the head and headed its way to the city, thus the big explosion. Once again though, there may still be more monsters. Maybe a different poster and trailer for every monster??

  11. Eric

    Thank you for putting my post on here. ^_^

    I love Joe’s theory.

    This is so time consuming, but it’s so interesting.
    I can’t help myself. D:

  12. Eric

    Also, I remember reading on Jason Windsor’s blog that Beheomoth could have caused the Earthquake because it’s element is ground.
    Leviathan could have caused the explosion because it can breath fire and Ziz may have blown off the statue’s head because it is in the air.


  13. Halfazedninja

    Ok, to me it’s all adding up:

    1. I also heard 3 different roars in the trailer. So 3 monsters
    2. The kids/SLUSHO environments.
    3. Comic-con is this week, lot’s of comic and videogame fans

    I’m really, REALLY thinking that it’s Rampage. George, Lizzy and Ralph. It will all be out in the open in the next couple of days! *Fingers Crossed*

  14. theory

    i’m not discrediting the 3 monster theory, however, there is no Ziz in the old testament (i can’t believe nobody has mentioned this yet). leviathan and behemoth are there, but ziz is not.

  15. Buho

    I just posted this on the wrong article but it suits this one better:

    Well looks like this supports the idea of the 3 monsters (a flying one, a sea one and a land one). My eyes might just be playing tricks as the photo is taken through some glass:

    1) There looks like a glow of perhaps something behind the clouds above the statue of liberty (just below the letters MONS).

    2) There?s the possible wake of something under the water

    3) Look at the 2 biggest buildings above the ?01-18?. Doesn?t it look like something big (and a bit round) has pushed through them?

  16. Atheose


    There’s a super high-res image of the poster. If you zoom in on the buildings on the bottom-right you can clearly see 3 claw marks in one of the buildings. I hate to sound trollish, but Cthulhu has 3 fingers (and a thumb): [url][/url]

  17. Cifty Fent

    this really could be a movie abot that 3 monsters , but when i thought about the aliens. could this also be a half life movie?

  18. Joe


    Good point… But even though it may not be an orthodox Jewish belief, the Ziz has been a part of Jewish legends and fairy tales. Perhaps they were a part of JJ’s upbringing? Was there a Ziz under little Jeffrey Jacob’s bed?

  19. Joe

    I’ve listened to the monster sounds… and there is a similarity to them all… a distinctive trumpety, nasally, exhaling howl at the end of each one that trails off. With each of the three howls, it seems to hit the same pitch. See if you hear it:

    Growl 1
    Growl 2
    Growl 3

    I think the Threetures idea is VERY cool, but these growls could go either way!

  20. clownnation

    Ive been posting this on various blogsites for about a week and a half now, But I noticed something that helps supports the Behemoth, Leviathan, Ziz theory. On the Slusho History page, if you mouse over the fish, it is thinking about cheese, which rymes with Ziz. The donkey is thinking about a blue oven mitt which sort of sounds like Behemoth. (with a little word play) I havent found a word assosiation for Leviathan yet…

  21. clownnation

    Also, if you listen closely to the first roar (turn it up) you can hear a voice, that I believe is saying Behemoth. In an interview, one of the people involved with this movie said one of the most important clues about the film is in the roar….

  22. Rachel

    I like the 3 monster theory, however, they say “It’s alive!” not “They’re alive”… (which seems like an unnatural observation on it’s own — but was probably scripted to give us information vs. being necessarily the natural thing to say). Also, he chose the codename Cloverfield, and the domain registrar phone number is to the Clover Field airport. If it’s three monsters, and one is “air”, I don’t think it would occur to him to use a codename that favored on of the three.
    Personally, my money’s on one super fast, debris leaving, wake-making, flying monster.

  23. Joe

    There is some Kanji that appears for a split second on the Slusho site, before the home page loads… A string of characters that is repeated across what would become the menu bar on the drill-downs… It could just be some XML-to-Flash parsing mumbo jumbo…

    Can anyone translate?

  24. Joe

    Haha! I just realized that as well… sorry about the repost… feel free to delete the above!

  25. Shafaluta

    If the monster make a huge explosion, it will be very likely to godzilla powers… and the movie has japonese conection the character will go to japon and the slusho page… and a few time ago i hear something of a godzilla remake, well the other godzilla remake was a shity movie… a sry the ortography i’m chilian… chao!

  26. Mike

    Everyone agrees that Monstrous is a shitty name for this hyped of a movie – any speculation/ideas on what a good name would be? Let’s assume it’s a 3-monster flick.

  27. admin

    I don’t agree, i think that title is fine. Why would a movies hype have anything to do with the title?

  28. Eric

    It’s not Gozilla.
    It’s been confirmed that it’s not a remake.
    Beside I think some other film company owns the right to Godzilla and it is on hold until like 2013 or something.

  29. Matt

    I thought for a moment that this theory would connect with the posters with separate taglines. However, there’s supposed to be four taglines (MONSTROUS, FURIOUS, FEROCIOUS, and BARBAROUS). Maybe a fourth monster?

  30. Joznva

    clownnation, if what your said was true about an important clue being in the roars, has anyone tried to play the roars backwards and see if they say anything, try stringing them together to from a phrase?

  31. Jack

    I think there are three monsters because on the slusho site on the history section, the donkey is thinking about a blue oven mitt, and how, erm, someone ( i forgot who and couldn’t find their post) pointed out, with a little word play, blue oven mitt=behemoth, the fish is thinkin about cheese, which rhymes with Ziz, and the whole page is underwater. Leviathan! Definitley 3 monsters. Lol, watch it be like “The Teletubbies: The Movie!” That would be hilarious! But nvm that. what do you guy think about that history page thing?

  32. Nick

    OMG the roars almost made me pee my pants anyway i was listneing to them (backwards and forwards) and after hearing them for the upteenith time i now swer that in the first roar u can hear it sounding out behemoth like this beeeeheeemotthhh kinda like that in the third roar it kinda sounded out like leviathan 2nd roar i havent herd ziz but it may just be my ears playing tricks on me

  33. Joe

    Interesting, Nick.

    Still considering the threeture-feature thing, you could look at (and this is stretching it even moreso) the different events or “attacks” as similar signs of three unique creatures.

    Behemoth / Earth / 01 – Ground shakes violently. The two later attacks didn’t affect the ground with that much force.

    Ziz / Air / 02 – Everyone flees fire from the sky.

    Leviathan / Water / 03 – Miss Liberty gets the heads up from her small island in the middle of the bay.

    I’m going to be sore in the morning from THAT stretch.

  34. ty3

    This was my theory he just said it in a blunt way not giving the big details.

  35. admin

    Do you have more details ty3? I’d be happy to post them up top as well, even though I think JJ debunked the 3 monsters theory already, still fun to read.

  36. TB1000

    In the history section of the slusho site the jellyfish now shows a hammer when you click on it.

    Jellyfish – Hammer
    Horse – oven mitt/glove
    Fish – cheese

    Also, you can click on the crab and it changes expressions but I haven’t noticed the story changing according to the crab’s expression.

    we (i) am probably over analyzing every detail on that site but it’s something to think about.

  37. hank13

    at the moment i have two theorys
    theory 1:the three monster the three monster theory is really interesting because their are three roars and three posters that each say different names!!!!!

    theory 2:i am not saying its a remake but maybe its a sequal to the 1998 godzilla (american) and the roars are godzilla and another monster fighting!!!!!!!

  38. Chocolate

    I sat next to “Rob” “Slusho Shirt Guy” and the girl from the trailer at Rosario’s Pizza on Tuesday while they were filming on Orchard. I drunkenly asked them for info, but to no avail obviously. They were cordial though and gave me an autograph even thought I don’t know who any of them are.

    Aside from next Monday’s overnight shoot on sixth ave, I saw signs for “Cheese” on 5th ave in the 50s this week.

  39. Amsterdam

    Has anyone else mentioned that Leviathan is the name of the video game company in What About Brian (i’m embarassed I know this)- which is a JJ Abrams production?

  40. admin


    I don’t believe I’ve seen anyone mention that, thanks for that bit of info. I don’t watch What About Brian, but thanks. I found information all over google that says you are correct (just had be sure before I posted something) so again thanks for the info.

  41. Marty

    Ok, Im new to this campaign. just 4 hours ago I saw the trailer for this. so ive been looking at theories. the three monster theory sounds good. all three roars are distinctly different. whats more someone above mentioned Ziz not being in the old testament and that was concurred by another member who stated that Ziz was a Jewish legend. Heres my addition to this theory. A clue I believe in the Slusho website and release date of the film! here it is………………………………………………..You cant drink just six!

    why is this registered trademark? maybe because if you take the release date and mathematically dissect this slogan it gives you the letter Y…….I………D.
    take the first letter, the eighteenth and the eighth. Yid is a Jewish slang word!
    somebody else had commented that Abrams would not give favor to one of the three monsters, but maybe the reason he is comes down to Ziz not being in the old testament. maybe Abrams is giving us a clue or platform to help us out!
    The release date i believe is the key to this film! the messages on the reverse of the photo’s on tie in to the release date somehow. its a mathematical code I am sure of it

  42. evin

    Hi, just noticed-
    the Fish is thinking of- cheese
    and what does paramount call the movie when they’re filming?….

  43. Nilz

    Hey guys, just reading over the interesting theories. Just thought I might add a bit.

    1) someone mentioned 4 possible monsters, thus 4 different possible headings for posters. If you go to slusho website and scroll over the droplets, you see a donkey (land animal), a bird (airbourne animal), fish (sea animal) and frog (amphibious animal) = possibly 4 monsters?

    2) The fish thing on Slusho website actually looks like a blue whale or sperm whale (stripes on belly). If you look up Leviathan on Wikipedia it mentions that:
    “The word leviathan has become synonymous with any large sea monster or creature. In the novel Moby-Dick it refers to great whales, and in Modern Hebrew, it means simply “whale”.”

    3) In the history section of Slusho website (where the different animals think about different things), if you click on the Crab it cycles through different expressions, from happy through to sad. There are four expressions, and there has been mention somewhere about possible alternative endings being shot, and four poster titles (hence four possible crab expressions from happy through to sad ending?)

    4) Behemouth, Leviathan and Ziz we have creatures representing 3 of the 4 elements (earth, water and air). What about the 4th element FIRE? Possibly 4 monsters? Many theologions consider Yahweh to be a fire deity, who was depicted as a serpent. (refer to exodus where moses is commanded by Yahweh to raise a bronze serpent on a column to cure the hebrews of the snake bites afflicting them, the bronze serpent is mentioned throughout the OT. In the teaser, people are running from fire.

    5) The Slusho story is set in Honshu. Honshu is the largest island of Japan. According to Wikipedia Honshu is “Mountainous and volcanic” and “Honsh? has frequent earthquakes. The highest peak is the active volcano Mount Fuji at 3,776 m, which makes it the world’s 7th highest island. There are many rivers, including the Shinano River, Japan’s longest. The teaser shows groundshaking earthquake (one monster), fire (hence volcano?) (two monsters) and Liberty Statue (thus water, and River or island link) (three monsters)

    Just somethings to think about

  44. Nilz

    “Scramble Network reports that just yesterday a Matisse painting was posted on what is called Noriko Yoshida?s Web Page at Kobe University. The painting?s title can be translated as ?The Beasts of the Sea.? This is interesting as well. It is also interesting that the Japanese URL has NY NY contained in the domain”

  45. Nilz

    On the Slusho website, one of the characters says “Slusho is Bloop!”. If you google Bloop, it shows many hits regarding the same thing. The Wikipedia entry for Bloop is particularly interesting. It says that Bloop is the name given to:

    “an ultra-low frequency underwater sound detected by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration several times during the summer of 1997. The source of the sound remains unknown.
    The sound, traced to somewhere around 50° S 100° W (South American southwest coast), was detected repeatedly by the Equatorial Pacific Ocean autonomous hydrophone array, which uses U.S. Navy equipment originally designed to detect Soviet submarines. According to the NOAA description, it “rises rapidly in frequency over about one minute and was of sufficient amplitude to be heard on multiple sensors, at a range of over 5,000 km.” Though it matches the audio profile of a living creature, there is no known animal that could have produced the sound. If it is an animal, it would have to be, reportedly, much larger than even a Blue Whale, according to scientists who have studied the phenomenon.The site of the Bloop is remarkably close to the site of the fictional city of R’lyeh from H. P. Lovecraft’s 1926 short story “The Call of Cthulhu”, where an ancient undersea monster (Cthulhu) lies sleeping. Lovecraft said that R’lyeh is located at 47°9?S, 123°43?W in the southern Pacific Ocean, with the bloop also being targeted somewhere in that range”

    Wikipedia also has a link to hear the Bloop recording, which sounds a lot like the roar heard in the teaser trailer. Also, JJ Abrams mentioned that the clue is in the roar, so there seems to be a possible link to the Bloop recording.

    Also, if you type in, it takes you to the NOAA acoustic monitoring websit, which has some info about the Bloop recording, and a link to hear it. Cloverfield based around the Bloop?

  46. Nilz

    “A monster of vaguely anthropoid outline… with an octopus-like head whose face was a mass of feeler… a scaly, rubbery-looking body… long, narrow wings behind… somewhat bloated corpulence… squatted evilly on a rectangular block or pedestal covered in undecipherable characters… tips of the wings touched the back edge of the block… long, curved claws of the doubled-up, crouching hind legs gripped the front edge… huge forepaws which clasped the croucher’s elevated knees… abnormally lifelike… subtly fearful…” H.P. Lovecraft

    Lovecraft describing Cthulhu, a monster that can SWIM,FLY and WALK (i.e Water, air and earth) : One monster not three or more?

  47. chris

    In articles that i have read in interviews with jj abrams people is that the movie would focus one on larg monster and some smaller ones that will run lose in the city, the cthulhu theory supports this, here is some more info that lovecraft gave us: [edit] Star-spawn of Cthulhu
    The star-spawn of Cthulhu, or Cthulhi, have a physical simility with Cthulhu himself, but are of far smaller size. This race arrived with him, but relatively little is known about them. On earth they built the city R’lyeh, which later sank in the ocean, and where they still dwell with Cthulhu. A few are rumored to have escaped this incident, and can be found in hidden places on earth.

  48. the legend continues

    those are good posts and good info. but no one has discuss that if their are three roars.. could it be three heads one body??? just a thought .. they are coming from the same directions and u dont see fireworks coming from differents sides.

  49. Craig

    Joe said, “I?ve listened to the monster sounds? and there is a similarity to them all? a distinctive trumpety, nasally, exhaling howl at the end of each one that trails off. With each of the three howls, it seems to hit the same pitch. See if you hear it:

    Growl 1
    Growl 2
    Growl 3

    I think the Threetures idea is VERY cool, but these growls could go either way!”

    The first growl, if it can be called that, sounds more like a bellow. It does sound nasal, like the call of a bull or ox. Someone mentioned it sounded like it says behemoth but I think it sounds more like lorain or norain. I have a lil laptop w/ no special modifications or programs, so I hear what every other normal person hears. Do you really think Abrams would make it so complicated that you’d need additional speakers, programs, equipment? This would prohibit normal people from being able to find something extensive hidden. The second growl, actually sounds like a growl as its uttered from the throat. The third growl is hard to distinguish and compare to something because it doesnt last long before it takes a backseat to the spinning head. After about 8 re-runs, the best animal i can compare it to is a calf bawl. I’m not saying its nasaly or anything, just that that’s the only animal I can find to compare it to. So, in conclusion, I still support the 3 creature movie.

    PS. the first roar, the one that sounds like an ox or bull, reminds me of the wikipedia site for these myths because behemoth is represented by an ox. Ironic?! Maybe


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