thanks to cheese in the comments for letting us know that “Cheese” (one of the shooting titles for cloverfield/1-18-08) will be filming some more in NY on Monday.

“Just giving a heads up in case you guys don?t know. ?Cheese? will be filming on 6th ave. from 56 st. to the park in Manhattan. I work in the area and saw the sign. It starts on Monday, but they?ll probably do Monday and Tuesday night like they did down on Orchard and Stanton (which is five blocks from where I live).”

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  1. Daniel

    this is the photo of the sixth ave filming notice.. i was there today, and i will be back with more pics tomorrow

  2. Engel

    So they are definitely shooting tonight? I wanna go check it out, but what time should I show up?

  3. Daniel

    hey, i was there today and they were filming a scene with rob in front of the time warner center.. i overheard matt reeves saying that in the scene the two buildings that are part of the time warner center collapse into each other.. the scene was set up with rob and a female character and in front of them was a bunch of rubble, and to their left was 2 dirty messed up cars.. i tried to take pics, but the phone on my camera sucks at night.. they also filmed a scene in the tunnel in central park, and on the corner of 57’th st and 7th ave..tomorrow night (8-8-07) at around 12 they are filming again.. but they dont not allow cameras with flash or video cameras near the set..


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