As you can probably tell, weekends are always a bit slow on the updates, mainly because I have other stuff to do besides sit in front of the computer all day šŸ˜‰ However I do approve comments while I’m out (the beauty of cell phones) so keep them coming, they help add news to the site when I can’t.

Back to the point, some comments were left overnight telling me that the site is now fully functional and ready for disecting, as well as the Official Trailer page on has been updated to reflect the poster image. Thanks for all the comments, and remember, you can always discuss the movie real-time in either the chat room or the forum.

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  1. Aaron

    Things I’ve noticed on the new

    You can buy shirts that look identical to the ones from Comic Con, as well as the black version from the teaser, and a hat, in the store.

    The music is different on every page now.

    New characters: a duck and a monkey.

    There’s a hot air balloon on the downloads page now.

    You can click on the lobster on the history page, and it changes his mood when you do. The jellyfish now has a thought bubble of a hammer on the same page.

    The Happy Talk page has different quotes from all the characters. One quote is “Slusho is people!”

    The last bubble seems the most interesting to me. It has all the slusho flavors in form of robots, and you can mix-and-match them to make new flavors/robots. I’m wondering if there’s a particular combination that unlocks something new.

  2. Jake

    yeah i’m sure theres a special combination…and at the same time the flavors page is really cool lol

  3. MoneySign

    The Happy Talk bit on Slusho! is more than likely based on emails received… This is evident from the “Your” placed on the “Happy Talk” title…

  4. Jack

    If you dont put anything in the cup on the flavors page, then some big blank white slusho-bot thing or whatever you call them comes out.

  5. nooneimportant

    i really really REALLY hope that the robot looking things on the flavors page has NOTHING to do with the movie, seriously.

    also did anyone notice the blue octopus looking thing on the happy talk page?

  6. Jack

    Speaking of the trailer site, the first roar in the trailer almost sounds like a whale… Slusho!, maybe???

  7. Gilbert

    I hadn’t seen it before, but on the Trailer poster whatever the “Monster” is floats from the Statue of Liberty to the city. You can tell by the ripples in the water

  8. ScorpiusBlue

    “Slusho is people” to me just reminds me of Soylent Green but that movie didn’t have a monster…..actually the ‘monster’ was the government itself killing people and turning them into food for the masses….This movie is DEFINTALY not a Soylent Green remake but that would be cool too.

  9. Mel

    What about a mutation of some sort? A mixture of different creatures and this “Slusho” combined them into one giant, ugly, pissed off thing. Just a shot in the dark.

  10. MikeXY

    Okay clearly, from the Flavor bubble, this movie is about Voltron.


  11. Tod

    Look at the clouds in the online poster. Look RIGHT next to the arm on the Statue of Liberty. In the clouds is an image of the eye of Godzilla.

    Not saying this IS a Godzilla movie, but I think Abrams took the internet rumor and put it there on purpose.

    But the poster has several hidden pictures on it. And a lot of them reflect the Godzilla rumor.

  12. Jacob

    If you look at the back of the statue on the poster, there are three claw marks on the back and neck, where the monster ripped her head off, evidently. I think it’s likely the monster waded instead of floated through the water…unless it’s a WHALE-like think, like the Happy Talk thing on Slusho alludes to. Some of the characters say things like, “Thank you for turning me into a whale” and “AM I A WHALE????” Another one says, “I drank 7, should I be worried?” I’m gonna play with the flavor robot things for a while.

  13. DeToxBoy

    U nuts??????? its not Voltron…………..its Gobots gone mad…………..LOL

  14. eric

    i did, nothing special seems to apear or anything. did i miss something? is there something there that i didn’t see? please answer back.

  15. Kyle

    So i just wanted to mention, not sure if you guys saw anything about this already but i noticed it just now when i was watching the trailer. The guy behind the bar about 28 seconds in appears to be Ryan the lead singer from Yellowcard, and if you know what he looks like than you will know its definitely him. I know that doesnt have much significance to anyting, but just a small bit i happened to notice. Looking forward to seeing what else develops!

  16. Cink

    Things I’ve noticed and been pondering ’bout the Slusho site:

    1. “you can’t drink just six” is an anagram for “a toxic industry’s junk”. Possibly hinting at a monster of Godzilla-like origin (Godzilla being born of the fallout from American nuclear tests in the pacific), although ‘junk’ to me seems to imply something mechanical. Seeing as how the Slusho flavors section features a number of flavor imbued robots, I’m optimistic to the idea that maybe we’re dealing with some crazy mutant robot creature — not Voltron, nor anything so cartoony as the Slusho robots — JJ said “we need our own monster… something … just insane, and intense.” — dig.

    2. The constant repetition of the exclamation “Slusho Zoom!” in various forms, although I’ve yet to find anything by zooming in on any parts of the site — with the lame exception of the ‘fashion monkey’s’ shirt in the store section — there seems to be a brown turd/tail-like protrusion from the Slusho logo on his shirt… seems out of place, but I can’t make anything of it.

    3. The history section. Lotta people pondering the thought bubbles (blue oven mitt, swiss cheese, and a hammer) I don’t have much for that, but I heard one person speculating how they might symbolize protection, food, and weaponry… but I don’t know how that could have any meaning. My interest is with the crab holding the page turning sign — if you click on him, he changes between four different poses/emotions that seem to correspond with the four pages of the story. I tried clicking on him before and after turning to each correspond page, but got nothing… still… so odd…

    4. The cups surrounding the Slusho slogan. I’ve run into a nearly infinite number of ways to convert these into alphanumerical values — the one I held out the most hope for was enumerating the groupings of empty cups. If you count the break for the slogan as a division (or full cup), and the lack of empty cups in between the two contiguous full cups as a zero, you arrive at a six number sequence (3,5,1,1,0,3). Noticing that the flavor mixing page features six flavors, I thought that maybe this sequence could be applied as a formula — 3 parts blueberry, 5 parts chocolate, 1 part mikan, etc… alas, the result was nothing but a relatively cool looking Slusho robot. Anyhow thought I’d share my line of thought anyways.

    –On a side-note/response, the ‘main ingredient’ looks to me to be a translucent lotus flower — not entirely uninteresting given its significance, and Abram’s apparent interest, in Asian theology. The lotus blooms clear and bright above the water’s surface, transcending the clouded and murky depths from which it sprang. In Buddhist symbology, it is used to represent the enlightened mind that has overcome the illusive afflictions of the human condition. But here… it seems maybe… we’re mixing it with ‘a toxic industry’s junk’…

    5. Why have I been spending so much time puzzling around this cutesy faux frozen beverage website?! I mean, that anagram is pretty neat… and it sure is an odd site… but still… for all I know, the site’s not even finished yet! I’m not even fully convinced there’s anything in it having to do with the movie at all!! Someone please free me from the hypnotic trance induced by this endlessly looping music — what? you can turn it off? oh, never mind. time to eat… I’m gonna eat way more than six.

  17. takaris

    I think the clues are in the history itself instead of the pictures in the history…scientific expedition, discovery, loss of crew (people), hidden secret….it’s there…we just have to see it.

  18. Michael H Kim

    ok, after looking at the poster, it appears the ?monster? climbed up the SOL, got me to thinking, watched the trailer again. monster makes noise, then lights go out. the slusho shirt guy suggests going up to the roof to see? He looks like he knows something. Then explosion? and flying ?rockets?? then on the street another ?monster? noise followed by what I call a mechanical sound and the SOL head comes flying. slusho site has six robots now? combine? ok this is what i think. the monster comes all the way from japan. the slusho robot battles it near SOL. the robot attacks, monster makes noise (anger or pain) power goes out briefly. up on roof, robot attacks monster near power plant? big explosion during battle. rockets misguided come flying. monster trying to get away, climbs up SOL. robot punches or fires something, misses monster, hits head head goes flying (mechanical sound and monster sound in tr) monster swims away toward city (i.e. poster) battle continues?people film and talk as story comes out with maybe flashbacks – JJ likes flashbacks you know?

  19. waw

    a new report about the movie on nbc about 2 weeks ago said that the monster is organic and is a brand new never seen before monster. then jj abrams says at comic con the he has his monster and that its gonna kick ass. YOUR SERIOUSLY TRYING TO TELL ME ITS A ROBOT AND A MONSTER FIGHTING THROUGH THE CITY. come on

  20. waw

    but i do have a theory and a very good one at that.
    slusho is a magical ingredient that makes things powerful big and go “zoooom”
    so here it goes some dude in the middle of new york has a crapload of slushos boom theres the monster boom theres the story

  21. YoUrMom

    Ok. your stupid. a monster and a robot fighting…. even if it was a robot how do you suppose a robot got to the statue of liberty without touching the water. and if he wants to make a kick ass nothing seen before monster i think it will be more than a robot. and i no i am probably wrong but look at the poster. couldnt those ripples we’re seeing be a reflection from the destruction… probably not since the smoke is going a different way but i just thought of that.

  22. hank13

    its driving me crazy trying to figure out what kind of monster or monsters this movie has in it im about ready to give up

  23. jrtigger

    if you look very carefully at the background of the website that host the “cloverfield trailers” you will notice something, i used photoshop to zoom in and you can make out a image of a face in the smoke. let me know what you think it is. if you youtube my image please give credit where credit is due. I cant wait for this movie to come out .

    here is the link sorry if its not the best zooming but its visible

  24. Matt

    It is pretty obvious to me after reading a theory on the Cloverfield monster.

    First of all, the face in that photo definately looks like a devil/demon. This is definately one of JJ’s clues.
    Secondly, the #3 is everywhere in the trailer: 3 roars, Cloverfield=3 leaves on a clover, 63 degrees, 12:36, 3 lights in a row in Rob’s apt., etc.
    Third, on the slusho site: a horse, whale, and bird are used.

    Okay, this all leads up to an obvious answer (once you think about it). There are 3 monsters in this movie. They are biblical and referred to as Behemoth (horse), Leviathan (whale/sea monster), and Ziz (bird).

    You can see Behemoth’s hind leg in the trailer at 1:23. I think Behemoth is the reason for the earthquake.

    Leviathan causes the ripple in the water in the movie poster.
    Ziz somehow claws the SOL’s head and throws it 40 miles.

    There you have it. You can thank me later and call me a genius.

  25. hank13

    what caused the explosion then…………………i heard on wikipedia:cloverfield that the monster is called “the parasite” tell me what that is about

  26. Eddie

    well i was on the site playing around on the slusho robot page, when u finish making the robot and it just shows the newly created robot you made, if you keep pressing tab (idk if this works on a mac) it goes to different links or things that the mouse can click on…. anyways, after going through the top 2 links of the page… home and audio ( a yellow highlighted box should appear around them) then little highlights come up from the page in the space around the robot you created….

    ok, so just to make sure yall understand… you create whatever robot you want, then after creating it, press tab on your keyboard, and yellow highlighted circles go over the links on the page, press tab once, it should highlight home, 2nd time it selects audio, then on the 3rd time, for a brief second or so you should see a highlighted square appear over the space background of the picture of the robot, then do it again, another one should appear somewhereelse, i also noticed that there are a total of 6 of those highlighted squares in the space background….

    then if you drag your mouse over to each one of the places that ended up being highlighted, your mouse changes to like the hand to be able to drag whatever is there, if you drag it, it makes a clicking noise, and once you let go it appears back to where it was… thats if you let go somewhere in the space, when i let it go in the liquid part of the robot it didnt appear back in the spot it was originally placed.

    im not sure if this would change something, but i think it might be something to unlock something on the page, not sure though… and if not, sorry for waisting your time reading this

  27. Wes

    Go to the download section, the second Desktop image registered as positive for having something embedded in it with JPHIDE.

  28. Eric

    Slusho is a anagram for Soul/souls witch i thought was intersting. Souls are people! hummm

  29. slusho ingredient

    not a clue, just 2 thoughts:
    at some other blog (where i couldnt post, cause of my non-existing google or blogger acc.) TheBookPolice said:

    In the source code, the following line, under description: “nadda – we’re on vacation.”
    Owner is “Elderfall aka soju.”

    slusho =
    Pieter Bruegel The Elder, ”Fall Of The Rebel Angels” Painting

    Lauryn was right after all. everything is everything.

  30. Christine

    Soju…I think I remember seeing a bottle of that in the picture on Rob’s Myspace page. It was sitting on the top of the car in the earliest comment. At least, I think so.

  31. Jack H

    Has anyone stated that Noriko could be the mule thinking of the mitt? It leaves to never be seen again like she did in the story.

  32. Tvmorbid

    I cant be arsed to type this out again so I’m copy and pasting another post I made on another site. The top part you all already know, the bottom part you might not…

    Right, this may be common knowledge but with Cloverfield you can never be too sure. As I’m sure some are aware, at Comicon somes t-shirts where handed out by JJ’s people promoting something called Slusho! There is a Slusho! website ( which is purely Flash with lots and lots and lots of strange stuff on it, the most interesting of which is a possible puzzle involving 6 robots that you can mix up. As far as can tell no-one has solved this yet, but I could well be wrong. Now, there is also a part where it talks about Distribution Oppertunities. In the background of that page there is a logo for a company called Tagruato. If you go to the Tagruato site ( it all seems pretty boring. That is until you highlight EVERYTHING on the page and copy it, then paste it into a Word document. There is an extra picture that is pasted which you dont see on the site. Now the pic isnt all that impressive, but why go the trouble of hiding it if it doesnt mean anything? Do with that what you will…

    Oh yeah, there’s this complete mind fuck as well:

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