Thanks Amsterdam in the comments for pointing this out, I personally do not watch “What About Brian” so I wasn’t aware of this. It’s probably just JJ Abrams’ way of connecting all of the shows he has worked on in the past, like the Slusho reference and ALIAS. But apparently the video game company in “What About Brian” is called Leviathan, which is 1 of the 3 monsters that people “think” the movie could be about or have some basis in.  You can read THIS post for more information on the 3 monster theory. If you just google, “What About Brian” Leviathan, you will find your proof that it is indeed featured in the show.

Thanks again Amsterdam for the comment.

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  1. Will

    Tho that is a great find JJ said this is a whole NEW! monster and I’ll have to go with him that this thing is new and that everything else has been ruled out and to the people who think the monster will actually have a name like godzilla does I highly doubt that a Monster that just shows up and creates Destruction and Death will have a name it will just be a monster

    • Lynda Gill

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  2. Arlo

    So I was checking out the new photo at, and trying to new shake feature to see what was at the back of them. I suddenly noticed that at the back of the new picture, there was a bit of a shadow behind the word “and” and the letter “w” of wide. So I tilted the screen of my laptop back, and noticed the shadow deepened. I then cam to realize that the names Lascano, Platt and Robbie at the top also had a shadow. Then, I looked to the left of Lascano, and realized that there seemed to be some letters in the shadow. They seemed to be something like “eng”, but I couldn’t make out much more than that. So I turned the picture back around, and did the same leaning technique, and found that the cup in the bottom right hand corner ALSO had writing. But it clearly said 510. I went back to the other side, and the letters seemed to also resemble 510!! Awesome for me.

  3. Ryan

    please read… can’t figure out how to email this to you….
    feel me out on this one…. lets remember that it was JJ’s kids playing with the godzilla toys that inspired this, and that still makes me think that this will have a story that a child can understand… with that said here we go. My theory is……
    Noriko is the monster. When looking for the ingredient she somehow became this monster (monster movies always have hidden messages of sins and her sin was obviously gluttony, and that turns her into the monster).
    Her son Ganu becomes a scientist and being a deep sea explorer finds his mother. in the slusho history it explains that he wasn’t looking for the secret ingredient but he found it and did a complete 180 and goes into mom’s drink business… why??? because ganu found his mother as a monster and she led him to the secret ingredient. where does rob come into this? Rob and his brother just stole the secret ingredient and mom is after him to exact revenge…. or, Rob is on his way to Japan to give the ingredient back (kind of like the Hawaiian curse of bringing lava rocks off the island) and thats when in the trailer he looks all weird when the guys says “i bet you wished you left yesterday huh” to Rob. and thats why the movie starts with someone finding the camera, because everyone around rob is dead and now that rob is dead, the monter is done and leaves, and that also tells why the movie revolves around Rob. There you go. My origional theory!

  4. nooneimportant

    behind the scenes footage at my youtube account, dont know how long they’ll last online. paramount
    people on the set told me it was copyright infringement but i did it to show people !

    click my name to view

  5. dago

    I’ve been following this movie since first come up in the transformers previews, and my conclusion is the next….
    Transformers is a Hasbro trademark toy…
    so, what other Hasbro franchise could be translated to a Monster movie?
    my answer is not one monster but tree, the other trademark toy that Hasbro owns is IHUMANOIDS a 1986 cartoon about monsters…
    it seems clear that jj Abrams would chose this special movie from Hasbro… after the success of transformers…

    well i hope this help to unveil the mystery…

  6. z4801

    To be honest i dont think for one second that slusho actually has anything at all to do with the movie apart from being a drink….. the same way the characters have a myspace its just to make the film seem more real and bring that world into ours.

  7. Colt

    going from Arlo’s theory, i went and checked on my laptop and sure enough i saw the 510 on the cup, you can just barely see it without the tilt, but you see it plain as day after the tilt, and its 510- kinda like its giving you an area code or something, so i flipped it and looked at the letters and to me it looked like they tried to smudge the “and W” on purpose, you get “far ide” if you eliminate the letter and i instantly thought of fluoride, no connection tho…

    but the shadow on the top of the picture behind the names, if you look closely, you can actually make out the right side of a face, or atleast an EYE

    if you go back to the party pics’ flipped side, you can see that some letters are dulled, like someone had their fingre on that 1 place for far too long or the pen ran out while writing and came back to full strength after a sec, but i say its hinting at something

  8. Sadhatter

    I have been thinking inhumanoids from the start, watching through the episodes, the similarities between the suits and the slusho robot’s is insane. And the plot of the deep sea drilling releasing a mutated giant lizard, well it just seems to add up.

    Btw, long time lurker first time poster, after i had watched some inhumanoids by chance today.

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