Not a whole lot happened over the weekend that I’m aware of anyways, but here are what some of the other sites posted while I wasn’t sitting in front of my computer.

Cloverfield Clues had a commenter that was able to determine exactly which newspaper it is that is being sent along with the Slusho merchandise. It appears to be the Nikkan Sun (Japanese Daily Sun) which can be found in Hawaii, NY and  Southern California. They also have some higher quailty scans of the clippings that were shipped with the Slusho stuff.

1-18-08 Project Cloverfield is reporting that there were sound effects stolen from a set computer and uploaded to the unfiction forums over the weekend.  Apparently the audio clip(s) were removed from unfiction due to being contacted by Paramount. 1-18-08 Project Cloverfield still has a youtube video embedded containing the audio that you can check out. I’m not going to embed it here for a couple reasons, 1) if Paramount really did have unfiction remove it, then it’s pointless for me post it. And 2) and this is most likely the case, it’s just some kid with a CD full of sound F/X that he threw together and released. The story is just too ridiculous, I mean come on, someone just walked onto a set trailer and began downloading files? And do studios even keep their audio post-production stuff on set? I guess they could, but either way I still think its absolutely ridiculous to think that someone could just walk into a trailer on a movie set.

And lastly there seems to be a site that people think is related to the movie, but is obviously not.  Cloverfield Parasite has a good write up about the site in general and why it’s most likely fake, which you can pretty much tell anyways. The site is and I’m not going to write anymore about it, but if you feel like checking it out for yourself be my guest, but make sure to check out Cloverfield Parasite’s write up on it as well to save yourself some time.

So that’s my weekend round-up. I really don’t think any of this is too exciting, I mean the sound effects are interesting but just too unbelievable. And the website is obviously fake. So it looks like the only update is high quality scans of the newspaper clippings and verification of what newspaper it is. Hope everyone had a good weekend, hopefully we’ll get some better information this week.

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  1. ItsaLiooon!

    Yeah, both rageofthegods and the (oy) ‘sound effects’ are fake, fake, fakeroony. The sound effects guy even went to far as to edit his posts on Unfiction to make it seem like they were removed by the Administrators on the orders of Paramount Pictures, apparantly unaware that everyone can see that HE edited his post, not the site admins.

    Rageofthegods is just gamejack 45045 in a series of 50000.

  2. Kristen

    Last night, casting sides popped up for some of the main characters. Apparently legit, but most likely not the real script. It’s was a strange weekend, but hardly all that exciting.

  3. WhyohWhy

    I am 100% convinced that after the past few weeks of only seeing misinformation that Cloverfield is nothing more than a movie with some weak viral marketing.

    There is no ARG.

  4. Torgo

    Well, since the 1-18-08 site isn’t updated with images anymore and there isn’t a second trailer…my curiosity for this movie has dropped.

    It was fun for the first few weeks, since we’d have bits of info or the new image to wonder about. Now, it’s just nothing or fake crap.

    Maybe we’ll have another trailer before Christmas?

  5. Chris

    I’m already pissed about the call sheet being released, even if it’s a fake, the whole idea of trying to spoil people from being surprised in the theater, infuriate’s me. It seems that unlike a lot of others, I want to sit in that theater chair and not know what’s coming my way, I don’t want to know what the monster is, I don’t want to know the ending, I don’t want to know who dies, what happens to New York City. Everything. When I visit film sites, I do it in hope of seeing new production photographs, filming status, creating theories of what could happen, not getting flipping tidbits of the alternate ending.

    Now some sound effect’s have possibly been stolen (though I’m sure it’s some guy or girl trying to get attention)? Jesus.

    I know I sound like nothing but a negative complainer, but what can I say? Had to express my opinion, an opinion that’s probably uneeded, but an opinion nonetheless. 😉

    And just to let ya know, this isn’t directed toward this blog site – at all, I’m talking about the fan community for the movie as a whole.

    Anyway, I’m just looking forward to the next snapshot on the official site (if it ever comes, been a while since the last, maybe they gave up on that and went on to plan a new website for the movie? Who knows) and of course, the actual film itself. 😀 I have faith that it will blow my mind away, whether it be a huge twist at the end, all the action that we see, or the monster itself.

  6. admin

    I completely agree with you Chris. I personally don’t want to know everything that is going on with the movie. I’d rather they didn’t release/leak any image of the monster or anything like that and save it for the theater. I think now that all this information has gotten out, everyone is going to be let down by whatever it is that JJ Abrams and company have cooked up for us.

  7. ItsaLiooon!

    I sorta kinda agree with what the admin is saying. I do think many people will inevitibly be let down by what the movie turns out to be, but not because of information, but what is bred by the lack of it. There are some truly insane theories out there that have no proof to them save one thing — the nut who dreamed it up thought it would be cool.

    When these insane theories turn out to be false and the movie really, really (really) DOES turn out to be ‘just’ a monster movie, many people will feel cheated out of something they were never promised in the first place.

  8. 1138

    I rather see Alien Vs Predator 2 now that I am kinda over this whole secret movie thing….

  9. blu

    Hey, believe me when I say that I in no way think that or want cloverfield to be a voltron remake like sometimes rumored. However earlier this week on forums there was a post about how cloverfield was really about voltron. This thread has since been pulled. Also during the trailer a dude screams to some affect. I can see it its a lion. (lion voltron?) now i am more curious

  10. admin

    There IS a Voltron movie, but it’s not this one. The Voltron movie is currently in pre-production and there was actually some news about it last week (i cant remember what, maybe a director, but I’m not sure). So this is 100% NOT the Voltron movie, as that is being headed up by a different studio and moving forward with it’s production.

  11. danilo aguilar ecuadorean

    Hello All,

    I think I found another clue that confirms the “whale” theory what ever that may be. As all of us nerds already know, in the history page of, “small whales” and “large whales” are mentioned at nauseum. So, doing some digging around I found a quote from an alleged “inside” source that claims the Roars and the prhase “I SaW it. It’s ALivE, It’s Huge” are themselves clues, well…

    Let’s look at that prhase:

    I saW it. It’s ALivE, It’s Huge

    If you take the letters I CAPITALYZED: W A L H E you get…yup you guessed it WHALE.

    Now you are left with:

    I sa it. It’s iv, It’s uge

    you ready for this:

    Is a it It’s It’s uge (HUGE) WHALE iv(4 in roman numerals)

    Maybe it’s a huge concidence or maybe I’m just way too nerdy and into this. Let me know wut u think.

  12. Kuru

    I’m not sure if this has been discussed or noticed, but the site http://www.1–18– (double dashes) has been updated. It just has a linked Youtube video of the trailer and what I believe is an excerpt from the bible. The fact that the video is from Youtube gives me the vibe that it isn’t a real viral site. Sorry if this has already been discussed/disproved/etc. I just thought I should bring it up.

  13. Colt

    to Blu: its been stated…re-stated…and re-re-stated, the guy says Alive, not Lion

    to Kuru: yes it has been commented on before, its just a humor site, its not needed to state whats on it, but its good to let others know it has been updated so they can get some humor or something like that off it

    and to the WHALE guy:J.J. is known for anagrams, not that he wouldn’t have a whole line of text and only use 5 letters, but it’s more common for him to use the whole text instead of a few letters, also, most the time something like you state has happened, all the letters came in order

  14. admin

    Very old, and not officially made by the studio, just a fan site. Thanks for the comment though.

  15. Donna

    sorry I forgot you had to be registered at IMDB. Here’s what it says:

    1-18-08/Cloverfield rumor
    by adpainter77 1 day ago (Sun Aug 19 2007 00:26:25) Ignore this User | Report Abuse

    I was looking at Power Ranger videos on Youtube, and somebody came up with the idea that the trailer for the movie on 1-18-08 is a remake of Power Rangers. Some points are kind of convincing such as:

    1.Image in hair of 2 girls being Ivan Ooze
    2.Someone asking where Jason is(Red Ranger)
    3.Someone yelling “It’s alive, It’s huge”(Ivan approaching city)
    4.Sound of an animal(possibly a dinosaur) as mentioned by an onlooker

    It is hard to know what to make of it since a lot of people have good theorys, so what do you all think?

  16. Tim

    I was just checking the slusho site and saw that they have changed what the characters say at the “happy talk” section.

  17. Colt

    well, it being a power rangers movie sounds like a possibility, but doubtful

    the coincidences are all there tho, 6 people, not teens but now a days its not teens anymore, just a group of people that are young and fit, loud animal like roars, which many of the old PR had roars, and it coincides with the next season of PR (PR usually starts in Feb. and ends in Nov.)

    the aspect of a ‘suspenseful action packed PR movie’ isn’t something we need, we get enough drama from the TV show

  18. SlushoGrrr

    “Cloverfield” is a new Godzilla movie. It is not a remake or sequel of the 1998 film “Godzilla,” but a completely new Godzilla. There will also be a second monster: King Ghidorah. There are plenty of clues going around that should reassure you if you think about it.

    “slusho zoom” (Ghidorah zooms in space to get to earth)
    All of the whale comments on the slusho site refer to “Gojira” which means gorilla-whale.
    Plus, in numerous Godzilla movies, someone initially mistakes godzilla for a whale on radar.
    Also, the “Smallest Whale” ends up growing into a huge whale (like Godzilla becoming huge with radiation.)
    The background of the slusho website has stripes that come together toward the center of the screen. You will also find this pattern in different areas of
    The “Deep Sea Ingredient” refers to how Godzilla lives deep in the sea.
    When you scroll over the different swimming characters, they reveal their thoughts to you. The cheese refers to Ghidorah’s golden scales, the oven mitt refers to Godzilla’s atomic ray (it’s hot), and the hammer resembles Ghidorah’s head, (long “handle” or neck, and two “prongs” or horns sticking out of the back of it’s head.)

    In the 1-18-08 trailer, you do not see Godzilla arriving, but King Ghidorah arriving. The sudden BOOM is Ghidorah making impact on the earth’s surface (and causing an explosion in the process.) You also hear Ghidorah growling in the background as it begins destroying the city. The “fireballs” are flaming chunks of the meteor Ghidorah arrived in, that had exploded on impact.
    There is also an obvious reference that many choose to ignore: Rob’s going to JAPAN, which is where Godzilla (the character) was created. The children on the Slusho site are also Japanese.

    There are other clues out there, revealing more of the story and monster details, but YOU have to find them!

    Until next time,

    Y0U (@N’+ DR1N ]{ JU5+ 51X!

  19. Marcus

    Guys I know what the creature is, it’s on IMDB, go make an account and see it. They posted some concept art, it’s looks really amazing. It’s this giant humanoid whale with legs and arms and 6 flippers, with a whale head and tail.. I defenetly recomment you check it out.. I’m not kicking here that’s the latest concept!!!

  20. admin

    Marcus: if you’re referring to the sketch that I put on the main page over the weekend, it’s fake.

  21. Foggson

    with regards to power rangers, at 1-18-08, one of the pictures shows a girl who can’t be seen with something on her wrist which looks an awful lot like the communicators they have. Also the slusho website has a area where you can mix the robots to make a giant one, much like the zords

  22. admin

    Alex Caris: Extremely old post man, check some of the more recent ones, welcome to the site.


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