Looks like another site may have been found last night. www.jamieandteddy.com use login jllovesth . It features a video of Jamie talking on her webcam. You can view the video below from youtube if you don’t want to check out the site. Thanks to nendo in the forum and the guys over at cloverfieldclues (which has a good write up on how everything was discovered). So finally we get a little something more which really doesn’t answer any questions for us… I just want a new trailer or title or something, come on.

sorry, had forgot a letter in the password, thanks for pointing it out.

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  1. Mike B.

    Hmm…..I type in that password but it says “incorrect password”.
    Did they already change it?

  2. Dutch Master

    I was really close to giving Cloverfield a break for a while then i see this…..

    Damn you Mr. Abrams

  3. Spider

    The login is jllovesth. You missed the s. I’ve been following this stuff since I saw Transformers, but if we don’t get something new soon I’m gonna lose interest. By the time 1-18-08 rolls around I’ll probably forget all about it.

  4. admin

    apronk: thanks for pointing that out. It’s the 2nd time we’ve been featured on the Popcandy blog over at USA Today 🙂

  5. amadeusmax

    Steganography, not that I’ve tried, but has anyone tried to see if any of the pictures on 1-18-08 or the mac site or any of the myspace pages had a secret document inside of it. I think robs would be the only one, if it were on a myspace page.

    I just thought of this because I was going to check out the bears.jpg from this new site.For those that don’t know, steganography in modern internet terms, is the ability to hide documents inside of other documents. Like a file called me.jpg could contain a word document called message.doc.

  6. Colt

    Vivi…i’ll be nice, but say, D’oh…

    is there any program out there to decode steganography?

  7. Lostfan

    Oh shit-this is getting soooo confusing!!!! @#%& Abrams u are giving me one “Monstrous” Headache.

    That bear she is playing with-wasn’t that bear on the second season of “Lost”?

  8. HendriXaholic432

    Dude good point i did that too, wow this movie is driving me nuts i cant wait for it

    it better be really fucking good!


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