UPDATE: Looks like it’s back to normal, nothing changed as far as I can tell, too bad.

Thanks for the comments and forum posts about this.

Apparently when you head on over to the 1-18-08.com site you are being redirected to paramount.com . Not sure exactly why, maybe updating the site? Usually all that is done offline and then instantly updated so I’m not sure about that. Or maybe that part of the marketing campaign is overwith and they are going to start something entirely new… who knows. What do you guys think? I’ll keep an eye out for any changes over there, but let me know if you guys see anything.

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  1. Aaron

    For me, right now, it’s going to Paramount. I saw an image of the poster on the site, but all it does is link to the trailer page. Maybe a new trailer’s coming out?

  2. Chris

    This isn’t my experience. In fact, if you go to the 1-18-08.com site and arrange the photos in order, one of the photos flips and has this message on the back:

    Lascano, Platt and Robbie Jan 2008

    Here, use this photo to send a message of my hotness far and wide!!! I’m gonna miss the hell out of ya!!

    Love Jamie

    Don’t know quite what it means, but…

  3. J

    well i headed over there and nothing has changed…well i cant tell.looks the same.what do you think?

  4. admin

    Steve: that site has been up for awhile now, since just after comic-con. It looks like nothing at all has changed, too bad.

  5. Steve Mort

    Actually, all of the photos flip. Aside from the

    “Lascano, Platt and Robbie Jan 2008

    Here, use this photo to send a message of my hotness far and wide!!! I?m gonna miss the hell out of ya!!

    Love Jamie”

    there’s another one that says

    “Dont forget who takes care of you!
    Love J”

  6. Evil Chocula

    Wow, Steve Mort and Chris really cracked to the code… the pictures flip over??!?!

    *extreme sarcasm*

  7. Aurolyn

    Actually, they seemed to have added a new tidbit, not sure if its actually a hint/clue/whatever
    but if you leave the window open on http://www.1-18-08.com for 6 minutes or so (omg 6 bah..) you’ll hear a .wav of the roar from the movie. I definately dont remember that from before it linked to paramount.

  8. yunggunn2k1

    Hell yea, if you stay on 1-18-08.com for like 5 minutes or so now……. all of a sudden you hear this roar sound similar to the one in the trailer…. I’m just going to keep it up on as one of my tabs on my browser to see if any other sound effects play if you stay on the site for a longer time….

  9. Ray

    Hey guys. Go to 1-18-08.com and let the site sit for 5 minutes. You will hear the monster roar! This is the best news we have gotten in weeks.

  10. matthew

    if you stay on the website for about 6 minutes, you will hear the roar of the creature. You may want to turn you sound down, its a bit loud.

  11. arkitkt

    ok. it looks like 01-18-08.com is back up again. and while it looks the same, there’s something new in there. if you leave the site open for about 10 mts or so you will hear a roaring sound. it sounds somewhat different from the movie trailer. i know its not much but it gave me quite a scare since i wasn’t expecting it. i tried it three times and it works, you just gotta be patient!

  12. Ryan


  13. Andrew

    check it out…haven’t seen this posted…I had the 1-18-08 site up and was looking at other stuff…after about 5 minutes, that roar sound from the trailer plays…

  14. bee-see

    1-18-08.com back up. The currently known update? Wait for 6 minutes with speakers a full volume and you will hear a rock’in new roar!

  15. Danny

    when you go to 1-18-08 and wait 6 minutes there is now a roar…it was updated sometime today…so there you are…something new

  16. The Rabbit

    Well I just got the shock of my life.

    Having left the 1-18-08 window open, I was surprised when 5 minutes later, the sound of The Monster blasted out through my speakers. I refreshed the page, and sure enough, after 5 minutes it played the same audio clip. I don’t know how long this feature has existed (I don’t know if anyone has had a reason to leave the site open for 5 minutes before), but it’s the first I’ve seen any mention of it. I can’t imagine that it has any deeper meaning, or purpose other than to startle the hell out of you, but I found it quite interesting to say the least.

    I have left the window open since the last monster roar, and nothing has happened since.

  17. engel

    So what do you all think of the sound clip that plays after about 5 minutes? That wasn’t ever there before.

  18. Dan

    If you leave it for 8 minutes, there is a ROAR by the monster. Turn your sound upp full blast, its very quiet.

  19. Zakonel

    If you stay at 1-18-08.com for about 7 minutes….you will now hear the monsters roar.

  20. Evan

    Go to 1-18-08.com and leave it open for EXACTLY six minutes.

    You’ll hear a pretty fuckin’ sinister noise. The monster roaring.

  21. Confused

    I haven’t checked it out in a while, so maybe I’m just remembering this incorrectly.

    But regarding the close-up shot of the two women’s faces, is it just me or is that thing / object behind them clearer than it used to be?

    I remember it looking like just sort of a blurry image. Now it actually does look like some kind of creature face.

  22. Dushku

    1-18-08 Website update!! Not a visual one, but an audio one! Found this from going on the AICN site , if you go to the main website for the movie and wait – you get audio ( It’ s just the isolated roar from the trailer) but at least it’s something new!

    You have to wait a few minutes for the sound, but it does mean they’ve started to freshen up the sight at long last.

    Liverpool, England.

  23. Aurolyn

    Wow, 25 concurrent posts of the same damn thing. Doesnt anyone read before they post anymore?

  24. admin

    Aurolyn, I have to approve all comments due to spammers trying to post millions of links to stuff. Therefore 25 comments were waiting for moderation when I woke up saturday morning, it happens when I can’t sit in front of the computer constantly 🙂

  25. admin


    The google urchin stuff is just the google analytics, it just tracks how many people goto the site. Has nothing to do with the site as far as the movie goes.

  26. Lance

    Looks like the site might be down again…? I’m getting this message:

    Service Unavailable

    The server is temporarily unable to service your request. Please try again later.
    Reference #6.cc06ec3f.1190826896.1237ffba

    Anyone else?


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