UPDATE 2: So many conflicting reports with this story so take all of this with a grain of salt, thanks Mick in the chat room and Evan in the comments for pointing this out. Dark Horizons is now reporting that the “raptor like animals” may be true afterall as well as there being no backstory, “the monster appears from the sea in the beginning and disappears back into it at the end”. But seriously, as people are saying in the comments, people posting articles about “knowing a guy in the industry” are getting a little ridiculous, but never the less it stirs up discussion.

UPDATE: Thanks for the comments guys. Looks like Slashfilm had the same lead sent to them, but they were informed by other sources not to run with it as it’s not true. So looks like we won’t be seeing raptor-like creatures running around this movie, go check out Godzilla 1998 for that.

If you haven’t already checked it out, head on over to Dread Central and read the article about their exclusive Cloverfield Info. They claim to have a source “that would have no reason to lie” that has told them a few tid bits about the movie and the monster(s).

WARNING if you don’t want to know what could “possibly” be in the movie, stop reading now.

“It’s not Godzilla or Voltron (duh) or even Cthulu; anyone expecting there to be some sort of elaborately detailed backstory may be in for a disappointment. Expect an old-fashioned monster movie retold in a very modern Blair Witch sort of way – but with a twist. You see that giant monster that emerges from the ocean to begin laying waste to New York City … it didn’t come alone.

According to “Mr. Slusho”, much of the movie will revolve around the characters fleeing for their lives, not from the big one stomping the city, but from the “raptor-like” smaller versions hunting them down.”

So there you have it, take it as you will. Dread Central is a pretty reputable site when it comes to movie news so I really don’t know what to think. But like Johnny states in his article, it would make more sense to have a bunch of smaller monsters terrorizing people than a giant monster, just due to budget constraints, but who knows. Again take this information lightly, althought Dread Central is good at weeding out fake info, you never know.

source: Dread Central

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  1. ItsaLiooon!

    How exactly does it cost less to have a bunch MORE monsters in the movie then one big one? That doesn’t make any sense at all, and sounds like a hoaxer’s justification. The article in question even admits that the writer was pining for some exclusive info to call their own, and well, they got it.

    I won’t even get into how badly this movie would suck if it turns into a rip-off of, of all things, the American Godzilla. I’d like to give JJ more credit than this.

  2. admin

    Large destruction shots that would be caused by a larger monster constantly destroying the city would cost more than smaller f/x shots. But I have no idea, I thought the article was interesting and news was slow so i thought i’d put it up for discussion. Thanks for the comment lion.

  3. Jesus

    Sorry but this contridicts sort of with what JJ Abrams wanted to make right? He said that he was influenced by Godzilla, and he wanted to create something similar in style but completely original. Raptors/monsters running around would be cool, but I highly doubt that they will play a major part if even at all during the movie.

    At least that’s what I’m hoping for. I would rather see one big monster smashing stuff than a Jurassic Park 5 wannabe. Just my 2 cents.

  4. Jimi Hatt

    But scale is pretty meaningless to CGI, isn’t it? A giant CGI monster smashing a CGI skyscraper shouldn’t cost any more than a CGI raptor smashing up a CGI room. If anything, having the characters interact directly with smaller monsters would mean more FX shots and a higher overall cost.

  5. admin

    I’m no expert on CGI and what different things cost, but in my mind I would think that recreating an entire skyline/cityscape in a computer and causing massive destruction to it would cost more than re-creating an alley or street and destroying a few things via CGI. But again, I have no idea how CGI works as far as cost goes when developing a movie, so you could be right.

  6. officespace

    i’m starting to get a bit worried. the “official” word seems to be what we are looking for, and something deserving of the time everybody has spent on searching every nook & cranny for information. then these little blip articles minimize it down to something that, well, for lack of a better term, blows goats.

  7. nooneimportant77

    while i dont really believe all these people who claim to work on the movie or whatever, at one point when i was at the set i could have sworn i heard rob say “there’s one up there!” which could go along witht what “mr. slusho” is saying

  8. Jimi Hatt

    Then again, it could be like Blair Witch where there aren’t any special effects at all. They could just run down an alley with a camcorder and scream in terror. Overdub some growling sounds, and you’re all set. 🙂

  9. JDM Jeff

    I think Jimi Hatt has it right. I think most of the movie will consist of running away from the terror like in the trailer. You might see a quick shot of the thing or things and then all you see is the actors running with camera in hand. Which will be like War of the worlds with smaller monsters. But instead of shooting this movie like a traditional movie, it will be shot in a 1st person sort of view.

    I wish they would just release a second trailer before another movie.

  10. rikks

    How little monsters can get off hte head of the statue of the lyberty and trow it away??

  11. Todd

    Seriously, this “having friends with connections” and “getting emails from people on the inside” stuff is getting out of hand. So far there have been like, three different admins from different sites that have claimed this. I have huge doubts about the validity of this, as the only people that probably know the are Abrams, the director, the actors, productions assistants, the two or so people operating the consumer model cameras, and some Paramount execs. They have probably all signed Non-Disclosure Agreements, not to mention the headhunt Abrams would go on, if realizing true info has been leaked. If all someone really has some hardcore info to get out, would this person really go to some website and drop an email without evidence? The more logical thing to do would be to go to CNN or Fox News or something, right?

  12. Torgo

    Well Dread Central just lost any respect that I might of had for it. They wanted hype (or hits for their site) and posted fake info. Not cool. I remember that some of the people who are now on this site were on the “Horror Channel” forum and were working (yeah right) on getting a Horror channel on TV.

    It never happened and they lied to their members/potential customers…so it’s no surprise that they would do something like this.

  13. orange

    Actually, I do think that we will see more shots of the monster than what is being thought. Because, the way the movie is being marketed so far. The posters so far really revolve around the monster and not the crowds of people running from an unseen path of destruction.

    Also, I think with the whole myspace character’s pages and the clues and such, what we are seeing is character development. It almost leads me to believe that the movie will contain very little character development, think of all this stuff as pre-character development so the actual film will focus on the monster and the people.

    Also, I highly doubt that JJ would film a movie of people simply running away from an unseen monster. How boring would that be? The movie would then be based around character development and the individual characters and not a monster. well, hopefully you know what I mean.


  14. ItsaLiooon!

    Frankly, there’s so many hoaxes and “insider info” running around that I wouldn’t believe JJ’s mother unless she was independently confirmed by at least three sources.

    I know I’m not the only one who’s more than a little sick of this. I’m excited about this movie, I really am. I’m just tired of every hoaxer with internet access and five minutes of spare time cooking up ‘spoilers’ that are immediately snapped up and disseminated by an info-starved net.

  15. amadeusmax

    You know I don’t believe the raptor bit. it’s too much like previous godzilla or even jurasic park. It isn’t original. I think mr slusho at best is a plant by jj himself to throw off the main story line.

  16. T Houl

    Hey has anyone compared the movie posters on worst Previews and taken them through photoshop? especially the red Monstrous poster. The red seems to be added to the picture.
    maybe u need 3d glass’s

  17. JihadJoe

    Has anybody else spotted the Gojira head style shadow on the poster?? This means that it’s a Gojira movie or there really is ‘Raptor style monsters with Cthulu or whatever the hell this thing is.

  18. Wedubs

    I think the raptor idea would be pretty cool, but dont think jj would want a blair witch idea, apparently he wants a unique idea

  19. rickdt

    New working title “cheese” Is this going to be a giant rat??? in new york??? I hope not.

  20. FSharky

    Its definitely not Cthtulu. There is a webiste for “Cthulu the Movie” with Tori Spelling. Dosn’t seem to be related in any way, shape or form to 01.18.08 but who knows???


  21. Foywonder

    You know I didn’t truly comprehend just how overwhelmingly insane the online hype and speculation over this film had become until other movie news websites started picking up the Dread Central news item I wrote based on info I got (from someone who’s name you can find on IMDB right now, but I did not/will not reveal or even how they came about the info they passed along to me since they did so requesting complete anonimity) about the nature of the film’s monsters, which even I stated in the article could not be confirmed under the circumstances. Blogs began blogging, message boards began buzzing and accusations about the veracity of the info began flying. Never before in human history has the phrase “raptor-like” stirred up so much vitriol, which is especially amusing given how many took that term so literally. Slasherfilm posts a debunking based on insider info they claimed to have received from their own unnamed/unverified/unconfirmed insider source, and then Dark Horizons turns around and confirms the info we reported based on their own unnamed/unverified/unconfirmed sources. Now I don’t blame people for being skeptical about anything that comes from an unconfirmed source; I even stated in my article that even though I had no reason to suspect my source would feed me false information – and believe me when I tell you that if what this person told me proves to be bunk then I’m going to asking “Mr. Slusho” some questions of my own. But for some to immediately assume and accuse Dread Central of faking a story when the only thing debunking the info comes from another site reporting info that’s no more provable – and which they did with much more certainty, making Dark Horizons follow-up all the more amusing – is something that is confirmable bs. Like I said at the end of my article, we’ll find out soon enough who’s insider sources, if anyone’s, really had the insider scoop.

    Between the viral marketing, anonymous insider scoops galore, and the obsessive amount of speculation going on, this movie has become as much a sociology experiment as it has a feature film.

    Oh, and Torgo, before you start calling us liars and scam artists based on the Horror Channel fiasco maybe you should take a sec to ask yourself why it is Dread Central abruptly split from them last summer.


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