Nothing useful, but the MySpace pages of a few of the characters have been updated and a few comments between them have been posted. The MySpace pages are just there to create the feeling that these are real people and the events that take place on 1-18-08 are real events, so I really don’t think we’ll see any clues coming out of them. But since there have been no other major updates I figured it was worth checking out. If you want to see what the updates were without reading through MySpace, head on over to the two links below, Cloverfield Clues has done a good job of keeping up with the MySpace updates.

Updates 1

Updates 2 

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  1. Carpenter

    Okay…i decided to go and see if i can stir something up at slusho. i started mixing flavors. it seems when you fill everyone of the flavors to the top, the most dominant flavor is the one most furthest to the right. also allowing me to notice….the flavor that goes in first is the flavor in which will be the most dominant flavor. okay. so then i started trying to make each flavor more dominating than the next. thats when it starts mixing the colors to make new ones. but it never mixes the colors together when you do full bars on each one, in which case all the colors get a designated spot on the body. so… my brain is racked. lol maybe im on to something? i dont know…..there has to be something convinced that this is some sort of lock/combination thing. or maybe im making something of nothing and its just there to piss me off….lol anyone?

  2. Carpenter

    seems that this movie is falling off the charts as far as hype is concerned. it had a good thing going. i think we need another trailer. it seems though, that the rumors got out of control, so maybe abrams cut it off a little. i dont know. but there has been a big lack in updates.


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