Thanks to Adam in the comments and  projectcloverfield for this, they thought of something that didn’t even cross my mind, probably because I don’t really use MySpace anymore. But it looks like Jamie Lascano, from the most recent picture has a myspace profile, and who are her only friends… thats right, other characters from the movie. Check em out. It looks like they could make these profiles now, then constantly update them with more stuff, pictures, comments back and forth, etc, to make them seem like real people, and then I bet the night the monster attacks some other friends start trying to find out if everyone is ok, via myspace something along those lines. Could be extremely cool, check it out.

Jamie Lascano

Rob Hawkins

Beth McIntyre

Lily Ford

Hudson Platt

Marlena Diamond

JJ Hawkins

There is a riddle on Rob’s comments from Beth “The Lights Go Out, The Man Cries, What Happened?” Any ideas?

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  1. Jordan

    After what happened at VT, I don’t think that they’d really try to utilize the method of trying to find each other via leaving comments on myspace–especially with this still pretty much “fresh.”

  2. Adam

    Well unless you were already working on this post before I put the information into the comment section of the following post.
    You’re welcome.
    But if you were working on it already, great.

  3. admin

    I was actually right in the middle of it Adam, but I do appreciate the comment, I can’t find all this stuff myself so thank you. And proper thanks given now in the post.

  4. Adam

    No worries. Damn, thought I had a real scoop for a minute. I’m trying not to get sucked into all of this but I’m slowly losing that battle.

  5. Kelly

    As for the riddle, its response in on the next persons page.

    “I heard this one. There was a power outage and his wife was on life support. Right? ”

    Whether it is actually right is up to you.

  6. karla

    the Jamie girls webpage has a photo with two guys kissing her cheek. one of the guys is named aaron paul, he’s been on episodes of er, x-files as well as some movies… i wonder if he’s going to be in the movie or if it’s just a picture from the person who plays jamie.

  7. Tyler P.

    Aaron. nice find.

    I believe that that is the actor’s real name, on the photo thing. Sarah something?

    Obviously Jaime is not her real name but she was stupid and forgot to put her character name as the Photobucket account. Nothing that really helps us with the whole Monster thing. but still interesting.

    And, just for all the idiots out there…. YES. this is part of the marketing campaign.

    JJ is trying to move things forward. this makes perfect sense to be kicked into “high gear” since his Comic-Con speech. A couple of these profiles had already been discovered a while ago, but no one took notice until the names appeared on the official website….

    and more proof that it’s all part of Paramount’s shiz: they all have the same exact login dates and always will. This is all planned and written out. They know what they’re doing.

  8. Frank

    There are no comments before July 16th, although the blog entries are earlier….And I think Rob’s 1st blog entry is 1-17-07……..:-)

  9. Frank

    Also, all of the pages show that they have more friends than they actually show. Wonder if there’s a number thing going on here….

  10. Aaron

    The blog entry dates are irrelevent, you can manually change that when you make a myspace blog entry, so they could put the date to before they signed up.

    I just found this: Go to Hawk’s profile, and in the blog “A Day In The Life?” there’s a reference to Slusho!

  11. Justin

    If you click on “View All Blog Entries” and look to the left under their picture you can see their sign up date. Rob’s is in June before the trailer was released

  12. karla

    And for the friends numbers, that gets messed up all the time. Mine once said i had way more friends than i did, and vice versa. It’s a glitch most of the time.

  13. Eric

    What is with all the japanese directors under Lily’s movie listing on her myspace? I hadn’t heard of some of the names and was looking them up and found under Kurasawa that he had made a movie in 2002 that was also known as “The Sea is Watching” or “The Sea Watches”. Could this have anything to do with the reference to the sea on the Slusho website?

  14. Max

    Okay I looked up “The Sea Is Watching” on the IMDB. The titles “The Sea Is Watching and The Sea Watches are of the same movie. I say this creature is some sort of slusho created monstrosity that is very, very pissed

  15. Scott

    Hmm, personally I don’t think Slusho created it, but rather thawed it out or disturbed it.

  16. Brandon

    I saw on JJ Hawkins he mention the name behemoth… sort of…”You have 250 pound behemoths wearing another 50 pounds”

  17. BRob

    My best friend had a great thought. What if these myspace pages are giving us insight into their lives leading up to 1-18-08. That would be intense if it was true.

  18. justanothergal

    yeah we were talking about that earlier in the chat room. The theory is that the myspace pages lead up to 1-18-08.

    Fantastic is it not?

  19. paul

    one of jaimes pictures in her photobucket album has been taken in germany. the one with the unknown guy holding a sign. also the name of the whole album is in german..

    just thought i should share this with you..

  20. Cyanide

    In response to your question, “The lights go out, the man cries. What happened?”

    If you go to Beth’s page, Rob Hawkins has a reply, “I heard this one. There was a power outage and his wife was on life support. Right?”

  21. Travis

    also just to let you guys know if you dont already, the entire website is fully functional in every part of the website, including happy talk….DISECT!

  22. jr

    i saw something on robbhawkins myspace blogs, “7empty beers.” “it says i need to buy a video camera” he has to be the one filming.

  23. Joe

    That makes sense, BRob.

    1-18-08 hasn’t happened in their reality yet, either. My guess is that we can watch the events unfold (on MySpace of all places) that lead right up to the night of Rob Hawkins’ going-away party.

    It would also see if and how Slusho playes into the plot. Zoom!

  24. Vida Elle

    I feel a little silly, but does anyone think there’s any significance to the shirt Rob Hawkins is wearing in his photo section on Myspace? I noticed that Beth left this comment: I love this pic of you! Did you notice you’re wearing your favorite t-shirt in most of these? I need to get you some new shirts.

    …So I started looking for clues on his shirt. Haha. This movie is infecting my head. I hope it’s good.

  25. admin

    I’m not 100% sure Bed, the first one could have just been taken with a digital camera using the flash, that would cause the subject to be blown out more than the background so I’m not really sure if its just a backdrop… and as far as the second picture, being from chicago (not like that really matters in this case), i think it’s just a crane from a new construction buidling (if we’re looking at the same thing).

  26. leonard

    I solved the riddle. I have the title of the movie and some of the plot. I have solved many of the hints, but I do not want to lose it to comment moochers. Email me with a legit email and someone I can trust. I will give you a hint: When Rob Walks out the door There are to circular rings on the back of the man in front of him.

  27. jajs

    this is taking character development to a whole new level!
    I think they are trying to get us to empathize with the characters

    there was an interesting comment on another website about a DC radio show and a caller called in from california, said he was working on viral marketing campaign for this project (had picture proof from comicon) and said something to the effect of the 6 months before the release will be just as important as the film….the film will tie up loose ends

    i forget the site….don’t flame…I’ll try and find it again

  28. Alex

    Did anyone notice in Jamie’s blog, subject “Random Survey,” the answer to the question “What was the last text message you received?” is “This foreboding tale from Linds: “Evil abounds, Demon-Born. Eat two sandwiches.”

    I don’t know if I’m just missing something, but that pretty heartily seems to make zero sense. What’s more, it sounds to me an awful lot like an anagram.

    Just whistling in the dark, here, but it seemed worth mentioning. I suck at anagrams.

  29. afrocut

    has anyone noticed on ‘Jamie’s blog “random survey” theres a list on the bottom left that says “who gives kudos” there is a link to a person called ‘PARASITE’ ( If you click on its picture , written on it it says”hopefully this reaches you in time.the beast in the picture has left for your planet twenty years ago.we have sent our greatest defender.” is this a real link or a fake?anyone?

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