From the same source as the set pictures in the post below come VIDEOS! There are 6 videos in total which I’m not going to embed here. You can check the links below to see all of them, or click HERE and go straight to the uploaders youtube profile and view them that way, enjoy.

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5
Video 6

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  1. Torgo

    Why is everything YouTube?! No one wants to spend money to host a video on their own site?

    I hate the quality of the videos that YouTube shows. Too bad that these are not better quality, or even on another site so I could SAVE them to rewatch if I want without wasting bandwidth.

  2. Aaron

    Torgo: You can save youtube videos, or any video that plays as a flash file. All you have to do is figure out where your browser saves the temp file, and move that file somewhere else so it isn’t deleted when you close the browser. I use Opera, it saves to the cache4 folder. They’re usually .flv files, but sometimes are just .tmp’s that I rename to a .flv.

    Kinda random, but I found a wallpaper for the movie on the IMDB forums:

  3. Aaron

    Well I (and everyone in the IMDB topic) liked it, it’s better than anything I could do. Why don’t you make us a better one if it’s so horrible? 🙂

  4. D351

    Is it just me or does that seem like a really obvious teaser leak. If there was anything for us to learn from anything shot on that particular set, they wouldn’t have let somebody wander around with a camera.

  5. 1138 can wander with a camera, it’s on a New York City street, the sidewalk is not private property. So you can take pictures and or video. Just no flashes during filming. (From my PA days)

  6. cheese

    Just giving a heads up in case you guys don’t know. “Cheese” will be filming on 6th ave. from 56 st. to the park in Manhattan. I work in the area and saw the sign. It starts on Monday, but they’ll probably do Monday and Tuesday night like they did down on Orchard and Stanton (which is five blocks from where I live).


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