has an interesting article on how the poster got leaked. I’m not going to post the exact story (you can check out their site for that) but basically a woman who is known for selling movie posters and bootleg movies somehow stole the poster and was selling it at Franks And Sons. Apparently Paramount has already gotten to her and she’s probably going to get in some big trouble.

UPDATE: Earlier I had some information up here that was all speculation as to how the original hi-res pictures originated. One of my theories traced it back to a user on the unfiction forums, luwho1234, turns out this person has absolutely nothing to do with the vendor and was indeed just a fan taking pictures. I apologize to luwho, sorry for any backlash it may have caused.

*Note* – This is information that cloverfieldparasite gathered and as they also stated, it may or may not be true.

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  1. admin

    Godzilla also has 3 fingers and an offset “thumb” and so does The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms. I think we’re going to be looking at an original monster here based on all these old monsters.

  2. MeMyself&I

    I don’t see why everyone (meaning the three sites I’ve visited this morning) is so blah about the title. It seems like a pretty damned good one to me, whether it was leaked early or not. It fits the tone of the film, though I think that 1-18-08 would’ve been an even better one if for no other reason than to really slam the 9/11 comparison down peoples throats.

    My money is on an original monster, but I hope there is some actual back story and explanation in the film, beyond just the Alternative Reality Game. If it’s a monster coming after those who drink Slusho, the slushified people themselves, or just an Alien… I’m still on the edge of my seat, but more news better come fast before my short attention span has me drifting to some new phenomenon.

  3. admin

    Thanks for the comment MeMyself&I:

    I don’t believe I actually commented on the “title” here because I was waiting to see if it was actually the title or just a tagline, but personally I think its a pretty good title. But I get what you’re saying, alot of people don’t like it for some reason. The first thing a friend of mine said to me when I showed him the poster was “I really hope that’s not the title”… yet he didn’t have a real good reason for why it shouldn’t be the title. I’m with you, I think it’s short and catchy.

  4. Kristen

    Yeah, it should definitely be noted that the story may or may not be legit. I hope someone goes to Comic-Con and can confirm the story, maybe talk to the vendor and clear things up. The neighboring vendor told me the owner had gone off to the con.

  5. MeMyself&I

    Yeah, please try to update on comic-con asap. Sorry for the random name commentary, just seemed to fit here with the poster news. Good site, keep it up!

  6. groggo

    hey i think slusho is a means to deliver clues, and will not in any way be related to this film. anyone else agree with me? the thought that some illusive, sensationalized (albeit ficticious) company claims to have found the ingredient in the deep waters, to me doesnt add up. It wouldnt develop plot, nor would it be addressed through the eyes of these characters.
    onto the poster.
    it appears to be daylight at the time this scene is playing out, being january in NY the sun wouldnt be up till at least 7am or thereafter. at this very moment, so not to waste anyones time, i re-checked the poster and it’s got to be late afternoon or early evening in this shot (given the shadows on the buildings. If this poster turns out to be legit, JJ would have made sure these details were accurate.
    We need to have a good discussion regarding these details. Lets not wait around till 2pm to hear something.

  7. BK

    Nice find. No title, offset date and it appears no logo. But it seems that the design does revolve around a headless Statue of Liberty, and the one that popped up at Frank and Sons was either a fake or an early conception pawned off to cash in on the opportunity

  8. hank13

    if you go on you tube there is a guy claiming to know a friend who has a uncle working for paramount pictures his uncle cnfirmes it is Godzilla 2 i dont know if i believe him or not go see for yourself

  9. admin

    I’m pretty sure that guy is just being your typical youtube “jackass”. JJ Abrams confirmed that its their own monster, but he was inspired by going to Japan and seeing all the Godzilla stuff.


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