UPDATE: You can now click the image for a larger version.

EW.com just posted a new look at the poster. It doesn’t have any of the dust or reflections as the other although it’s obviously not hi-res like the others. It’s also missing the MONSTROUS at the top, which I’m guess that Paramount sent media outlets a version without the title so it wouldn’t leak, but I’m not sure. At least we know that the poster is real now, except we’re still a little up in the air on the title.

After looking again you can tell that this image is actually cropped right below where MONSTROUS appears on the other one and the spy shots actually crop off the bottom, which makes the date look like it’s in different places. Look at the clouds on the right, specifically the lighter ones, then go back and look at the spy pictures. And look at the bottom of the statue on each. The date is actually in the same place on both they are just cropped differently.

Thanks to Joe in the comments for letting us know about this. And thanks to everyone who continues to comments, love the theories. Don’t forget to head over to www.monstrousforum.com and talk in real time about whats going on with the movie.

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  1. admin


    yeah I posted a similar photoshop up a few weeks ago. I also posted screenshots from the trailer showing the 2 girls in the photo. Im 99% sure its 2 girls.

  2. BK

    I saved the image to check the dimensions and the EW image as it appears has a dimension of 2.5in wide by 3.33in tall. a standard movie 1-sheet is 27×40 but tends to fluctuate slightly from print to print. What this means is that the EW image fits almost that exact dimension. It’s actually a half inch wider and a mere 0.04 inches shorter if it were stretched to full size. So the EW version is most likely genuine. A teaser at that… I also wanted to point out the Frank and Son’s version’s lettering is very bright, a trait common in a solid white back. Most display cases are back-lit and the mirror image print process uses the light to highlight brighter spots like a title, credits, or dates, etc… The way these things go, we’ll see a final design about 2-3 months from release

  3. Dutch Master

    You guys read that it isn’t a movie about a parasite, or japanese robot?

    This is a good thing.

  4. BK

    Or it could be first look in the sense that this image is in fact real, whereas others thus far have been fake or speculation

  5. admin

    I knew it wasn’t a robot, and “the parasite” stuff came from the crew on the movie supposedly calling the monster the parasite… just another codename. So I’m not surprised by what’s in the EW article, but thanks for the comment.

    And yes, I am glad it’s confirmed it’s not some sort of robot, I would have been disappointed if that were the case.

  6. BK

    This article could be a fake! Mouse over “Jeff Jenson” and a bubble pops up, “Jeff Jenson, an EW senior writer, has been despondent since the cancellation of Twin Peaks.” Despondent, without hope. Curious how his initials are J.J. … i’m not gonna discredit the article, but it is rather interesting.

  7. matt

    if there is still debris falling from the statue of liberty (as you can see in the larger version of the poster) and downtown nyc is already wrecked, how fast can this “monster” move? it managed to rip the head of the statue, go through the river (as seen by the trail in the water), destroy lower manhattan, and somehow is nowhere to be seen. it’s just an observation.

  8. Justin

    Did any one notice the trail as if left by a boat going slow or something that goes right from the Statue of Liberty to the main point of destruction.


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