Jordan from Project Cloverfield received her Slusho T-shirt today and it came packaged with a half page newspaper article written in japanese. She’s not sure if the paper relates at all the movie or what, there’s a lot of baseball pictures. Head on over to Project Cloverfield and check out the “crappy” images she has posted for now, she’ll have better scans up later. I never even thought of ordering a Slusho shirt myself, mainly cause I don’t think I’d wear it, but thanks Jordan for ordering one and taking time to post pics of all the cool stuff that came with it.

After reading the comments over at the site, it looks like the article could be about Hideki Matsui who plays for the Yankees and apparently holds the nickname “Godzilla”, how fitting.

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  1. Mick

    What a genius way to sell merch. Package a half sheet of Japanese newspaper along with a shirt for a movie where EVERYONE is reading into EVERYTHING as far as it will go.

  2. Carpenter

    Ok, so some newspaper is coming with all slusho shirts…..they all seem to pertain to the same thing. We need a translator. JJabrams is smart, this is something with clues….it has to be. Again, Abrams is smart, he wants us to think there are clues, but there really arent…..AHHHH……..someone translate it… either way, its either for authenticity or has clues…..will someone get to the bottom of this!!!!

  3. Aaron

    Mine has what looks like a classifieds section, and maybe a travel section. Only english words are “Samurai Voice.”

  4. Steve NY

    the paper is just to authenticate the merchandise. as if it really comes from Japan. i work in marketing/advertising and its a very effective tool

  5. Klisk

    I also got the newspaper with my slusho shirt. It gave me chills haha. It doesn’t seem to relate to anything specific though, maybe it’s just random chunks ripped out of japanese newspapers?

    I could make a scan if it’s important…


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