Mick in the chatroom sent me over to this site to check out what appears to be the call sheet for the shooting in NY these past couple days. It does give away some shots and what could possibly be the ending and an alternate ending, but take a look and you be the judge, it looks pretty legit to me. Of course as they state on that page, it could have been planted haha. Oh, and at the bottom notice that it says “Thats a Wrap” so it looks like the filming process could be finished, or at least finished in New York.

source: NYmag.com

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  1. nooneimportant77

    keep in mind this is not in chronological order at all, the production sheet i have listed some of the
    same things in different orders. i dont think this will provide much insite to the movie because so much
    will be shot in LA

  2. malemunyon

    @nooneimportant77- You have a production sheet? Different from the one in NYMag?

    I know that movies may not be shot in order, but the fact that it says “alternate ending” in caps gives it away. And at the top of the sheet it reads “day 33 of 33,” which probably means its the end of all shooting– not just in NY.

  3. 1138

    Just because it says day 33 of day 33 doesn’t mean that they are filming the ending. For all we know, the ending could have been filmed already.

  4. admin

    Not basing it on “day 33 of 33” it says “Alternate Ending” as one of the shoots for the day, which is what is leading us to believe they shot the ending on day 33. Im pretty sure it’s also just day 33 of 33, in New York, not of the whole movie.

  5. Evan

    Well, if this is the end of shooting; looks like we may get an ACTUAL trailer in the next few months. I’m guessing september will give us a nice shiny trailer.

  6. justanothergal

    is the name on the Call Sheet? I mean I don’t want to spoil it, but its the name that is on the call sheet, I am disappointed.

  7. Ryan

    everyone look at where it says “hud turns, watches fight, then hauls ass” definitive proof that there are two monsters to me at least.

  8. Steveboss

    I personally think that Slusho is made from the creature that was found deep under the sea, and a while after farming that special ingredient from its body it awoke to find who consumed it to add it to its own body. This reminds me deeply of Frank Miller and Geof Darrow’s “The Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot” graphic novel from 1996, where a huge genetically engineered monster was accidentally spawned in a lab located in down town Tokyo, and naturally made havoc of the city. The monster was a huge dragon-esk creature with multiple appendages and its saliva could transform humans into its mutated minions. Really great stuff, check it out.


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