Thanks to Adam in the comments and  projectcloverfield for this, they thought of something that didn’t even cross my mind, probably because I don’t really use MySpace anymore. But it looks like Jamie Lascano, from the most recent picture has a myspace profile, and who are her only friends… thats right, other characters from the movie. Check em out. It looks like they could make these profiles now, then constantly update them with more stuff, pictures, comments back and forth, etc, to make them seem like real people, and then I bet the night the monster attacks some other friends start trying to find out if everyone is ok, via myspace something along those lines. Could be extremely cool, check it out.

Jamie Lascano

Rob Hawkins

Beth McIntyre

Lily Ford

Hudson Platt

Marlena Diamond

JJ Hawkins

There is a riddle on Rob’s comments from Beth “The Lights Go Out, The Man Cries, What Happened?” Any ideas?