It looks the call sheet that NY Mag posted a few days ago, and we reported on, is 100% authentic. A number of sites like Cloverfield Clues and slashfilm have receive cease and desist letters from Paramount asking them to take down the call sheet, even though they weren’t actually hosting the call sheet but rather linking back to NY Mag, who still has the call sheet up. Seems a little odd that Paramount would go after the linkers and not the actual source, but who knows. I have no received any sort of notification and I haven’t heard of any other sites besides these 2 getting them. Slashfilm is a very reputable movie site so it’s safe to say they aren’t making this stuff up. So basically all Paramount did with this move is verify that the call sheet is real and wasn’t a plant as many people thought.

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  1. nooneimportant

    how did they verify it was real? couldn’t they have taken it down because it’s illegal to fake a paramount document with the paramount logo on it?

  2. Bcoach

    Just because they asked them to take down the link doesn’t mean it isn’t fake/a plant. All they said was copyright infringement. Even if it was a plant, they can still do this.

  3. admin

    If it was a plant, that means someone put it somewhere where they wanted people to find it. If that was the case why would they ask people to take it down?

  4. Kyle

    Well, it could possibly be part of the marketing strategy, couldn’t it? If you want people to notice something, what better way to accomplish that than to tell them they can’t look at it? I have to say, the bits of e-mail that I saw on the sites didn’t sound much like a legal cease-and-desist order to me – I could be wrong, of course, but I’m not convinced of the authenticity of any of this just yet.

  5. thom

    My question is why not send to NY Mag? Is there a reason they want to confirm the sheet, but not actually have it pulled down? Which would make it more likely to be a plant, though one with a purpose for the ARG.
    On a side note… For the love all that is delicious and tasty you gotta cut back on the ads. This place is starting to look like a camera store in Taiwan. The above the fold flash is bad enough, but now Ad Brite links? I know you need to make money, but this is ridiculous.

  6. 7:CM

    From: 7:cm –
    Attn: Editor
    Date: 8-10-07
    Subject: Paramount cease and desist order.

    Dear editor,

    This message is to inform you that Paramount has issued a cease and desist order in regards to the posting of their Cheese Call Sheet in our blog section. We can?t attest to the authenticity of the email at this point, but the law firm representing Paramount does appear to be legitimate.

    Paramount has a long and illustrious history of issuing these types of orders in regards to their property and have had websites shutdown until the property in question was removed. has no intention of getting into a pissing contest with a multi billion dollar conglomerate, so the content will be removed.

    This message is being sent as a courtesy to inform websites that may find themselves in a similar situation in regards to Paramount?s actions.


  7. amadeusmax

    I agree. I think it’s a fake. It’s Houdini misdirecting the audience in the most legitimate way. For those of you who doesn’t understand how SLAPP Lawsuit works, then keep this in mind. Cease and desist orders are served to you. Requests or threats are emailed, or mailed.

    Considering the nature of this particular marketing of this film, you would be hard press to find any judge issuing such an order. Now they could always say that this document was stolen, but that would mean someone would have to hand in their resignation at paramount for not securing properly in the first place.

    The real test is for Paramount to confirm they sent an email or letter. My guess they will not meaning, it has no legal bearing because by not confirming they are saying it’s fake.


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