Thanks to Kevin over at Chasing Squid for pointing this out to me.

There is a new article over at from “untested sources” that seems to describe the opening scenes of the movie. Again, these may or may not be true, but if you don’t want to know anything about the movie, stop reading now.

“I have for you a description of a unseen new sequence from the film you all know as Cloverfield.
You know, the one with the monster?

I can now safely say the teaser is not separate from the film, its part of the beginning which was shown in an abridged fashion for the purpose of the teaser, it’s longer in the movie.

The new scene opens with several traumatized survivors, moving through a very dark corridor there’s slight cold blue illumination from halogen emergency lighting, a girl in the group is badly beaten up she’s bleeding and looks very sickly. The main group is comprised of 3 characters, Rob from the main trailer, the cameraman and a girl, though there may be others.

This scene takes place after the initial attack of “The monster” the scene we all saw in theatres. Rob is taking charge and telling everyone to keep calm, the girl says she doesn’t feel so good.

They limp along until US Army soldiers storm in shouting at them, demanding they drop they’re weapons, they shout back they’re unarmed, there’s a lot of commotion, then they’re herded briskly up some E.T style scientific tubing into a makeshift aid center, its very dark, threes lots of doctors tending to wounded and military walking about making the scene very busy. “What is that thing?” they ask as they catch their breath, the cryptic answer comes from a soldier “We don’t know, but it’s winning”

The imagery in this scene is like something after a terrorist bombing. A carcass is wheeled past with his guts hanging out, the cameraman struggles to take in the surroundings.

Rob gets angry with the aggressiveness of the soldiers who now tell them they can’t leave, “I’m going out there, if you want to stop me you’ll have to shoot me” we gather he’s looking for his girlfriend. “I feel really sick” the girl unexpectedly mutters, the camera pans to her, shes looks like shes about to throw up, and curiously is crying blood from her right eye. Someone shouts “She’s been bitten!”

Chaos ensues… Scene end. That’s all you get, this may be used for promotion and is a possibility for an upcoming trailer.


So that is what I’ll leave you with this weekend. Like they said over at Aintitcool, the line about the girl being bitten could lend some truth to the “raptor” like spawns of the main creature, but who knows. Again this is all rumor at this point due to lack of source, but interesting read none the less. Have a good weekend everyone.


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  1. anonymous

    The article makes it sound like they have added a teaser trailer or something to apple site. They did not, it’s just a rumor.

  2. anonymous

    Yes, I thought the article referred to a “new” teaser trailer. Sorry.

  3. zach

    also i came across this pic:
    of the poster…..either the person who took the picture had a camera which changed the colors or its a new colored poster? anyway in this poster it looks, to me, like there is an active explosion in the city unlike the other posters where it appears to be smoke…..also to me it looks like you can clearly see a monster’s face in the explosion

  4. ItsaLiooon!

    Sounds pretty awful; fortunately it’s yet more “unconfirmed reports” so there’s hope yet that we’re not being invaded by an unholy American Godzilla/Final Fantsy X ripoff.

  5. NoBSRef

    That sounds very interesting…I’m internally hoping there aren’t “raptor” creatures, but if the main monster is extremely cool, I can deal with it 🙂
    I’m not sure that the current teaser is an actual excerpt from the real movie, though, due to how it’s edited…for example, there is the music from Timbaland running throughout the mini-interviews with party guests, but the music is not edited when the video cuts to a different person (and presumably a different time). That means it was added in as an overlay after the video, which would be much cleaner for the actual movie. But I think it’s one of the coolest trailers I’ve ever seen! Can’t wait for January 18!!

  6. Jared Leto


    blood tear infections?

    what next, Rob finds an antidote?

    I hope the latest news arent true!

  7. Overdrive

    [?I feel really sick? the girl unexpectedly mutters, the camera pans to her, shes looks like shes about to throw up, and curiously is crying blood from her right eye. Someone shouts ?She?s been bitten!?]

    The moment I read this sentence, 28 Weeks Later popped in my mind. Character being sick, bloody eyes, being bitten.. it’s all too similar.

  8. Turboman

    Have you guys ever thought about what if nothing, I mean NOTHING of the monster and so is shown until you actually g see the movie. And newspapers are like not aloud to write what the monster looks like or publish any pictures either. that would be really special!!

  9. Jake

    Hi all. I’m not sure I should be posting this here or somewhere else but I noticed something today while doing my own bi-weekly update on 1-18-08. I’m not one for posting on forums but I’ve noticed something that I havn’t seen any threads address or talk about in passing.

    It’s BLOOP. You’ve seen it all over the site and you’ve probley wiki’d it (If you havn’t yet… But what I noticed today was that the “Monster’s Roar” is based on Bloop.

    Listen to Bloop and then listen to the Roar and then listen to them at the same time. It syncs up perfectly. I just thought it was interesting and figured I’d point it out for the hell of it seeing as I hadn’t found anything out there about it.

  10. Trev

    ?I?m going out there, if you want to stop me you?ll have to shoot me?

    Cheesiest, most cliche line ever. That alone completely ruined its credibility for me.

  11. W3

    First time posting about Cloverfield, I’ve been into the whole thing a while now. First things first, I hope that most of the rumours going around (Monster from space, Raptors, Cheesy lines, slusho angering the monster) and things like that are all false. Frankly, I hope that JJ doesnt give away any information about the monster, nothing would be cooler than having almost no idea about what it looks like until the actual movie (apart from a few hints that point to a deep sea creature).

    Anyway, I was wondering if “”” and “”, they were sites in the HTML of I think they are links to do with the coding structure of the site, but I dont know much about HTML.

    Anyways, anyone have any news on the newspaper articles that came with the slusho shirts. Or what the Slusho “make your own flavor” is about?

  12. admin

    The thing is just stating that it’s coded in an acceptable xhtml format and the urchin.js thing is just a way of keeping track of stats of your website. I have it on here as well, anyone with a google account can add it to their sites.

  13. Myron Eidt

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