Not sure if these are real or not, thanks Gilbert in the comments for pointing me to this site. Apparently over at they have 3 images they say are new posters for the movie. Of course I’m a little skeptical because they don’t claim a source nor does any other site have these image right now… but of course, people also claimed the Monstrous poster was fake and look how that turned out. The first one is the only one that looks like it may have been a little difficult to fake, but the 2nd two could easily have been made in about 10 minutes in photoshop using existing pictures. In the first one, the only reason I would say it’s fake is because of the obvious jagged edges along the fingertips which make me believe it was clipped from another picture, and there is an obvious outer glow around the fingers as well, also if you look at the thumb which is closest to us, the bottom left corner of it just looks like a complete straight edge where the rock meets the finger. Personally I’m not really sure, head on over there and check it out for yourself and let me know. If someone has proof of where these came from, also please let me know.

UPDATE: Thanks for all the comments guys, I should have come back sooner to approve them all, but obviously the posters were fake, thanks for the proof that some of you guys posted in the comments, appreciate it. And as well, it looks like has taken down the posters as they were clearly fake. Now he seems to have recieved an email from a guy who works on the set giving him clues… I don’t know why this “crew member” would send inside information anonymously and not me, project cloverfield, cloverfieldclues, or any of the other major sites that have been around since the beginning, so who knows. But thanks again for the comments and debunking these posters and thanks for taking the time to check out the site, I will not be posting stuff from that site as a source anymore.


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  1. Will

    I can only say after watching that video that I think it a stupid Idea for the monster to be after people who only drank slusho because it would make more sense to attack the factory that makes slusho instead of just a small amount delivered to a party.

  2. Aaron

    I’ll go with fake also, as someone pointed out in the comments on that page, the skyline in the first picture is the same as the teaser poster… and I noticed that it’s even the same buildings in the background on that picture. There’s a small destroyed version from the poster, then the larger, undamaged ones behind them.

    Then again, the teaser poster has multiple things happening at once that couldn’t really happen that fast, so who knows.

  3. Kayberry

    The first poster is clearly photoshopped. It rips part of the skyline from the original poster where the destruction occured. Not only that, but the same buildings are seen just above that in larger scale from a different angle. This should call into question not only the other posters but the other exclusive content from the site, mainly the video where he claims to have received an email from someone on the slusho set that makes claims that are inconsistent with what we already know. I recommend avoiding this site.

  4. Torgo

    They are fake.

    Like you pointed out, they look like Photoshopped images. The text also seems bland. I’m sure if you were to spend a few minutes on Google Image Search you could find the resource images used for these fakes.

  5. Will

    Its a Fake I found the picture of the hand on Yahoo images type in Giant Hand and go to the 6th page Its at the bottom

  6. the_boo

    that whole site is full of garbage, the posters, the videos, everything is so made up and pulled out of the air. His “sources” are probably a bologna sandwich and a ball of silly putty.

  7. Evil Montage

    fake, fake, fake. Those fingers are from a beach sculpture in Uruguay, and the cops in the third are British… and of course, we know the monster attacks at night. *yawn*


    Complete fakes. Don’t even post about stuff if there’s even a 50% chance it’s fake.

    I new they were fake the moment I laid eyes on them.

  9. the_boo

    After some digging, I found that these posters were created using Adobe Photoshop CS, the most professional of graphics apps. They were created 8-02-07, also notice the complete lack of the Bad Robot logo on all three.

  10. Rob Slusho


    Why would they release a new set of posters after comic con? They are all photoshop creations from a fan that has nothing better to do. . .

  11. Carpenter

    these are fake. The hand is from a beach somewhere, i cant remember where. and the picture of the city in the second picture is like from the 50’s its old. and the 3rd has british cops in it…..and the pics dont make sense anyways. it looks like a giant human. but also, whatever “clawed” the statue of liberty in the official poster and clawed the towers, had 3 fingers….you know? it wasnt hands like that. i say and im pretty sure these are 100 % fake.

  12. Jason

    I don’t know – while those posters are kind of cool (except the resist one) the font and text are way off from what a real designer would do. So, either they are rough, or not real.

    As for the video that’s on his website: I work on television and film, and people do get paid minimum wage, but those people typically would not be told big secrets. I have met extras from this film who have been told “we were running from a big white hand” to “we were running from meteors” – clearly they are all being told different things to keep the mystery alive. People running scared looks like people running scared no matter what they’re running from. Anyway, my point is, I have a hard time believing his source.

  13. Carpenter

    i just visited 1-18-08news, and i have to say, im not impressed with this guys site. He seems to believe alot of stuff that CANNOT be prooved. i know this is all fun and stuff, and we all love to be mesmerized by this growing campaign of viral marketing, but we arent supposed to know what the monster is yet, so why would these posters be real? they would give way too much away. and since comic-con was only last weekend, and we still have TONS of time before the movie comes out, i dont thnk JJ would be releasing something of this magnitude right now. I have already posted why i think the posters are fake, but now i wanna say why i think the video Brad posted on 1-18-08news is full of just theories and not FACTS. Now thre first mistake is his claim to the truth. He says that all of his theories have been prooved by this mystery emailer that supposedly works on the set. now, how could someone who doesnt reveal thier name, possibly be a trustworthy source? you cant. yes, everything said in the video makes for a great theory, but not one word of it can be prooved!!! besides, JJAbrams is smarter than this. The plot this guy feeds brad in his email has to be bogus, because i personally dont think JJ would do that to us. He would not create this magnificent marketing campaign for something soooooooooo childish. It may not be powerrangers, but if it is a monster that comes after slusho drinking people, then i might as well have been searching for the purple smurf with all the time i spend each day reading and researching this movie. Come onnnnnn! seriously. Admin, if i could assist you in anyway, let me know, id be glad to help with anything, for i spend alot of time with this. peace!

  14. semidi

    The one sheets at Brad’s site are totally fake. He’s a hit-whore trying to exploit the game and doesn’t care that by deliberately wasting people’s time he’s lost all credibility and people aren’t going to be revisiting his site — not even to debunk him, since he’s been deleting or refusing to approve some comments.

  15. the_boo

    he pulled the post now, it never existed according to his site. You can still see all the fakeness in the Myspace slusho group.

  16. admin

    Thanks for all the comments guys, I’m most likely not going to be posting anything that comes from anymore. It just doesn’t seem like there is any truth to what he is posting at the moment. I normally don’t post stuff that I know looks completely fake, but I didn’t have time to find the original pictures myself, so I figured you guys could help me out, and you did, so thanks again and thanks again for reading.

  17. Ramone LeHane

    Just visited the 1-18-08news site. A deep sleeping alien creature that is awoken by a group of twenty something’s all drinking a soft drink!! A ‘reliable source’ who has told him it’s all true – and this guy believes every single word he’s told? And according to his own conclusions they must have gallons of the stuff. It’s website like this that studios just salivate over – they can plant a story, no matter how outrageous and sit back and watch people run with it. Either that, or just pretend their from a ‘reliable source’.

    In reality, the only real plant was some one linking the Slusho drink website to the movie- but in all honesty, I would of never have even noticed the guys shirt unless some one had singled it out and even then it’s very brief and difficult to make out. Now that is viral marketing. Then we have the posters, the trailer, the Myspace pages, the postcard / pictures on the official site and the Slusho site. And everything else is pure guess work and conjecture when it comes to storylines. The usual ‘on location’ videos and stills are coming through – but they look like the aftermath of any disaster movie really. Me, I love the mystery and I love watching fan boys in their parents basements jumping to caffeine fueled conclusions about smoke and shadows.

    In the U.K the trailer is also on the front of the Transformers movie, but the date at the end just reads 2008 ! . Damn we’re gonna have to wait that little bit after you Americans to find out what really this is all about.

  18. monstershark

    i sepent a lot of time on the forums at 1-18-08news. com. some of thier theorys are compleley unfounded. everthing from slusho turning people into giant monsters and rob being the center of the movie. it’s crazy. the “insider information” reflects that of the administrator and it came up recently as new ideas found thier way on to the forum. bottom line… stay away.

  19. Cyclone

    Hey i just posted on the site. Did some research ( I work for an internet company dealing specific in illegal soliciation) and apparently 3 sites did receive mysterious emails. They were eliminated from the site specifying “xxxxxx Spyware does not allow unsolicited commentary due to copyright infringement policies”. Apparently this sites were supposedly going to be fined if they posted the material again. Brad’s site apparently was missed or a loophole, i dunno (not my department). But according to my sources(which are AOL Time Warner) the info is legit. Brad just mistook the riddles wrong or whatever.

  20. ItsaLiooon!

    I have a feeling the webmaster sees his “sources” every time he looks in the mirror.

  21. Gilbert

    I knew that those posters were fake!
    The guys source can’t even be real because how can you be involved in a project and not even know the actual name for the movie?
    The gag orders prevents him from releasing any of that information, and because of that why would he just reveal the monster and and plot and not the movie title!? one of the biggest mysteries about this movie possibly besides the “monster”!?
    That whole thing didn’t sit right with me. atleast we got rid of one of the fakes!

  22. bee-see

    Cloverfield Wiki suggests another new and different 01-18-08 teaser trailer was shown in from of Stardust movie starting 8/3. Can anyone confirm?

  23. Erik

    Well, that is pretty bogus if he just lied about the email and all his other theories. Also, monstershark, there is a strong possibility that rob is the like lead and main character, a lot of the trailer does revolve around him and his party. That is something i would keep on the side as a strong possibility. All the other stuff…well, i guess we should just leave it behind.

  24. JHero

    I seriously doubt that J.J. would have something to do with a movie about a monster that kills people who eat a soft drink. Imagine going on opening night, only to find that out.

  25. Jesso

    Hey, sorry not sure if this has already been done but I was messing around on trying to flip the pictures like I’d read you could do, and while I wasn’t able to get the to flip, I did kind of throw the most recent one completely off the page and couldn’t get it back! i tried to replicate this with the other pictures but couldn’t get them completely off the screen. Do you think this means something?

  26. ItsaLiooon! is a gamejack site. It has nothing to do with the movie. Also, Brad, as of right now there is nothing new on

  27. Carpenter

    i want to make a movie. i want to hype it like this too. its almost underground/indie. you know. kinda cool. i look up to JJ. very gifted person. id like to believe i am this gifted, but i lack the resources to get myself out there…..any thoughts?

  28. Arienette

    Did you know that you can turn over a picture on 1-18-08? It says something like “remember who takes care of you”. I was SO excited when I found that out!

  29. hank13

    hey me and my freind were talking on the intrnet on another cloverfield site and weve been finding some cleus and(just a theory) we think its voltron 3 reosons
    1:3 monster noises there were 3 robots in the cartoon
    2:what if the guy in the trailer did say its a lion and not its alive cause the voltron robots did look likr lions
    3:the slusho site does have robots in it
    I have a feeling that somthing might happen when you mix the same flavor that mach the color of the robots


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