Since there’s nothing else really to report on apparently today is the day to “Officially” debunk fake sites, even though I’ve been saying it for a month now. There is now a post on that apologizes for anyone thinking that the site was part of the viral marketing for the movie. They admit that they purchased the domain in order to find out more about the movie, how, I don’t really know. But there is an apology posted here if you wish to check it out you can check it out, but again this site has nothing to do with the Cloverfield/1-18-08 movie.

And again, I realize we posted this information a month ago here, but some people still refuse to believe some of the rumors are fake. Again we try to bring you only rumors that we feel have merit, or we want you guys to help us debunk for real (like those 3 fake posters from that site I won’t mention). So this post is just to help seperate the real from the fake.

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  1. darrell hopper

    Just wanted to tell you that I LIKE your website about “CLOVERFIELD,I-18-08”.This MOVIE will be AWSOME!!! The real reason Iam writing to you is that you wrote about FAKE websites that are about “1-18-08″….YOU mention a website called “11808news” that show fake posters whice infact are FAKE,and that you will never again post anything about “CLOVERFIELD” from that website again.WELL, my friend you no longer have to worry about “11808news” EVER AGAIN because I just went to their site and its been SHUT DOWN! I don’t know when this happen & I don’t know if you already knew about this but just incase I thought YOU should know. On a side note….”BRIAN” had some pretty good “FINDINGS” as he called them,about “SLUSHO”,about see a FACE in the FIRE in the trailer(whice i did see a face,kinda…its kinda like looking at a cloud and seeing what you want to see)….whice everything he posted could be fake….OR could be real. WELL….”CLOVERFIELDNEWS” is my favorvite site for “1-18-08” news so keep up the good work bro and keep the NEWS coming for us fans….oO.

  2. admin

    As far as the “faces” in the fire and smoke, I think people are looking way too hard and just want to see something. And I believe the guys name was Brad not Brian. And the site looks like it’s up and running to me.


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