I know it’s not Cloverfield / 1-18-08 news but since it’s been slow I figured this would fill the space. I mean I could write an entire post about this interesting theory that was posted on the forum, but I’d rather not post too much BS if there is no source 😉

So back to JJ Abrams, according to Variety  Abrams will be producing a Thriller for Paramount in the next few years. Looks like Abrams is going to be busy for a long while, which is perfect for us, we’ll never run out of stuff to write about. Of course, as with everything surrounding Abrams, everyone is extremely tight lipped about the project so nobody really knows what it is, other than a thriller.

“Paramount Pictures has acquired a pitch for an untitled supernatural thriller that will be written and directed by Josh Marston and produced by J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot.”

source: variety.com

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  1. Slushoman

    I’d like to comment on the interesting post that was left on Steak NBJ forums.SOPILER ALERT BELOW !

    I know the poster and how “he” ( actually a she ) knows this info and what she said is unfortunately true. It’s plot is a little different and original for a monster movie and the video cameras are a plus. But this will not be mind boggling as Abbrams implied.

    When the explosion happens in the trailer, that’s the gas lines which accounts for your falling rock and debris from the sky in the trailer. Something we don’t understand is, that supposedly the Statue of Liberty head won’t be used in the film!!!! It was for hype I guess, but why the poster? If you think about it, the head wouldn’t look that good after being dragged underground.

    The monster IS HUGE as said in the trailer. Probably the hugest monster on screen ever. That’s probably one of the originals about it. I mean huge. The 2008 Godzilla is a dwarf compared to this. It is a reptile like creature that has many fish-like sea monster characteristics. The most disturbing thing about it is it’s eyes or lack of. They are imbeded way back in the head. You wil see the creature in the film. What Abbrams said is true, it is the most horrible insane thing you will see of film monster wise. They really did a good job witht he CGI on the monster.

  2. Colt

    while it is a very good THEORY, unless a source is sighted thats all it will ever be, but i have to say it fits in somewhat with the background and stuff in the trailer.

  3. James

    My friend also has information, top secret, it’s all true and confirmed. He said that basically the monster is a robot fuelled by Slusho, Japan was tired of all the taxes and tariffs on exporting, so they wanted to destroy America with a giant robot. Slusho is an acronym for slightly liquid uranium substance heated oppresively, that is the fuel for the robot, and the robot transforms, but it is not voltron, it’s a new robot alltogether.

    Seriously, everyone claims to have insider knowledge. We all know you’re lying, and you know it too.

  4. Jack

    I don’t think it’s gonna be a “The Blob” remake… well i wasn’t really reading it… i was skimming. So can it morph or something?

  5. JH

    If you listen to the J.J. Abrams Comic Con interview, He said he got his idea while visiting a shop in Japan with his son, he saw all the Godzilla figurines-Wait!–BUT he said, “WE (as in USA) need our own monster. I really don’t think it is based off of any monster from Japan, he even says it is an entirely new monster.- No Godzilla, Slusho, or Voltron or any other dumb monster like that.


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