Wow, I don’t check comments for about 12 hours and I come back to being bombarded. Thanks for all the comments, about 25 people left me this information so I can’t really credit any, one person, but thanks to everyone that left me the info.

Apparently if you goto and leave the windows open for exactly 6 minutes you will now hear a roar from the monster. Pretty cool actually. Looks like visual updates on the site may have slowed down, but at least they have not let it die completely.

Mp3 File of The Roar thanks to Unfiction

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  1. Daniel Persing

    Hey I’m wondering if they are going to post updates every six days or something since the number six seems to be prominent in a lot of the clues…just a thought perhaps…

    Kansas City MO

  2. Gilbert

    This really doesn’t have anything to do with the roar from the website which really scared the heck out of me even when I knew it was coming, but on the 1-18-08news website theres a video on there from the UK that shows some clips from the trailer without the roar. When they’re on the roof and the cameraman says “Looks like you should have left town a bit earlier” or something like that you can hear Rob say “Shut up..” as if he knew what was going on?
    Check it for yourself(s)
    it’s under: The 1-18-08 Phenomenon Shown In The UK
    Dating back to August 24th

  3. NIghtmare

    I don’t know about you guys..but the AVP 2 Trailer is absolutely worth it.

  4. sc_kg

    Hey! Funny thing- I don’t know if anyone noticed it before…

    Just do this:
    1. Enter and Refresh site.
    2. Click with left-mouse button at one of the pictures.
    3. Then press Tab and very fast change it to left mouse button again and hold it withiout moving your mouse.

    There apears yellow frame, size of picture.
    It doesn’t work everytime you try it. I think it’s nothing interesting- by pressing TAB you simply change an object also on this website.

    As for Gilberts comment- i don’t think Rob says “Shut Up” because he knows about something. In my opinion- he simply says “Shut Up” without any backgroud story…

  5. nooneimportant

    hi cloverfieldnews.
    you dont hvae an email i can reach you at so i’m just posting as a comment
    i put the trailer in final cut pro and its got 6 different layers of audio, i’m going to guess for surround
    sound mixing, anyway they’re all i different and interesting i dont really hear anything special in any
    of them but i’m sure someone will
    all 6 tracks can be found here

    hope someone finds somethig, sorry for the boring news.

  6. sc_kg

    There is a lot of speculations at other Cloverfield Websites, about the plot, and many ideas of how monster came into our world. A lot of this is actually very complicated, high-concept, and a few of them is really, really interesting. I don’t think JJ. will build as half complicated story as “Cloverfield Detectives”.

    The funniest thing- We- internauts- are making a lot of NEW ideas for movies. Where I live- (unfortunetly not USA) I’m a scriptwriter. Belive me- some of these monster-speculations are one big inspiration source. And who knows- mayby Film studios will see that there’s really great need for Monster-Movies, and they will simply take one of Cloverfield Speculations idea, and make a movie of it… Any rights are not reserved 🙂

    It’s- only my speculation- but I think that in a movie there won’t be precise background story- only ambiguitys.

    But- may I ask you guys- what’s yours favorite Cloverfield theory?

  7. The Rabbit

    In regard to sc_kg, you don’t have to click a second time (or at least you don’t with my version of Firefox). You just click once (anywhere on the page), and then press Tab, and it highlights a picture. You can keep pressing tab and the it will cycle through the pictures. This works with many flash sites, and it’s simply highlighting all of the objects the user can manipulate.

  8. Faux

    On the website, I know you all know about the flipping of the pictures, but the one where it says on the back ‘Don’t forget who takes care of you! Love J” The ‘s care’ is a little smudged and it makes the word ‘scare’. Coincidence or not?

  9. admin

    the email address over here for any inquiries is admin /at/ but thanks for the audio clip “nooneimportant”

  10. Koroshino

    Not sure if anyone noticed, but if you click and hold and whip the pictures on the site to the left, it will flip the photos over, and some of them have written messages. I’m sure someone has said this before, but I just noticed it.

  11. JihadJoe

    The nmber 6 is definitely important. The sond is played after 6 mintes and the file has 6 tracks. I like the 6 day update theory but I’m not too sure. Hopeflly it will have a different meaning. Also, you can’t drink just 6, maybe that has something to do with it??

  12. JihadJoe

    So this was filmed under the name “Cheese”. Cheese is one of the Slusho things. Maybe “Hammer” and “Glove” will also be codenames for filming 1-18-08??

  13. HArry

    6 minutes? why 6 minutes? why not 7 or 5? why 6?
    this number it’s appeared in all “clues” about Cloverfield… for example:
    “you can’t drink just SIX”


  14. Brian B.

    My Rampage and the 6 theory :

    In the game Rampage there were six of these scum soda canisters left that turned humans into monsters if you read here

    Also on this page you see a screenshot of a robot used as defense for the humans. Slusho’s website uses robots for their characters for flavors and that one looks similar to the blue on on the site. 6 major cites and 6 levels are played in the game Rampage.

    I think the slogan “you can’t drink just six” is relevant to the whole Rampage theory of the 6 monsters. This is some information I came up with. Feel free to comment or email me your thoughts on the Rampage theory at

  15. HArry

    The nmber 6 is definitely important. The sond is played after 6 mintes and the file has 6 tracks. I like the 6 day update theory but I?m not too sure. Hopeflly it will have a different meaning. Also, you can?t drink just 6, maybe that has something to do with it??

    probably, but not sure…

  16. JihadJoe

    I don’t agree with the Rampage theory. They’re good games but I just can’t understand why they would make a film. It’s not Cthulu either, there’s still hope for a Gojira movie but I think it will be an original. The number 6 seems to be appearing quite alot maybe a reference to 666 making this some kind of “Devil” film. Perhaps even biblical.

  17. amadeusmax

    I’ve spoken about this before, but there is appears to be only one trail through the city in the poster. This counters the idea of rampaging. Of course we do not know in what time line of the movie is reflected in the movie poster, but it doesn’t show a wide area of destruction. More like a straight line.

  18. Certs

    hey, I’ve actually just noticed somethin, many theories have revolvled around slusho wat if the monster was actually like one of monsters off rampage the video game, remeber they people who turned into them were all testing a new beverage, or somethin for a major company, then they turned into monsters and destryoyed everything in sight, I actually can’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner, it use to be one of my favorite games, wat if JJ abrams was makin a movie bast on rampage

  19. TJ H

    Hey I wasn’t sure if anyone noticed you can flip the pictures on the Cloverfield website. there are few things written on the back of the new picture. just click the pick hold and quickly make your mouse turn the image
    just checking

  20. Ben A

    Guys, seriously, JJ himself said at Comic Con that this movie was insane, intense and (most omportantly) NEVER SEEN BEFORE as in ORIGINAL. All these theories would make awesome movies, but this one is not Rampage, Gears of War, Cthulu, Voltron, Power Rangers, Godzilla (or any other Japanese monster it’s completely American (read the comic con speech)) this is nothing we’ve seen before, it’s never been done and something on the scale that JJ wants is, at this time, totally unthinkable. I guess the best way to describe it would be to imagine the most horiffic monster you possibly can, multiply it by around 1 million, put it in the centre of NYC, and watch it unfold!

  21. BloodOrchid

    Has anyone noticed that the Slusho! homepage now has some of the animals saying things such as: “You’ll come back for more Slusho soon,” “Fresh for you,” “Just another slusho update for you,” and “Slusho making fresh improvements just for you”? Hopefully we’ll all be seeing some updates there and on soon…

  22. Mikey87

    Don’t know if anyone mentioned this yet (prolly have) but if you go to the website, there are also 6 different flavors for slusho. The number 6 has something big to do with this. There are currently 5 pictures posted on the website. I believe there to be at least one more that will be released.

  23. Eddy

    yea, 6 is definatly important, 18 in 1-18-08 is divisible by 6 and so is 1 x 18 x 8…. which equals144, which is also divisible by 6….

  24. Dillyn

    The sound is the trailer if anyone didn’t notice its 38 second into the trailer. It kinda sound like the mouth in the “Happy Talk” section of the slusho site.

  25. Spinina

    Did you know you can “flip” the picutures and read notes on the back on the web sites? Hold down the mouse on pic and try it. I bet everyone know this, I was suprised when I cound that out.

  26. claude

    I think the 6 has a Biblical reference. Even before I knew of all of the 6 references, I did a very rough triangulation of where the original explosion came from during the Cloverfield trailer. Upon further investigation, it comes from an area that could be one of the Libraries in New York that has a copy of the Guettenberg Bible.

    That, coupled with the shedding tears of blood and all of the “6” references…how can you think it is anything other than a biblical reference? Perhaps the monster roaring is the Trumpets sounding in the Book of Revelations.

  27. warrbastard11808

    Hmmm, my first comment…

    On Robby Hawkins’ myspace, his most recent comment says: ‘Hey there, Rob. How is life on your end of the world?’, and its in italics…could that be a clue? Is the actual apocalypse….666 and all that?


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