Over at Project Cloverfield they have setup a cool blog feed of the MySpace pages we posted yesterday. So if you want to check out what they are posting on their blog but don’t want to check them all individual, head on over here. Nice work!

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  1. Brandon

    ok try this one out… The shirt that rob is wearing has an image of two skeletons praying and the word adios.. I did a little searching and found the same image of the skeletons on the cover a a Cirith Ungol album called “Servants of Chaos” http://www.cirithungol.chaos-lords.de/index_e.htm
    Cirith Ungol led me nowhere but Servants of Chaos is a nover written by Don D’Ammassa.

    It is the story retelling some of HP Lovecraft”s books.. …

    I can’t figure what the AUGIE shirt is.. There is a book by penguin classics called the adventures of Augie March.. Other than that I can’t get anywhere with it…I got too much time on my hands.. Tell me what ya think..

  2. admin

    Nice find Brandon, i was trying to figure out what the shirt’s significance was, but all i could come up with was combining the “adios” on robs shirt and the “augie” on JJ’s shirt, but sadly adiosaugie.com isn’t a site haha.

  3. Brandon

    Yea, There are all kind of ways you could take the info… The bands site has a guy describing the voice as “which shrieks and howls through the songs as if the last prophecy already arrived and god’s wrath is near.” The word adios may mean goodbye such as say goodbye.. The end is near..

    I wanted the movie to be about the behemoth leviathan and ziz.. In one of the blogs i think jj mentions behemoths when he is describing some athletes. When you read a little about the book “servants of chaos” chutlu and kraken are mentioned… Maybe we are going in circles..

    The whole whale thing makes me believe it is leviathan and maybe some other creatures.. The statue of liberty is clawed by what i believe to be a monster with four claws. It has been said it is a new monster but I have a feeling we will be familiar with the concept..

  4. Brandon

    OK a little more for you admin… “Augie” was what people called August Darleth,,
    Among other achievements, Derleth is credited with discovering and popularizing horror classicist H.P. Lovecraft. He named his Arkham House publishing venture after an imaginary town created by Lovecraft. Today, back copies of the Lovecraft works, like Dagon and Other Macabre Tales, sell for $100 on up.


    Coincidence???? Both shirts lead to Lovecraft…

  5. admin

    a robots.txt is just used to tell the search engines that are crawling the site, which directories to crawl and which to not crawl.

  6. Brandon

    Hi guys, the more I look into this subject the more I find about witchcraft and the necronomicon. I could imagine this story being about a group of cult members that end up summoning this monster from a deep sea prison or something like that. I keep heading pointing in the direction of the cthulhu mythos genre and the derleth mythos.. Check out the great ones.. Something along the lines of Yog-Sothoth or Azathoth would make for an interesting creature.. I do have a feeling the monster in the movie will not be shown closely but I am sure they will have a detailed background of why he has come.. Just some thoughts.. Goodnight..

  7. takaris

    H.P. Lovecraft is a possible answer or perhaps a very well planted misleading clue. Many people think the great old ones have nothing to do with the plot or events of the movie. Yet, there are clues that provide important information.

    Look to the stars.


  8. Justin

    Man I love that song too.. now everytime I hear it I will think of a giant Slusho drinbking me or a field of clovers attacking me and taking over NYC

  9. Vida

    I was trying to figure out the significance of the T-shirts as well, but I never got that far. Very interesting.

  10. Will

    Can’t anybody accept that the moster is probably a new one and has nothing to do with monsters that are in the bible or any of Lovecraft’s writings. I think most of us are looking into much useless information and that we are looking into hidden clues when the most important ones are the ones that are right in the open.

  11. Brandon

    Yea Will we could do that but what fun would that be..??? If this is going to be a great monster movie comparable to Godzilla in Japan(Abram’s words) I believe it must have either a historical background or a literary background to have a great following.. I hope the clues are there for a reason. If this doesn’t turn out to be a Lovecraft creation I believe the interest in seeing Lovecraft’s visions come to life may have opened the eyes of many well-known movie producers.. Only time will tell…

  12. waw

    u dont think its possible about that leviathan ziz thingy thing maybe the monster is going to be able to fly swim and walk on land HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM???

  13. Jer

    GREAT FIND Mirrorful!! Don’t disregard stuff so quickly… I noticed the band name in that military Rodney Dean profile too… “Rampage”. I also heard there may be clues outside of the main profiles. Who’s to say they won’t use other profiles? I’m not saying it’s a clue to a Rampage movie. But it could be a subtle way to communicate with us since Rampage is being mentioned as a possibility. In ARG we can influence gameplay. Maybe they’re just saying, “We’re listening… go on.” ?

    Look at his blog entrys… seems like a lot of numbers in the one where he has to train on the M16 on Aug 1. More clues? Who knows…

    I’ll keep an eye on this one just in case. It is odd though that his URL is his first and last name just like the others. Plus, it was registered in early July.

    Maybe they’re just getting the small stuff out of the way before they begin to promote/develop the main characters. Keeping us busy for the time being, you know. And who know’s if this guy has some small part in the movie?

    I know… a lot of speculation, but that’s what it’s all about… sigh

  14. Jer

    I dunno if this is a coincidence, but I saw this elsewhere:

    On slusho.com, I read where someone said to “zoom in” on the pages since it does read “Slusho! Zoom”.

    Well, I zoomed in on the fashion show. Besides seeing the Slusho! logos really clear, I noticed all the hands in the background. I then began to wonder if they could be signing (sign language) anything.

    I googled this:


    and compared it.

    If it is sign language, the only letter/numbers that I picked out were:


    1 or D

    possibly an L

    There’s also a close “Y”… the devil horns.

    There’s also one hand that looks like a monster’s head toward the middle of the stage.

    There also looks like there could be an “R” in there… by the 3 and 4 photographer from the right.”

    5 / L / R / D / Y

    Could RDY= Rodney Dean Young???

  15. Ealasaid Camilla

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