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If you follow this stuff you know that I posted a ‘teaser’ video that posted the other day. They had a message to check back on August 1st for more info. Well the last time I checked yesterday there was nothing, but apparently more has been added now. Check out the link below for about 9 minutes of footage “supposedly” from the Los Angeles set of Cloverfield/1-18-08. There is also a nice set report in the second link that also contains a few pictures.

Here’s a little blurb I found intersting in the article…

“I did overhear another conversation later on regarding monsters. Monsters in the plural. Does that mean that there are more than one monsters/robot in the movie? I don’t know. For all I know, he could have been referring to models or props of the same monster.”

I’ll let you draw your own conclusions on that, but personally I think the poster is right and they were just talking about multiple models/props, but who knows…


set report/pictures:

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  1. hank13

    i just wanna know how many monsters are in the film 1,2,or 3………………. im going to re look the film frame by frame

  2. Jay S.

    Yeah… Three monsters in Rampage. Three adjectives for the posters.

    And the drink thing from Slusho.

    I think we’re being set up, but then again, I thought the Monstrous poster was an obvious fake.


  3. officespace

    ummmm, anybody think its odd that ken was fired from the project because of leaking pictures, but this kid just walks into the set w/ a vid camera and takes 10 minutes of film?

  4. monstershark

    look at the poster. there is debris falling from the SOL, ripples in the water, massive amounts of smoke that would have taken time to accumulate. if one monster could cover that amount of space that quickly we can look foreward to a very short movie come january.

    and as for rampage, come on. for most of america this mystery would be a massive let down for something as campy as another video game adaptaton.

  5. Villa

    6 robost…. make choas in new york… get in the website of slusho and u can see the six robots

  6. hank13

    maybe the names on the posters describe the monsters…………..just a theory

  7. Matt

    Impossible for it to be rampage. JJ already said this is a new monster that hasn’t been used before. Which supports my Behemoth/Leviathan/Ziz theory. No, he didn’t create them. But they haven’t been used in the media.

  8. hank13

    people say that the monster is a original monster so that gets rid of a lot of theorys (godzilla,rampage and voltron)

  9. Johnnypnes

    some people this that this movie could be based on a movie that was made in 1953 called ‘The Beast From From 20,000 Fathoms’ and this movie was also filmed in new york and are running from a monster and the beast sounds just like the monster from 1-18-08 and this monster lives in the sea and if you can see in 1-18-08 poster theres a shot of the sea so yeah im not sure

  10. flipboitamidles

    but jj said its not a remake of anything, so good idea, but its possibly not it

  11. Danny

    well i was really intrigued by the thought bubbles on slusho…hammer mitt and cheese, i think there might be three monsters in the movie. Each being shot under their own name, the latest one was shot under “CHEESE” so thats the fish…maybe thats about their origins under water, then hammer is when they rise up like the jellyfish and mitt is when they are roaming free in NY

  12. admin


    at comic-con he said “?However, I decided we needed our own monster…”

    which is what gave people the idea that its a new monster. Granted you’re right it could just mean it’s not anything thats been made into a movie yet, but personally I don’t think it’s rampage, but we’ll see.

  13. Danny

    i dont think JJ would make a movie adaption of a video game from the 90’s
    but i do think this is his own creation influenced by the cuthulu


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