I know I said I wouldn’t post this kind of stuff, but since it’s been pretty slow lately I figured I’d throw some things out there to get some more talk generated. All of the stuff I am about to post has no credible sources (or at least sources that these people are willing to give up) so I’m warning you now that they are just rumors/theories and if they turn out to be true, could be spoilers.

So 2 days ago on the forum, a person by the name of John Murphy posted a thread entitled “What you’ve been waiting for” where they supposedly tell us what the first third of the movie is about. It basically just goes into the background of Slusho and how/why this monster is connected to the amazing drink, basically it’s just all about Slusho. Here is a little snippet, you head over here if you want to read the whole thing. Some people in the forum are arguing that with the style the movie is being shot in, there wouldn’t be a good way for anyone to explain all of this short of running into a random scientist on the street. But they could possibly broadcast some information on the news/radio/internet or whatever after the initial attack… who knows. Again read with complete skepticism.

“Japanese scientists begin studying this passive organism and find that it is a perfect nourishment supplement to humans. Grown in an agricultural field on the island of Hokkaido, Japan, these organisms create the appearance of cloverfields. The scientists learn that these organisms are beneficial symbiotic parasites that give us additional nourishment and make us feel happy. Thus humans and the parasites become one.

They are kept cold to prevent them from dying from exposure until they are introduced into their host. Thus the development of the awesome and delicious drink ? Slusho! (It makes me happy).”

And now I know people are going to be disappointed that I am posting this next bit of info, but whether or not it makes any sense at all, it’s still “rumors/theories” that are floating around, so it’s mainly just to stir more discussion on the movie, since that’s what we’re all here for.

I’ll send you to the unfiction forums for it, since I don’t go over to everyones favorite 1-18-08news.com to dig around their forums to find the original. But they claim to have been sent an email from a make-up artist who was apparently banned from the set after they thought she leaked info. So being upset she apparently decides to leak more… *cough* bullshit *cough*. There is no way that a reputable make-up artist in the business would risk her career just to leak a few (kinda terrible) lines of dialogue to a random fan site. But check it out if you’re bored, sometimes it’s fun just to read all the stuff that people are coming up with/faking.

Again, there is no basis for any of this stuff, no sources, and some of it just seems kinda ridiculous. So read at your own risk, I just felt that since it was slow I’d give you guys something to read/discuss/debunk/rip apart. Remember, you can always email me at admin /at/ cloverfieldnews.com if you have any good information you have found, or post it on the forum.

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  1. the_boo

    WOW!!! If those aren’t the fakest, crappiest theories ever I don’t know what is!!! If Either one of those proves to be true I will be skipping this movie all together. The one takes the bad 1-18-08news.com theory of the monster seeking out slusho drinkers and expands it to a suprisingly bad level (considering how bad the original theory was).

    The second one with the shitty dialog that was obviously written by some wannabe screenwriter (who will never work in hollywood by the looks of things) even even worse!! The person who wrote ie obviously did not pass highschool english, binded, hosted (which if we’re talking parasites, would have been the wrong term, as the host is the creature that the parasite attaches to) and rubbled.

    Also the person that wrote this wasn’t even smart enough to know that the “leaking contract” is called an NDA or Non-Disclosure Agreement. The name used on the post was for some make-up person that worked on one shit movie ever, for some shit straight to video company, it’s probably her 14 year cousin or something.

    Either way both of these stories are crap

  2. the_boo

    Also, can we comment moderation removed or sped up? This probably the best site right now for this film, but we have no dialog together because comments take hours or days to show up.

  3. ItsaLiooon!

    I guess it’s the massive amounts of secrecy that’s causing the hoaxers to crawl out from under the fridge for this one. Ah, well; our one main defense is their near universal lack of anything resembling storytelling skills or writing ability.

    Here’s hoping for some *real* news soon!

  4. Jesus

    Ehhh…It wasn’t worth posting. Your already doing a good job, just because it’s slow doesn’t mean you have to stop to the other site’s level.

    I check here all the time anyway, mainly because it isn’t full of crap like this.

  5. admin

    the_boo: I’m only one person, and I have to sleep sometimes 🙂 And I’d rather the comments showed up a few minutes late than have them filled with spam (which they would be if I didn’t moderate them) You can check out the forum for fast discussion that isn’t moderated, but for now I have to keep moderating the comments here to avoid spam.

    Jesus: I know it probably wasn’t worth posting, but I hate leaving the readers with absolutely nothing to read. Personally I think there is something to the first thing I posted, however the 2nd thing, not so much.

  6. the_boo

    Oooookayyyyyyyyy:( anywho, I’m not dissapointed in this post, I still like knowing what the crackpots are up to, especially now that someone posted the “what you were looking for” in the comments of our “favorite” site as if it were legit. At least you prefaced it with “I’m bored” and “these are probably fake”. I for one would like to see more theories from nutters. Perhaps a weekly round-up of undoubtedly wron theories.

  7. admin

    Oh yeah, i would never claim that something like this was real when there is absolutely no source and it was just posted on the forum. Hopefully we’ll see some real updates soon! Thanks though for continuing to read the site, I appreciate it.

  8. nooneimportant

    yeeeah while this is probably one of the best 1-18-08 websites those rumors sound pretty lame. oh
    and dont say anything about rumor mill ! G4 took down my video of that haha.

  9. themocaw

    I call bullcrap on both based on what little I know about the industry. The second has already been touched on, but something really bothered me about the first, and I just realized why:

    ” these organisms create the appearance of cloverfields.” sounds like an attempt to retroactively plug in the working title of a movie (which probably has about as much to do with the actual movie as “Blue Harvest” did to Star Wars) by someone who wanted to create the perfect theory that adds up EVERY thread, when I’m fairly certain a good number of them are red herrings.

    In short, nice try, buddy, I’m not buying it.

  10. nterface

    found a new jj sites — actually 2 of them. See the cloverfieldclues blog.

    one was right in front of our eyes in the 1-11-08 site. See movie called “hybrid” after following “films” link on the 2nd site

  11. admin

    there is nothing new on the cloverfieldclues.blogspot.com which is the only cloverfieldclues blog i know..

  12. deadhead

    You can turn the pictures on 1-18-08 over. There is writing on the back of 2 of them

  13. admin

    deadhead, please take the time to check out the main page and read through the articles. Stuff like this has been discussed a million times. But never the less, thanks for the comment and thanks for reading the site.


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