I know most of the people that read this site already knew that the Ethan Haas stuff had nothing to do with the movie, but there were still some skeptics out there. As of August 1st, the ethanhaaswasright.com site changed up and now takes you to http://www.alphaomegathegame.com/ which is their official site for the new table top RPG. The site was down for me up until today so I finally got a chance to see it, which is why I waited until today to post this. So any skeptics out there, this should be proof that Ethan Haas has absolutely nothing to do with this movie and we can move on. But I gotta give it to them, they picked a perfect time and method for marketing their new game. It definitely received a lot of publicity due to the Cloverfield trailer.

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  1. Rachel

    Does anyone know what the original link between ethanhaaswasright.com and the trailer was? Somehow I missed the originating connection.


  2. michael

    It wasn’t really anything. People just believed they were connected because Ethan Hass was cryptic and mysterious enough to be thrown in with a jumble of other things. Over time Ethan Hass and another things like it were weeded out.

  3. Carpenter

    kinda irritating, i spend 3 hours figuring out those stupid puzzles thinking it was 1-18-08 related the night tranformers came out…..oh well. the game looks cool

  4. Who Ha

    Who didn’t spend hours figuring out those exasperating puzzles?
    The story, what little story there was, was entirely intriguing, and while I have little to no interest in the RPG, I would jump all over tie in books if Mindstorm ever came out with any.


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