UPDATE: ecto216 emailed me some more pictures that he took yesterday on the set. I have posted them in the same forum thread as the others here. You don’t need to register to check them out, thanks ecto.

Thanks Poland626, engel, nooneimportant77 for posting up some of the pictures and videos they took yesterday at the NY filming location for the movie. If you want to check out the pictures head on over here. Or if you want to check out nooneimportant’s videos, head here. Thanks again poland626, engel, nooneimportant77 for keeping us updated.

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  1. Aaron

    I can’t view the pictures because I’m not a member of that forum. Any other link for them?

  2. admin

    I didnt realize it was set so that unregistered users couldn’t view the post. I have changed it now so everyone should be able to see them. You could also just register for the forum 😉

  3. admin

    Tim, it looks fake to me. Someone just took the existing trailer and re-edited it. I don’t see anything that wasn’t in the first trailer as far as footage.

  4. Steve NY

    Could it be possible that the movie is called CHEESE! ? i know it sounds so corny but think about it. the web site has all pictures and the movie is filmed with a handheld camera. could be a fit?

  5. 1138

    Final Cut pro + The Existing Media= someone who is really board and wants people to talk. The Font gives it away….also, they are editing through Avid…thats the word being spread through the Post World at the moment.

  6. engel

    I’m going to have to agree its fake, but they did a good job, the music in the background is a very nice touch.

  7. Aaron

    Just sharing news here. I just got a shipping confimation email from the slusho store. Their address:

    804 LADY ST
    COLUMBIA SC 29201-3104

  8. Invader Mlazorg

    I don’t want to bring up pictures, rather that poster with the word “terrifying” on it. I just got a look at the thing now since I’ve never been to this site before, and there is a lot of super-imposed/hidden stuff in the clouds (either that or I’m nuts).

    Stuff like this drives me crazy, somebody give me an opinion on whether or not I’m losing my head over this because I’ve seen nothing but weird stuff so far (none of which I will explain since I don’t want other people to start squinting at their monitors with the brightness turned down (the brighter it is, the harder this “stuff,” whether it’s there or not, is to see)

  9. Keith

    I just found an old post from around July saying that it could possibly a remake of the 1953 Beast From 20,000 Fathoms. Its just a rumor with no conformation yet. I doubt it but I just found it interesting that it hasn’t been brought up anywhere Ive looked. Or maybe I just missed it.

    Your thoughts?

  10. James

    One of the “Happy Talk” quotes says “Slusho makes my tastebuds ring”, I thought it was unusualy that tastebuds would “ring”, not a common adjective that goes along with your tongue. I googled some and found out a lot of fish have rings of tastebuds, paticularly cod fish, on their bodies (outside). Just a thought. Could be a hint that it’s a sea monster.


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