That’s what the guys over at bloody-disgusting are saying, check it out.

We learned exclusively here at Bloody-Disgusting that JJ Abrams’ monster movie was in fact going to be titled “Monstrous”, but was changed the second it hit the web (man we all gossip way too much!)”

I’m not sure if their next line is meant to be a joke based on the title of the article, or if the article title is a play on what they’ve learned, but if you want to read what else they wrote about a possible title you can head on over there.


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  1. Willie

    They should just go with “1-18-08” as the title since it is what we all have
    come to recognize it as. Monstrous, Wreck or anything else would just not provide the same

  2. Zach

    If J.J. Abrams can’t figure out a better title than “monstrous” or “wreck” I’d be quite surprised. I think they should just call it, as proposed above, 1-18-08 or “Slusho”. If they call it slusho amongst other benefits, their shirts they’ve been selling will serve as advertising works.

  3. Colt

    I prefer the name of Cloverfield as the title, it may not have any relevance to whats gonna happen in the movie, but its still a nice name

  4. Breck

    So sick of all these sites making up “exclusive news” in order to capitalize on the hype of this film.

    “Hey guys, hits are looking kinda low this month, make up some Cloverfield news.”

  5. Carpenter

    1-18-08 would be a good name. i am not sure, and it is too early to look, but i think all the camcorders have that as the date and the news brodcast…..and if thats the case, 1-18-08 would work perfect

  6. Trex

    honestly, i don’t know if JJ Abrams could think of a better title than monstrous or wreck…he created a show about a bunch of people who got lost on a desert island…called Lost…creative?? not soo much… though i will be disappointed if it is monstrous or somethingg….

  7. Woulfe

    How about just “Monsters” for the title ?

    Seeing as it’s been rumored that there is more then one monster in the film.

    – W –
    * Shrugs *

  8. Kris


    has any1 noticed that on one of the photo’s there seems to be a face with pointy ears in between two of the people? might be a trick of the light but it is the photograph with the 2 halfs of a lad and girls face at the to pin the middle.

    take a look or i will email it


  9. Dan

    I swear to god there was another film going to be called monstrous!?! can someone please tell me which one or i will have to kill myself!?!

  10. Dan

    Oh and has anyone noticed the lost number link?

    4+8+15+16+23+42= 108

    108 / 6(the amount of numbers) = 18(average)

    in the uk, the date this film would come out on would be:
    18 – 1 – 08

    any ideas?

  11. tmoney

    hes not going to give it a name it will be cloverfield… 1-18-08 or whatever… we wont see the monster either… he doesnt have to give out any information because everyone else is doing his marketing… this movie is another blair witch and people are going to be pissed in the end… including me…


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