Check it out, new picture on Let us know what you find besides the fact that it would be the 2nd image in chronological order of pictures. The title of the page also seems to have changed to just “–” and the name of the actual swf (flash) file has changed from photos.swf to photos_8.swf.

YOU CAN FLIP THEM OVER NOW! Thanks for the comments guys, my Mac here is a little strange sometimes and I didn’t notice you could flip them. The only thing I can see on the back of this one is that we have a character on the left named Jamie Lascano…

Question: does anyone else notice the 1-18-08 site acting a little differently now? Like it’s getting cluttered with pictures and they seem to be attaching to each other as they move, and you cant bring older ones forward anymore? It could just be me…

I think I found the camera in the picture, I believe it’s the Panasonic HDC-SD1, what do you think, same markings…

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  1. Willie B. Johnson

    Interestingly enough, the title for the page, which was previously “1-18-08,” is now merely “–“. Also, this is the first picture that is timestamped earlier than the previous ones.

  2. Jon

    Dunno if anyone really noticed this yet or not, but thats a camera in his hand. Looks like a Mini DVR maybe? Probably the one filming the trailer. Thought that was kind’ve interesting.

  3. Willie B. Johnson

    Flip them!!!

    The new picture, and the first one posted (with the banner) both have handwritten messages on the back of them. The Flash behavior is now completely different, with the pictures having distinct relevances to each other. If you grab and hold, then flick your mouse up and down, you can flip the pictures.

    First message, from first picture — “Dont forget who takes care of you! Love J” It looks like a guy’s handwriting.

    Second message, from the newest picture — “Lascano, Platt and Robbie – Jan 2008 Robbie, Here, use this photo to send a message of my hotness far and wide!!! Im gonna miss the hell out of ya!! Love, Jamie” It’s a girl’s handwriting, and there appears to be some smudging.

  4. Jon

    I can get all of them to flip aside from the initial two posted. I’m still messing with them but not much luck. Probably just me.

  5. Jon

    Nice job on finding that recorder, looks the same to me. You can distinctly see the HD in both.

  6. justanothergal

    I was just about to post that I was able to flip the images, but you all beat me too it. We were not able to do this before, were we? I do not remember trying to do anything but just move the pictures around to see if they would fit together like puzzle pieces and reveal something. Thanks for the constant updates everyone. GREAT WORK!

  7. usgirls

    has anyone else noticed that on the one pic certain letters are faded, and on the other pic there are smeared letters? A clue no doubt…but I suck at anagrams.

  8. anthony

    If you move the pics on top to the side and move the one on bottom to the other side you can slide it on top of the other, kind of like shuffling cards. Also now it seems like when you move one they all shift.

  9. InvaderRik

    It might just be me, but I see the page’s title as — –
    What’s it mean, well if it’s Morse code then it translates as “MT”.
    Is that important? I don’t know just thought I’d bring it up.

  10. Cacey

    I know what you mean they all shift when you flip one i’m going to find an anagram website and type in the messages i’ll let yall know what i get

  11. Swift

    far and wide seem to be blurred out a bit, or smudged. As if she wrote something else originally.

  12. Matt

    I remember Ken Tarillo said that they were using these types of cameras before he leaked the photos and supposedly got “Fired” anyway ive also heard rumors that this movie could be based on the destruction of rampage the game and the monster or monsters could be land air and sea or all one put together sort of like a jurassic park sort of monster

  13. tip7

    take a look at there eyes they all have different color eyes the girls eyes are light blue the guy in the middle has light green eyes and the last guy has dark brown eyes maybe it could mean there are three monsters that come from sea sky and land


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