Monstrous from the chat room pointed me over to where they claim to have a video of one of the sets of Cloverfield/1-18-08 . Not much to see, looks like they are filming a helicopter to be dropped into a larger scene later. claims to have more footage as well as a full set report coming tomorrow, but we’ll see. You can check out the video by following the link below.

Apparently had this up this morning as well, I must have missed it. Make sure you check out the site over there as well.


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  1. Kayberry

    Cloverfan’s begining to release some photos from a shoot location in New York, under a Paramount production under the title of “cheese”. Lots of rubble, destroyed cars. Check it out ^^

  2. Downfall

    Alright, probably been posted, but the numbers on the news screen, (12, 32, 1, and 63) make, what else? 108. The unusually high tempeature was prly added to make it equal 108, probably nothing more.
    any thoughts?


    at :45 o the preview, rob has a look like, o my god,gis face is one of realization, like it came here? maybe he knows whats happening, anyone else notice this?

  3. admin

    thanks Kayberry, I was actually in the process of making a post about it, and as soon as I finished I saw your comments. Thanks for the heads up.


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